No Partner, No Problem: 10 Best Dog Breeds For Singles


Whether you’re searching for that special someone or have no interest in romance, being single can get pretty lonely. Luckily, you don’t need a human soulmate to get rid of that feeling. A new dog can provide plenty of companionship for adults without significant others.

So, are you ready to find a new furry friend? Here are ten of the best dog breeds for canine-loving singles.

1. Golden Retrievers


When you picture a “family dog,” a Golden Retriever is probably the first thing that comes to mind. But these dogs don’t need kids and a picket fence to thrive. These affectionate dogs are more than happy to devote all of their attention to one person.

Golden Retrievers have a reputation for their loyal, affectionate personalities. You can cuddle up to these candy-coated pups on a chilly winter evening or take them to a beach on a hot day. These dogs are a high-energy breed, so they’ll make perfect workout buddies, too.

If you prefer a dog with a more unique appearance, coat variations like these English Cream Golden Retrievers will stand out in the crowd.

2. German Shepherds


The German Shepherd is a loyal companion with an affectionate, energetic personality like the golden retriever. They need a lot of exercises, so don’t get this dog unless you can give them plenty of walks and playtime.

Their large size and protective personalities can make them excellent guard dogs. So if you’re anxious about living alone or in a high-crime area, a German Shepherd can provide extra security.

German Shepherds are one of the most intelligent dog breeds around. Their sharp minds make them easy to train, so the German Shepherd is a wise choice if you are looking for an obedient dog.

3. Yorkshire Terriers


If you’re seeking a dog that’ll curl up on your lap on a cold winter day, the Yorkshire terrier might be what you need. But don’t let their cuddly nature fool you because these dogs can be pretty energetic.

Prepare to meet some new people while taking your Yorkie for walks because these outgoing dogs are great conversation-starters. So if you’re hoping to make some new friends, a Yorkie could be a great way to get yourself out there.

Do you have a dog allergy? Good news—the Yorkshire Terrier is hypoallergenic, so you won’t have to worry about getting the sniffles with this pup around.

4. Chihuahuas


As the smallest dog breed around, Chihuahuas are the ideal choice for singles living in small apartments. This is particularly true if you choose the teacup chihuahua breed (see breed info here). People looking for a cuddly yet playful friend can find it in this petite dog breed.

Chihuahuas have pretty adaptable personalities, making them a smart choice for people on the move. They’re also very energetic, so make sure you give them lots of one-on-one playtimes.

Just bear in mind that these dogs are pretty chatty, so if you need a lot of peace and quiet, a different breed may work better for you.

5. Bernese Mountain Dogs


The Bernese Mountain Dog is nothing short of a beautiful canine. Its long, soft fur makes it a popular contestant on dog shows.

These energetic dogs love to play, but they can also make excellent cuddlers. Bernese Mountain Dogs are super loyal companions that can provide affection when you’re feeling lonely.

Are you a single parent? If you are, that’s just another reason to get one of these dogs because they’re incredibly kid-friendly.

6. French Bulldogs


Are you looking for a chill dog? The French Bulldog is one of the most relaxed dog breeds. Of course, they still need playtime, but not as much as an energetic breed like a golden retriever.

The French Bulldog’s appearance is unique, with its bat-like ears and squishy eyes.

French bulldogs can be pretty clingy, so if you’re looking for a pet that’ll appreciate lots of quality time, this might be your dog.

7. Poodles


Do you prefer a tidy home? A Poodle may be the ideal companion because they rarely shed or drool. These traits make them ideal for people with dog allergies, too.

The Poodle’s intelligence can make training them a breeze. They’re popular service animals, making them suitable companions for people with disabilities.

Poodles are just as playful as affectionate, so make sure you’ll have plenty of time to play and cuddle before adopting one of these dogs.

8. Border Collies


Border Collies have soft, thick fur and affectionate personalities, making them excellent cuddle buddies. However, they are a high-energy dog breed, so you may not want to look elsewhere if you don’t have the time for frequent walks.

Border Collies have adaptable personalities, so they should get along fine if you live in the big city or move pretty often.

9. Corgis


There’s genuinely no other dog like a Corgi with big ears and iconic stubby legs. Their friendly nature and lovable personalities make corgis an excellent companion for singles.

These dogs are a great way to catch the attention of other people. When you’re walking down the street with a Corgi, don’t be surprised if people come up and ask to pet them.

Unfortunately, these dogs are not particularly kid-friendly. So if you plan to have children sometime soon, another dog breed might be more appropriate.

10. Dachshunds


Dachshunds are not particularly high-energy, so they’re a smart choice if you prefer a more relaxed dog breed.

These dogs have friendly personalities and unique appearances, which means people at the park may frequently ask to pet them. Overall, they’re an excellent choice for single adults trying to open up and make some new friends.

Dachshunds are a pretty low-shedding breed, so if you don’t like hairy furniture or have a dog allergy, this dog may be right for you.

Before you go

A new dog can be a great companion for single adults who feel lonely, and this list only features a handful of attractive options.

Remember that purebreds aren’t your only option when adopting a dog. There’s a good chance your new best friend is waiting for you at the local shelter. No matter what dog you get, make sure you do plenty of research on the breed’s specific needs. Dogs aren’t just there to give you companionship—they need plenty of care and attention.