9 CBD Edibles You Haven’t Thought to Try Before

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CBD edibles are becoming a very popular product. In 2024, the market for CBD edibles was forecasted to reach more than $5 billion USD by 2027, and it’s easy to see why. Cannabidiol, or CBD for short, has exploded in popularity as a natural health supplement ever since hemp products were legalized by the 2018 Farm Bill.

As more people learn about the numerous health benefits that CBD has to offer, they’ve started looking to try it out and see how it can help them. However, CBD oil is an acquired taste, being very earthy and bitter. By infusing it into food, you’re better equipped to find a product that suits your tastes.

While delta 8 gummies are the most common type of edible in stores like pharmacbd.com, you can infuse CBD into virtually any kind of food. All you need is some kind of oil or fat or other food ingredients that has a high bioavailability.

Once you mix the CBD with that kind of carrier, you can combine it with your recipe to make a new edible. You can also shop around for a pre-made product that has done that job for you. Here are nine kinds of CBD edibles you may not have tried before:

1. Potato Chips

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While candies such as gummies and chocolate are the most common type of edible on the market now, there is a growing trend for people who prefer something more salty or savory. That’s why you can now find CBD potato chips, Cheetos, and other similar kinds of snacks. To make them yourself, slice potatoes as thin as you can, and drizzle them with CBD-infused oil before frying or baking them.

2. Cheese

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Cheese is a more savory kind of food, but there are many different kinds of cheese you can get to suit your taste. Since cheese is made from dairy, it is very easy to infuse the CBD since it already has a high amount of fat to act as the carrier. You can get it infused in mozzarella to make pizza, cheddar for sandwiches and crackers, or any other kind of cheese you can imagine.

3. Salad Dressing

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Salad dressing is an easy food topping to infuse with CBD and has the added benefit of being healthier. All dressings use some kind of fat or oil already, so all you need to do to make it yourself is mix the CBD into your dressing and let it sit for long enough. Alternatively, there is a good variety of salad dressings already infused with CBD that you can buy from a retailer.

4. Smoothies

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Smoothies can be another healthier form of CBD edible, especially for people who like to have a post-workout smoothie. You can get special CBD protein powder that you mix with whatever combination of fruit, yogurt, and other ingredients you like. That way you get important vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients to promote better health and speed up your workout recovery.

5. Salsa

Source: simplyrecipes.com

If you like to use salsa in a dinner recipe, or just as a regular dip for chips or another snack, it can be very easy. You can take your mix of vegetables, herbs, and spices and then mix in a bit of oil. Olive oil or coconut oil work best from a flavor perspective. Just pre-mix the oil with your CBD and let it sit for a while to infuse, then add to your other ingredients and run through a food processor. You can leave it as chunky or puréed as you prefer.

6. Dried Fruit

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If you like a sweet snack but want a healthier alternative to candy and other gummies, you can get dried fruit infused with CBD. To make it yourself, the key is to infuse the CBD with honey or maple syrup as a natural and healthier sweetener. Coat your fruit in the honey or maple syrup, then simmer in an oven at around 175 F.

7. Popcorn

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You can get a good mix of flavor in pre-infused and pre-popped popcorn from a growing number of brands. If you want a more classic movie theatre popcorn. Just make some CBD butter by melting it in a saucepan and mix in the CBD as it cools. Let it sit, then melt it again before drizzling over your popcorn.

8. Olive Oil

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You may have noticed that a lot of these foods use cooking oil, like olive oil, to add the infused CBD to the food. If you want to do that yourself, the process is simple. Take the olive oil, or any cooking oil of choice, and mix in the right dose of CBD into the amount of oil you want infusing. First, you take your hemp flower and decarboxylate it in an oven or special decarboxylate. Then, heat a half and half mix of water and olive oil with the decarboxylated hemp until it just starts to bubble and leave it at that level for around 30 minutes. Let it cool and strain it with cheesecloth or a fine-mesh strainer to remove all the bits and debris from the hemp. Put the remaining oil in a container and leave it to cool in the fridge overnight.

9. Gravy

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If you like your gravy with a home cooked meal, like turkey or roast beef, it is even easier than making olive oil. Since the gravy already has a good amount of oil and fat, you just wait until the gravy is more or less made and flavored. As the final step, just before the gravy is finished you can add your CBD directly into it and mix it in well. Let it sit on low heat for a bit to get fully mixed in, and it’s good to go.

You can take the same general principles as any of the above kinds of recipes and apply them to almost any other food. Once you know the general process to infuse CBD into oil, fat, honey, or maple syrup, you just have to work it into your usual recipes. This opens up the ability to infuse CBD into virtually any food recipe you can think of. Sometimes you may need to get creative, but the end result can be worth it once you’ve mastered the technique.