What are the Best Cryptocurrencies to Invest in 2024

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Crypto trading is gaining popularity as time goes because people are slowly realizing that it can result in significant gains and profit. Cryptocurrency has gone a long way since it first appeared – from being a currency that tested the waters to have more than 5,000 coins nowadays. That is huge progress, we must say. It is no wonder that people want to get a hold of some and make a profit.

If you want to take a piece of the cake, that is fully understandable. There are many reasons for that, one of them being safety. The transparency is pretty useful, so it is worth the attention for sure. Keep reading because we will tell you more about the ones with the highest potential. Also, if you would like to dive deeper and learn more about these cryptocurrencies, join the Dchained’s course which is a simple guide to trading and investing.


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Being the first coin that appeared, it is simply a normal thing to put it in the first place when it comes to coins with the biggest potential. Its value kept rising ever since it first appeared and it doesn’t seem to stop. Its popularity is one of the main reasons why people actually want to invest in crypto trading. It is the most dominant coin and somehow the predictions keep being given about the potential value that it may reach.

Consistency is one of the main values of this coin, so it cannot be overlooked. Considering that it made a breakthrough in the market concerning the non-traditional currencies, it is the prime coin for trading. According to smartereum.com Bitcoin is a currency of the future. The value may go up to $8, 000 this year, but some experts say that it may even go up to $100,000. We will see what will happen, but it is certainly not impossible. Bitcoin has managed to surprise us before, so it wouldn’t be strange if it manages to surprise us again.


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This is the coin that is pretty promising we must say. With so many supporters that are simply thrilled by this coin, it is no wonder why people want to have it and trade with it. It exists on the market for the last eight years. The predictions for this year are that the value will continue to rise, but it is difficult to make exact predictions especially because of the recent development of events around the world concerning the virus. The lockdowns and the shifts in the way people functioned these previous months significantly impacted the economy and the financial market. On the other hand, numerous companies use Ripple which significantly impacts its popularization.


If you wish to trade the cryptocurrency that has been one of the most affordable ones and the fastest, then you should opt for Litecoin. Considering that the price is a lot more affordable, people can get a hold of it easier. This means that more people will have a chance to try crypto trading and see if they can manage to find a way to succeed. It is less risky when compared to the pricier coins. The predictions concerning the value of Litecoin for this year are nearly 50$ which is perfect for people who don’t want to jump in the trading with huge investments. It is a great way to start and see if you like it.


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The influence of Ethereum is enormous. The main reason why it’s successful is that numerous projects can be developed on top of it. The value of the coin is around 200$ which means that it is an accessible investment for the people who want to start trading. The strength of the network is closely related to currency strength. The potential of this coin is enormous and it is the reason why it is in the focus of numerous people around the world. It may reach a value of close to $1500. This is an enormous value when we take into consideration the total market capitalization that would skyrocket and go up to $147 billion.


If your priority is privacy, Zcash may be the right answer for you. It has been around the last four years. There are more than 20 million coins available and it is mainly used for peer-to-peer transfers. The value it has last year was $112, while the predictions for this year is that the value will remain approximately the same. The reason why is this coin worth your attention is because it has already proven its value and it is one of the best coins for trading when looking at the long term predictions.


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It has been on the market for the last six years and it seems that it is here to stay. Its value is not huge. Quite the opposite. It is worth $0.07 but this is exactly why it is a good choice for the beginners. The experts believe that it can become a pretty important coin in the crypto world. It is one of the coins that shows a steady growth ever since it appeared on the market. It showed the stability that most crypto traders want to see in the coins they want. You should know that besides the wallet address, you need to have MEMO code to be able to make a transfer or withdrawal.

These are the coins that you should pay attention to this year. Keep in mind that there are numerous predictions out there. However, even though there are factors that can contribute to the accuracy of the predictions, it is not possible to give the exact value. This is why you should stay informed about everything, make a plan, and then start trading with the currency of your choice. Only invest the amount of money you are ready to lose, because there are no guarantees in the crypto world, but one thing is for sure – cryptocurrency is here to stay and it will find its way into all the spheres and the transactions all over the world.