Best Crypto Exchange Platforms Ever

Buying cryptocurrency is not similar to buying a loaf of bread in a shop. You need the platform that facilitates you to find the best dealer or the consumer who will buy or sell their cryptocurrency in that place. Click here for more:

There are many crypto exchange platforms out there. You can mention some of the big names such as Bitvavo, LiteBit, or Bitonic. Their experience in providing the service is proven over time.

Most of the traders also need some of the storage that gives them space to place their coins securely. Hence, most crypto trading platforms, especially the big names above, also provide these e-wallets or crypto wallets to their customers.

E-Wallets or crypto wallets are one of the aspects that need to be considered before choosing the best platform for you. Actually, there are a lot of factors that you need to mind before you choose them.

For the first run, you may need to look over their supported cryptocurrencies. Some of the platforms usually support various cryptos in their platform, but some of them only focus on the specific crypto-only such as Bitonic that only accept and support the Bitcoin transaction only.

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After that, you can review their fees upon the service. You need to know that the service fee over the transaction is various. Some platforms only charge below 1%, and some others are able to charge you more than 2%. This is a big deal since you have to pay it whenever you purchase or trade your coins.

Everything out there is already settled to buy now almost any existent coin. However, you must be aware of all details and fees involved.

In this article, you are going to get the comprehended information about the best crypto exchange platform to help you get the maximum benefit over your trading activity. Let’s get started.

What is a cryptocurrency exchange?

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Cryptocurrency exchange can be associated as the place or platform that supports any of your activities regarding the trading or transaction by using cryptocurrencies and fiat currency. Some people are confused about this. They, sometimes, associate cryptocurrency exchange with the stocks exchange, which actually both of those matters is totally different. The main commodity in cryptocurrency is the crypto per se, while in the stocks exchange, they are selling, buying, and trading the stocks market only.

On cryptocurrency exchange, you can trade the crypto coins by exchanging them with the other cryptos or changing them with real money, while in the stocks exchange, you will only pay your stocks with the real money and cannot trade it with the other payment object.

The Top 3 Bitcoin And Crypto Investing Sites

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Bitonic is an innovation in the crypto exchange industry today. It is also known as the renowned Bitcoin broker in the entire Netherlands, especially in Amsterdam and Baarn, where they are headquartered. Bitonic first appeared in Spring 2012 as the company that focuses on providing the best platform for selling or purchasing Bitcoin in Europe. Their good reputation has resulted in successful selling, which is known that until today, they have already sold more than 400.000+ Bitcoins from their platform. In 2017, Bitonic launched their advanced Crypto exchange platform named BL3P, that success hit the Crypto market until today in 2024.


Bitvavo was founded in 2017. They originated as a broker but soon shifted to an exchange platform. The status as an exchange platform allowed them to offer standard payment methods such as credit card or bank transfer, combined with super low trading fees. Some competitors charge payments up to 3% in each transaction. At the same time, Bitvavo sets a maximum of 0.25% fee in each transaction.


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LiteBit is a Crypto exchange platform based in Arnhem, Netherland. This platform can be categorized as the Cryptocurrency exchange pioneer because LiteBit has already been working in this industry since 2013. LiteBit is having a broad vision for the future. It can be proven by their action in 2013 when everyone is not excited and does not know a thing about crypto. LiteBit is quite brave to establish the platform for people buying and selling their cryptos. Today, their effort in the past resulted in a great result as the giant of the crypto exchange platform in Europe.

How To Deposit To Buy Bitcoin And Crypto

Placing your money as the deposit interest in cryptocurrency’s platforms is not as hard as you may think before. All you have to do is just follow the instructions from each platform. If you still want to know about the steps in deposit your money, here is the standard step that you can apply on various crypto exchange platforms:

First, you can select the fiat currency that you want to use to deposit. You can choose between USD, JPY, EUR, and many other currencies. In this step, you need to look carefully at whether your money is being listed or not.

After that, you can click the affirmation button. It is commonly manifested as the “proceed,” “deposit,” or “confirm” button.

Then, the payment menu will be popped up. In this step, you can choose the platform’s payment method, such as credit card, cash, or bank transfer.

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Once you finish choosing the payment method, you will get the invoice for the transaction detail that just happened. Please look at it carefully before you leave the process because it is very important. Next, wait for the confirmation or notification that informs you if the deposit process is a success.

Last, you can monitor your interest by checking it directly to the platform’s website, or you can download the e-wallets app to make it easier to watch over your money.
To deposit your money on the crypto exchange platform, you need to read their guide and steps. Why? Because each of the crypto exchange platforms is having a different method of depositing the money. If you read it carefully, we guarantee that your money is 100% secure. One more, make sure that your account is backed up with additional protection such as the two-step verification and so on to make your account safer from any losing potentials. Get a loan fast without a credit check by using your cryptocurrency as collateral.