Top 10 Black & White Wallpaper – Immortal Classic For 2024


We all want the walls in our homes to look perfect. Fortunately, that is not something that is very hard to do. Either you paint them once every year, or you do something a little bit more ingenious, and that is getting wallpaper for your wall. The thing is, wallpapers are a much better investment than repainting your home every year. Not only will they last longer than the fresh coat of paint, but in the long run, they will be a much better investment. Additionally, wallpaper can transform your wall into a piece of art, and unless you can somehow manage to hire Michelangelo to paint your walls – you can’t do that with a simple coat of paint.

Now, when it comes to our favorite choices for wallpapers, we like to keep things simple, classy, and elegant. The best way to do that is by choosing an immortal classic like black and white wallpaper. Why? Well, because black and white wallpapers fit every single room, so you don’t have to worry about the best use scenario. Wherever you put them – they’ll fit right in.

If you agree with us, let us present you with the best black and white wallpapers you can find.

1. Grunge Black White Brick


When we said these bad boys would fit every room – we’ve meant it. And what better way to prove our point than by choosing the best possible option there is – a brick mural. Brick is elegant, timeless, and yet grungy and tough at the same time. So whether you want to just spruce up your kitchen and fit the walls to the kitchen counters or make the wall behind your headboard in the bedroom stand out – this one will get the job done.

2. Monochrome Feather Pattern

Is there something that says cozy and comfortable more than a feather? Well, even if there is something that does – we don’t know what is. What we do know, however, is that this glorious white wallpaper will make the wall behind your bed look and feel as soft and cozy as the bed in your bedroom. Now, if you’re worried about your new wallpaper getting dirty – don’t. Unless you grab crayons and start sketching all over it – it won’t get dirty or stained. And, even if it does, by some chance – you can still easily clean it with a single stroke of a damp cloth.

3. Black And White Floral

Black and white wall murals can turn every room into a statement piece, even if they’re simple and minimalistic, but when they’re as intricate and detailed as this one from Wallmur – they will turn it into a sight to behold. Why waste your money on expensive artwork when you can turn your wall into one without having to spend even a fraction of the money you’d spend on an equally intricate painting?

4. Watercolor Smoked Paint Art


Abstract paintings have been in fashion for a really long time now, and once again, we ask you – why spend money on a painting when you can turn your wall into an art piece? This black, white, and brown mural will definitely get some heads to turn, and we guarantee you – even you will be turning your head for the first few days, and possibly even longer than that. Wallpaper like this is not only eye-catching, but it is also suitable for every single room in your house – from the bedroom to the bathroom.

5. Black And White Forest

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could make sure that every single Christmas is nice and snowy? Well, we can’t tell you how to control the weather, because, honestly – we don’t know how to. But what we do know is that this black and white forest wallpaper is as close you’ll get to make sure every Christmas is snowy, and if you live in Arizona or Texas – that may just be the only thing you can do.

6. Monochrome Charcoal New York City

There isn’t a person in this world who hasn’t at least once thought about what it would be like to live in a penthouse with a glorious view of the magnificent New York City. Now, while we can’t help you with your living arrangements, or help you move to the Big Apple, what we can do is point you in the direction of this wonderfully detailed wallpaper of NYC’s iconic skyline. It may not be the same as a view from a penthouse, but if you place this one in your room and you wake up looking at it every single day – you might just end up moving there just to experience the real thing.

7. Monochrome Dark Forest And Lake


It may not be as cool as NYC, but spending your days looking at a wonderful landscape of a calm lake and a moody forest doesn’t sound too bad to us. Naturally, it won’t beat the view from a real lake house, but then again – how often can you even visit a lake house? With this bad boy – you can do that every day.

8. Abstract Faces

Simple line artwork always looks good, and when your whole wall looks like one – it looks even better. This artistic wallpaper is guaranteed to transform every room in your house, regardless of what room it is. We’d say more, but we feel like this wallpaper can speak for itself.

9. Brick World Map

Some may think it’s cheesy to decorate your space with a map of the entire world, but we don’t. We think it’s inspiring and humbling. It is inspiring and humbling because if there is anything that will get you to travel and see the world, it is the constant reminder of just how vast and beautiful this world of ours is, and we only get to experience it once.

10. Monochrome Dark Feather


In the beginning, we had bright, white feathers for you, but know – we have the opposite. As much as feathers can be light and relaxing, this dark, monochrome mural shows us that they can be powerful and intriguing, as well.


We’re certain that once you take a good look at every one of these 10, we’ll see eye to eye when it comes to black and white wall murals and wallpapers. Want to know how we know that? Because it only takes one glance to fall in love with them.