7 Reasons You Should Encourage Your Child To Train Karate

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When you’re a kid, martial arts appear to be magical. We don’t know about kids today, but we grew up in Bruce Lee films. Yes, that’s kung fu but for us, it was karate all the way. What do the kids know, right? Well, kids know a lot, but they do need their parent’s guidance when they’re young.

This is something we personally would encourage every parent to do. Karate and other martial arts are great ways for kids to learn a few things, get stronger, and prosper in many other ways. If you are already behind this idea and you’re all in for Youth Martial Arts, you can visit this site straight away. If you need more convincing, then allow us the courtesy to do so. If you continue reading this article you’ll find these seven reasons you should encourage your child to train in karate. It is a quite reasonable thing to do, and you’ll see why below.

1. Keeping Their Fitness Up

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Yes, most kids are fit. Our bodies function differently when we’re younger. But, when we’re older, without proper habits it is easy to get a few pounds more than we should. All of us know that the older you get the harder it gets to trim down. Furthermore, the fast food culture of today is killing our youth.

Kids all over the world are more obese than ever before. This is why it is vital to put your kids forward. Enlist them in karate. It is one of the best ways to have their fitness levels high. Karate is amazing for legs, arms, and core workouts. It is an activity that will answer with benefits from the first day, this is only one of them. Check out the rest.

2. Building Confidence And Self-Esteem

This is the case for most activities that you put in front of your kids. Kids love to learn new things. They love activities, and they love to compete with others. Being non-contact in the early stages, karate is a great way for any kid to become part of the group, enjoy some company, build fitness levels, learn a new skill, and get better at this sport.

All of this combined will do wonders for their self-esteem and confidence. It is a great foundation for obstacles that await them later on in life.

3. Discipline

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Just like any discipline that comes from Japan, karate is based on discipline. A dojo is a place where discipline is cultivated the best. Being disciplined in any sphere of life is a positive trait. Karate also promotes values such as honor and respect. Above all else, it will teach your kids how to focus.

Furthermore, they will learn how to talk and address their master with respect and to receive and give the same to their classmates. Everything we said will install high levels of discipline in their young minds. The more they are dedicated to karate the more it will grow within them. Discipline as nothing else has a high appliance later in life starting with high school, college, military, and of course work.

4. Overcoming Adversity

Life is about getting up after you fall. Learning to do this early on can be vital for your entire life. Learning karate is no easy task. Adults would have it hard. It’s hard for kids too. But, once you enlist for karate, there’s no backing down. This is a sport that doesn’t allow it. You can only move forward.

Of course, anyone can quit. But the culture built inside of a dojo is all about overcoming adversity. Karate is not a task that should fall on anyone’s shoulders as a heavy burden. Instead, it should be seen as something that needs to be learned, a task that needs to be completed. If you develop a passion for it, it’s even better.

5. Social Skills Improvement

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Interacting with your peers is never easy. For kids, it can be even more difficult. Some kids get bullied, or they are slow to make friends as there is no forced interaction. When it comes to karate it is different. Everyone will meet a friend at karate lessons. It is a place where communication is desired, where kids find it easier to open up.

This one ties well with overcoming adversity. When in the process of learning kids are more likely to step up, ask questions, get in touch with their peers or look up to their karate master. After all, karate is a sports discipline. These are based on teamwork and collaboration.

6. Learning Self-Defense

It is not unusual for kids to get into trouble. If they’re not able to protect themselves in certain situations it can backfire on them later on in life. Trauma leaves consequences. Being able to rely on yourself builds up confidence. Self-defense is essential even for adults.

Learning it from a young age can only have benefits. Karate is a peaceful art, but when you get skilled enough you can stand up for yourself. For a kid in the development stages, this is as much as they can desire. Even if you have a kid that is a little bit pumped with aggression this is an amazing way for them to vent out.

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7. Les Screen Time

We live in the age of technology. Various devices such as tablets and smartphones are available to our kids. We even want them to have a phone so that we can be with them in case of an emergency. But, while technology is amazing, it has its downsides. One of the biggest ones is screen time.

We’re talking about the time our children are spending in front of their computers, tablets, and smartphones. This needs to change. Installing healthy habits is essential for kids and adults alike. We could spend less time on Instagram and other social media platforms. Karate can be that. It can be what will keep them away from screens that preoccupy kids of today.