What Is The Best Way To Track A Cheating Spouse – 2024 Guide

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Everybody’s love life runs into bumps. Some small, some big. During the bigger ones, it’s possible to become suspicious about our soulmate’s behavior. It could even lead to them having an affair and cheating on us. In these situations, it’s better to learn as soon as possible.

The confirmation of our situation will help us deal with the entire experience and resolve it as best as possible. However, it can be hard to get concrete evidence sometimes. To ensure you can confirm that your significant other is cheating on you and help speed up the resolution, follow the guide below.

What not to do

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While there are many different ways that cheaters take to hide their tracks and many ways of figuring them out, there are still a few things you should avoid. The first item on the list is to avoid acting suspiciously. Even if you are highly convinced that your spouse is cheating on you yet have no concrete proof, don’t let it show.

This excess suspicion could make them warier and reduce your chances of noticing their mistakes. It’s also possible that they could stop interacting with the person they are cheating on you with until suspicions let up.

Secondly, don’t confront them until there’s enough evidence present. Knowing the whole story is very important and aside from helping you confront the cheater about their behavior, it could assist you in getting closure.

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Confrontation with evidence should come last and possibly with some witnesses around if you suspect the cheater could get physical during the argument. It pays to be safe even if you know you are in the right.

Do not go out of your way to catch them in the act. While sometimes this can be a concrete way to reaffirm your suspicions, following them could arouse suspicion and lead to the problems mentioned above. It’s also very stressful to do this and could result in worsening of your mental health, even more so than the potential cheating.

Lastly, never jump to conclusions. Sometimes a rocky time in a relationship is just that. Other times, the situation may appear cut and dry but is in fact quite more complex. Make sure to ask yourself questions and question every bit of evidence from every angle. Being cautious and patient is very important during emotionally flustering situations such as this.

So how should I deal with my cheating spouse?

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We understand that resolving the problem of a cheating spouse isn’t easy. Even the slightest uncertainty about our spouse’s loyalty can be very disturbing to us. The longer the relationship the more impactful the news of our spouse cheating. However, there are actions we can take to confirm whether they are really cheating or if we are simply reading things wrong.

Hire a Private Investigator

The process of investigation isn’t something that should be conducted solely by you, as we’ve discussed before. Moreover, your spouse knows your face so it’s highly possible they’d recognize you if you were ever to trail them.

In these situations, it’s fruitful to hire a private investigator. Private investigators are going to be a lot more experienced at figuring out the potential cheater’s patterns and their possible lovers. Additionally, they are going to be far more inconspicuous due to the private investigator not being recognizable to your spouse as you would be. This allows them to get close to the potential cheating activity and even indirectly prompt situations that could give away whether your spouse cheats.

Hiring a private investigator has a catch though. Not all private investigators are good and not all of them can provide you with ample results. That’s why it’s useful to check for accomplished private investigators who will actually help us uncover the truth.

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Star Quality Private Investigators, or SQPI for short, of Toronto, are a great example of a private investigator agency that has already proven itself. They provide various services from corporate investigations and background checks to infidelity investigations. You could even pair up some of their capabilities and achieve a complete picture of your spouse’s infidelity.

After hiring a private investigator, it’s going to be important to communicate with them properly. The private investigator will give you the information whenever it’s uncovered but you should also aim to provide information to them. Whatever detail you find that could be helpful should be forwarded to the private investigator. These little details could finally solve the puzzle and help the private investigator resolve the case.

Use GPS trackers

Another way to gather extra info on your spouse is by using a GPS tracker. These come in many different types but can usually be split into two groups. These groups are software GPS trackers and physical ones.

The software ones usually get integrated with phones and operate in a hidden mode that will make them difficult to distinguish even for more tech-savvy cheaters. Software GPS trackers do require initial contact with the person’s phone so if your spouse doesn’t allow you to use their phone or finds other people using their phone troublesome overall, it could be difficult to get it installed.

However, if you do manage to attach it the tracking will be very fruitful. Everybody takes their phone with them so the readings you get will give you a pretty accurate position of your spouse at all times.

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The physical GPS tracker is different from its software variation. They are too noticeable to attach to a phone and would probably get figured out immediately. The physical tracker is easier to hide in vehicles. This is a prime location for it because vehicles have many places where this somewhat large tracker won’t be noticed. Position it in locations that your spouse doesn’t usually interact with when driving.

Glove compartments are only sometimes a good option but the space underneath seats could be a good place to slot it. Physical GPS does give slightly worse results due to it being stuck to a car so you are more likely to know what area your spouse is in rather than their exact location. However, if the software solution simply isn’t possible or you worry about them figuring the software out, this type of tracking may be optimal.


To catch a cheating spouse we should utilize all the available tools at our disposal. However, no matter what we do, staying inconspicuous is key. Those who worry about potential infidelity should be patient and take ample steps to provide evidence of their partner’s unfaithfulness. Hopefully, that will resolve the situation and give the person closure on the entire relationship if they choose to end it after such an incident.