Instagram Comedian Bob Menery Net Worth 2024

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Bob Menery rose to fame by using his fake sportscaster voice to make parodies and drive-through pranks.


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Born in North Andover, Massachusetts on June 10, 1987, Bob moved to Los Angeles when he was in his twenties. For five years he worked as a caddy at the Wilshire Country Club. Among others, he often carried golf clubs for Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers. Then Bob decided that enough is enough and came back East. He moved to Boston and started working on his comedy career.


In 2017, he released a video of himself, using his now-famous sportscaster voice. It went viral almost immediately. Despite his age, he sounded like he was reporting on sports events for the last 20 years. The next morning, he went to play golf and left his phone in the car. By the time he got back, he had 317 missed calls. People were frantic about his voice which he had since puberty, according to him.

“Basically, I’ve had a cool little voice that I did,” he said in an interview to For The Win. “People told me I had a great voice. I was just doing this shtick. I would incorporate the voice and do some broadcasting on the street in all these videos. I never did anything with it.”

He got a chance to use his voice for real when he was hired to call a game for Salt Lake Screaming Eagles, playing in Indoor Football League.

Although he was often quoted saying that Joe Buck and Jim Nantz were among the biggest influences that shaped his voice and the way he uses it, he is adamant that he is not an impersonator.

“That’s my biggest pet peeve,” says Menery, who lists announcers Joe Buck and Jim Nantz as influences, along with comedians like Will Ferrell. “When people say, ‘who are you impersonating?’ I’m not impersonating anybody, that’s me.”

That voice also got him in trouble on a few occasions. As a huge golf fan, it was only to be expected that he will do a piece on the PGA (Professional Golfers’ Association of America). But as soon as he posted it, the PGA threatened to take it down. Apparently, they weren’t too happy with his vulgarity. Later, Bob said he was shocked. Despite the fact that even Tiger Woods is following his Instagram account, the PGA stand firm on the issue and he had to comply. He took down not only the video in question but all PGA-related material from his account. Bob later said that he feels that he contributed greatly to the popularity of golf and getting kids interested in it. Sadly, the PGA didn’t feel the same way.

Bob Menery Net Worth 2024

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In 2024, Bob Menery’s net worth is estimated at $5 million. His main source of income is his Instagram account, where he has around 1.9 million followers. Bob also appears in various events for a sizeable fee.