Chris Christie -Early Life,Career and Net Worth in 2020


Christ Christie is mostly known for being the governor of New Jersey from 2010 to 2018, but before that he used to be a federal prosecutor and political commentator. He’s done a lot of positive things, at least according to most people, during his time as governor of New Jersey and will be remembered for those things.

Early Life


His full name is Christopher James Christie and was born in Newark, New Jersey. His parents were Sondra A. who was a receptionist and Wilbur James Christie, who was a public accountant. He attended Livingston High School where you could see his talents for politics since he became the class president. After that he began attending the University of Delaware and got a degree in political science in 1984, after that he went on to attend Seton Hall University School of Law with a Juris Doctor in 1987. In the same year he passed the bar and became a lawyer, certified by the New Jersey State Bar Association.



His first job was at a law firm at which he became a partner in 1993. That’s also when he started being involved with politics since he was working on a variety of Republican campaigns, one standing out being the George H.W. Bush’s second election campaign and that definitely paid off. He also participated in fundraising for George W. Bush’s campaign in 2000 and because of that he was noticed.
Because of all the help he provided, Bush nominated him for the position of US attorney for his home state. That is exactly what kickstarted his political career.
At first people didn’t think that Christie would do a good job, since he didn’t really have experience in that kind of environment. But as time went on, Christie started cracking down on corrupt public officials and he became known for exactly that, he did not spare anyone, both parties suffered losses and Christie went after white-collar criminals. By the end of his term in 2008 he left a very good impression and his reputation was better than ever.


It was also thanks to that hard-nosed reputation he garnered that he won the governor election against a democratic opponent in a mostly democratic state. His opponent was also weighed down by corruption allegations. Christie did an amazing job after a hurricane hit the state in 2012 and he was reelected in 2013 thanks to that. In the last couple of years it hasn’t been that good for the governor but he will still be remembered for the good things he has done.

Chris Christie’s Net Worth


His net worth is thought to be around $5 million. Most of that money he has earned with smart investments and his law career, the least being with his politics career.


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