What’s The Best Age To Start Training Karate For Your Child?

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When it comes to children and their best health there are numerous things we can do, besides food, vitamins and other things to boost it better. A lot of activity and exercise is something that is more than beneficial for every child and their development at an early age.

Since we mentioned an activity that is good for children we have a lot of choices, from all kinds of sports to athletics and general exercises that are made for children of all ages. In these things, you can’t go wrong the only thing you need to watch out for is to have the activity suit their age and their development stage. To honour this, many parents decide to consult their doctors regarding what type and kind of activities their child or children can participate in.

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As you can see today’s topic is Karate for children what age your kids can start to train in this martial art? In the following lines, you will find an answer to this question and get some other information that you didn’t know and were looking for. Before we start with the article and answer our question we need to inform you that you can apply your kid for Karate Classes if you visit this site.

When this question is considered we have to say that this is rather a great one. Many parents sometimes think that they are asking a lot of questions and with that, a lot of those can be considered “dumb” ones. When your kid is in question there is no such thing as a wrong or dumb question. You deserve to know and you deserve to be in control of what is happening to and with your kids.

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Let’s preface this with a simple answer – there is no right or wrong age to start training your kids. There are kids and people of all ages training, some of them started early while others started late like in their 30s and 40s and they are doing more than great and still are in training. There is one thing to know though there is something like being too young.

This should be logical and you should know that you can have your kids do any sort of training as soon as they can walk. This is considered to be too early and they are at a very young and fragile period where they need to get their balance and form bones muscles and other things, properly. When you know this then it is OK to tell you that the age of 3-4+ is perfectly fine to start your children with karate in this case, or any other activity depending on what they or you want.

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There are Karate dojos that start at the age of 3 and they usually have two groups of children that age. Those that are ready, meaning they have their baring, can listen and work with the staff and those of the same age that don’t seem as ready. No one is rejected and each child can be worked and practised. The difference is that training for those two groups is slightly different in content where they prep them for cooperation, listening and working in a class.

The perfect candidates for this age group, meaning 3, 4, 5, and up are children that have been to daycare, preschool, playgroups and similar, meaning children that have the social skill and that know how to be in a class environment. At that age every karate dojo will start to teach them fundamental moves like side stepping, running, hopping on one or both feet, bear walking and similar.

So as you can see young children like this learn fundamentals and although they maybe already got their balance and firm ground this will make them even more confident and stable and slowly introduce them to things that will need more of their attention and mental and physical effort.

Other groups of kids with 8, 9, 11 and more will already be involved in some other activities and have established themselves through those. That group will have different expectations and physiologically they will be a little more developed with certain skills acquired.

This is considered to be a mid-range and from there they will focus on refining techniques or developing new ones as well as now starting to learn some of the self-defence techniques. These are important especially when kids that age are starting to be allowed on their street or around their block and playground alone for the first time. Those self-defence classes will teach them more than just to fight it will teach them how to avoid certain situations and how to approach other ones.

Now that you got the point there is a next age level of 10, 11, 12, 13 and more where the children are already formed and they are involved in a lot of other activities. With this age group, you can look into martial arts as a form of cross-training. Since children need to do a wide range of activities getting them interested in a lot of stuff can be beneficial and it will open their eyes and mind toward one or more things they like better than others.

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Most of us think of martial arts as just a way for us or our children to learn to fight and defend themselves from others. Martial arts are so much more than that, they can learn self-discipline and consistency, and they can be simpler programs where your kids will simply do cross-training and learn to behave in a class or follow instructions from the instructors.

The best thing about this is that karate is highly adjustable to both your kids and their age as well as what they are looking to achieve with this. It will learn them more than swinging their arms and legs in defence or attack and it will show them the side of behaviour that is hard for parents to paint for their kids.

Good dojos that teach true karate will always advise and teach everyone that not everything is in attack and that defence can be the best attack. It will never learn kids or people to be aggressive but rather to be calm and composed in every situation.