Can You Earn Cryptocurrency By Playing Games Online – 2024 Guide


As the crypto market matures and evolves, thousands of people are getting into it and are trying to make smart moves & big investments. Nowadays, people are really invested in figuring out the process of trading & mining, and a lot of them spend days learning all the rules of the crypto world. However, what if there was a way to get to your new & favorite crypto in a fun way? What if we told you that you can earn cryptos while also playing some cool online games?! This is possible! Combine the best of both worlds and have fun on this journey. Here is how you can get your cryptos online.

Top 4 ways to earn cryptocurrencies online that you can try out


1. Earn it as a gamer

The video game industry generates more than $160 billion per year! Gamers are fully aware that they can make this the experience of their lifetime, while also profiting full-time. Years back this wasn’t possible to do since you wouldn’t be able to monetize off of your passion. However, nowadays, everything sells & you can make money online & with your favorite game concept. Gamers are mostly young and tech-savvy, which allows them to adapt to any new situation, challenge, or game that’s presented. We will cover some of these popular games at the end of the article that you can play in order to win different cryptos!

2. Go to DLive

This is a blockchain-based live-streaming platform that gamers across the world love to use. In the DLive ecosystem, players get paid with a virtual currency, also known as Lemon. Most of them find the site quirky, which is sometimes right up their alley! This currency (lemon) has a value of 0.012 USD, and there are weekly payouts. Your minimal withdrawal amount is $50. You can also ask to be paid in TRX, BTT, or USDT stablecoins. Players who end up getting the most views, as well as those who are creative & interactive will have the highest payout.

3. Twitch is a must-try streaming platform

The most popular platform in the world for streamers – Twitch! This is Amazon’s streaming service for gamers, and it has more than 15 million daily users and watchers across the world! On there, passionate players can be paid in BTC & Bitcoin Cash. While Twitch gamers can’t, at this time, earn cryptocurrency, they can acquire in-game virtual assets known as Bit. Let all of your money accumulate & eventually withdraw it from the site. Twitch is the most popular go-to solution for those who are testing waters within this field.

4. Provide your service to customers worldwide

A large number of employers willing to pay in crypto are already in the market and within this industry, making it easy & convenient for you to get in touch. You can easily find these people & jobs that are paid in BTC or some other value. New job networks are popping online all the time. You could be a freelancer on Fiverr, Upwork, and PeoplePerHour, offering your hourly price for your service. You can say that you’re a gamer and that you wish to be paid in crypto. Some people have a hard time passing & mastering some levels, and they would be willing to pay an expert to do this for them. You’d be surprised by the number of people willing to work along with a tech-savvy gamer on all of their impossible levels.

Top 4 games that help you earn crypto


As we said before, we are going to list some games that you can play & have fun with while also making money at the same time! Get your computer, keyboard & a comfy mousepad to get the highest ranking. Here are some games that every gamer will enjoy in his or her spare time:

1. Illuvium

Illuvium is built on the Ethereum blockchain, which allows you to earn ETH when playing. This is a 3D role-playing game with an expected storyline, as well as some gorgeous landscape design. In the game, you battle with other players and you can collect an item called Illuvials, which is in Shards stored on the blockchain.

2. Cryptoblades

When you play Cryptoblades you are playing a game by an award-winning developer. This is a robust game from which players can reap long-term rewards. The token that is used is SKILL. You gain it when playing with or against other players. It is a fast-paced game that may suit experienced players a bit better.

3. Revomon

Revomon is an online RPG that provides an immersive virtual reality experience. With this game, you get to ”feel” the blockchain. You as a player are going to enjoy its social aspect, storyline, and competition within the game, while also learning a lot about cryptos. You will earn Tokenomics, $REVO, within this balanced system.

4. Axie Infinity

This game will go down in history as the first game that realized the earn-money-by-playing dream of many gamers. You can use, buy & sell Axies. Play on your own or in PVP mode. In time you can also convert SLP into fiat through your crypto exchange system. At the moment this is the fastest-growing Play to Earn blockchain game, with over 500,000 daily users!

Heads up when managing your cryptocurrencies


Did you like our article and all of its fun aspects? Well, in the end, everything can be fun & ”games”, but how safe do you feel when working with Bitcoin or making transactions? Some people might not feel comfortable with using cryptos on third-party sites. A lot of individuals are worried about Bitcoin and its lack of encryption. If you want to be safe & have questions regarding its algorithm, security, as well as BTC wallet, give a click. On there, you will get informed on all the latest news within the industry, while also getting answers to your questions about finances & cryptocurrencies, all within one place!