Best iPhone Deals Available in 2024

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In this day and age, it is almost impossible to meet an adult or teenager who does not own a phone. There are several types of phones in the globe manufactured by different companies across continents. Android smartphones are the most popular type of phones in second and third world countries. However, in first world countries, apple products have cemented their position as the most popular mobile device for more than a decade.

Apple is responsible for the manufacture of iPhones, iPods, MacBook, and Apple Watches, is, therefore, one of the wealthiest companies in the world. One of the reasons while Apple’s products are not popular in most countries is the fact that they are very costly. Companies like Sell My Mobile have gone out of their way to create a platform for buying and selling them at affordable prices. Below are some incredible deals;

iPhone 11

It has some of the most advanced specs and the best camera system of all the other brands. For this reason, it is one of the most expensive phones in existence. A new 11 model costs nine hundred and ninety-nine dollars while an 11 Pro costs more than a thousand dollars.

Below are some of the best deals for the 11 model phones;

Verizon offers some of the best deals with up to seven hundred thousand credits. The offer indicates that if you purchase more than one device and agree to a monthly device payment or an open and unlimited plan, you can get the seven hundred dollars credited to your account within twenty-four months.

T-Mobile is also offering a deal that covers up to six hundred and ninety-nine thousand dollars-worth of credit this phone. The offer indicates that you have to get a new line of data and trade-in the current phone that you own. The credit lasts for twenty-four months with an added benefit if you trade in your phone.

AT and T is also offering a limited offer for both phones. The offer indicates that if you trade in an eligible iPhone and activate it with AT and T, you get up to three hundred and seventy-five dollars off. The same offer is available on the official Sprint and Verizon website.

iPhone XS

The XS and XS Max are the newest models in the industry. The phones are also the most high-end hence the most expensive. A new XC costs more than a thousand dollars.

Below are some deals for XS phones;

AT and T has a deal for 64GB XC that allows clients to get a free phone once they have qualified for an instalment plan and switched to AT and T or get a new line on an already existing account. It is one of the best deals for this phone in existence currently.

Verizon also has a deal for different brands of XS phones. The deal indicates that if you buy a new XS or XS Max, you get up to five hundred dollars’ worth of discount. You will also be required to trade in other earlier models and switch to an unlimited plan. Doing so will get you a two-hundred-dollar prepaid Mastercard coupon.

T Mobile also has a special offer on XS. The company is handing out a free XS to any client that trades in an eligible iPhone. You can also lease the phone for two years without any form of down payment and save thirty dollars per month.

iPhone XR

The XR is also a relatively new phone. Compared to the other new models of, it costs seven hundred and forty-nine dollars.

Below are some impeccable deals on XR;

Sprint has one of the best offers on brand new XR phones. The deal indicates that if you lease an XR on Sprint Flex, you get a monthly discount of fifteen dollars. The lease lasts for up to twenty-four months and can save you up to three hundred and sixty dollars. All this is under the Sprint Unlimited Plus Plan.

Boost mobile also has the best deal on the XR phone. The company offers a discount of a hundred dollars for all types of iPhones. For the XR phone specifically, the company discount allows clients to pay less than five hundred dollars for a new phone.

iPhone X

Apple no longer manufactures the X model. However, there are still several models in the market. The fact that the phones are no longer being made is responsible for its high price. The phone initially goes for more than eight hundred dollars.

Below are some incredible deals in the X model;

AT and T has the best offers for iPhone X. The deal indicates that if a client trades in an eligible device, they can get up to seven hundred dollars off a new X phone. The credit is eligible for up to thirty months, and you also have to switch to an eligible unlimited data plan.

iPhone 6S

The 6S is one of the smallest models in the market. Compared to the 5S, it is a bit wider and taller with a better display and other technical features. Initially, the phone costs three hundred and ninety-nine dollars.

Below is the best iPhone 6S deal;

Sprint has the best 6S deal in the market. Via the official sprint website, you can get the 6S for as little as a hundred dollars.

Final Word

You can enjoy all these offers and second-hand phones through the

However, when purchasing used phones, make sure that the phone is in a good state before paying for it. On the other hand, when considering the available offers, make sure to read through the terms of the offer and calculate the amount of money that you will be saving from the offer. Also, make sure that the offer is available because some of the offers mentioned above are time-limited. The apple products might be expensive but they are of very high quality and with all these deals you can easily purchase one.