Brainy Quotes You Can Use For Every Occasion – 2024


Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you need to say or write down something smart but just can’t think of anything? Well then we have the solution for you, we here have assembled a big list of smart quotes you can use for any occasion.
Now, of course, it might not be as useful for live conversations, for which you would have to read all the quotes and learn them by heart, but if you want to appear smart on Instagram or maybe twitter than this is the thing for you. Just go on our website and scroll through our endless list of brainy quotes and take your pick.
Now, of course, you don’t only have to appear smart, you can use those quotes to motivate someone to study, that someone might be you or well just motivate yourself to do your daily chores, anything is possible, there are no limits to their uses. Without further ado, let’s get into the list of quotes.

  • “Life persists if it can respond and adapt to its environment.”
  • “When someone harms our daughter or sister or wife, our rage and courage practically turn infinite and we do not even imagine of stopping until the perpetrators are brought to justice, yet when mindless barbarians keep raping the very fabric of humanity in the name of race, religion, and nation, we somehow manage to accept it as the norm. What hypocrisy! What a bunch of losers we are! Okay, be a loser – live as a loser – crawl through the several decades of your life as a loser – but don’t you dare to boast about being human. Because if you don’t have the guts and conscience to act against discrimination, segregation, and bigotry, then you don’t deserve the title of human. Losers don’t make humans, just like bigots and barbarians ain’t no human. If we are to look at the mirror and say out loud – yes, that’s me, a human – then we must, not should, but must, be accountable for not just our individual reality, but for our social reality as well.”
  • “Reality is only a reflection of our own intentions, biases, knacks, and desires.”
  • “Nature, independent of mind, is devoid of both order and chaos – it is beyond the dualistic battle between order and chaos. We create our own order and chaos, based on our own knacks, desires, beliefs, biases, and knowledge, and then we impose that order and chaos upon the reality that we create.”
  • “Why do you think news of violence and aggression receive huge ratings! It’s because the human mind is conditioned to pay more attention to negative events than positive ones, because even if you ignore a positive event, it’s very unlikely that something bad will happen to you because of your ignorance, but if you are inattentive to a negative event, you may just lose your life.”
  • “Isn’t it remarkable that of all the machines devised by the humans, not one can replace imagination!”
  • “AI can be programmed to imitate human behavior only, but it can’t be programmed to feel the emotions that make humans behave the way they do.”
  • “The very notions of beauty and attractiveness are deeply hardwired within our neural circuits and they are meant to steer us in the right direction of survival. So most of our decisions are driven by subconscious programs carved by millions of years of natural selection.”
  • “From failure to failure, from error to error, we must explore the infinity of truth.”
  • “If you can’t afford to give your child the right to pursue their dreams, you have no right to breed.”
  • “Without failure, there’s no learning, without failure there’s no discovery, without failure there’s no progress.”
  • “If no one comes, walk alone.”
  • “Human you are – yes – but not an ordinary human – you are born to shape the collective thought processes of a species – you are born to take humanity ahead, not backward.”
  • “Alcohol, smoking, God, all these are meant for the common humanity to escape the reality.”
  • “We are messing it up big time, and things will only get worse unless you rise against the ever-strengthening social neurosis.”
  • “If we don’t sacrifice our selfishness at the altar of harmony, we’ll have to sacrifice tranquility of our children at the altar of segregation.”
  • “When calls humanity, all other identities must take a back seat.”
  • “Spirit can’t exist without matter and matter can’t grow without spirit.”
  • “Streets can have a speed limit, but not kindness – ATMs can have a withdrawal limit, but not compassion – tests can have a time limit, but not conscience.”
  • “It’s more important to know what we don’t know than to know what we know.”
  • “Better dope than a dilettante.”
  • “Rather than living only in the present, the use of verbal symbols allowed the Homo sapiens to mysteriously transcend the immediate experience given by the physical senses and to live in an abstract, extra-sensory, and hypothetical world.”
  • “As long as we live, we’ll fail at one thing or another, but each failure can teach us something about ourselves and with that awareness, we can act a little better.”
  • “Violence is in our DNA, so is Peace. It’s our will that determines which one comes to action.”
  • “It’s time that illusions, shadows, and imaginations are replaced with the irrefutable value of human existence.”
  • “We are not as advanced as you might think. Nevertheless, in order to match our preconceived glorified notion of being sapient and advanced, we have to keep our conscience always on.”
  • “Freedom is the soul of art.”
  • “Own your biases, don’t be owned by them.”
  • “I think, therefore I am, but that’s not all – what I think and how I think, determine what I am – an animal or a human.”
  • “I am the thread that ties you all together.”
  • “Every country is my country – every culture is my culture – every history is my history.”
  • “To know whether one is civilized, one must ask three questions. Is one accountable? Is one reasonable? Is one indivisible?”
  • “I have shaped and nourished my mind for years to hail all women on earth as my sisters and their problems as my problems. When I am engaged in a conversation with one of my sisters anywhere in the world, my eyes are not subconsciously driven to take a quick peek down her blouse. I belong to all women, all men, everywhere, as a brother. And being a brother calls for the responsibility of thinking, feeling and behaving like a brother, instead of a potential mate-hunter. Here I am by no means insinuating that all men should see all women as sisters, rather I am pointing out that all civilized men should at the very least have the decency to see women as persons, and not as objects of sexual gratification or as potential mating partners, because only then we shall succeed as a conscientious species to give a safe and non-predatory environment to our children.”
  • “I’d rather lose an argument to the person I love than win the argument and lose the person.”
  • “Freedom, freedom and freedom, that should be the mantra for the civilized, conscientious and progressive humanity – freedom from bigotry, freedom from prejudices and hatred – freedom from intellectual blindness as well as orthodox stupidity.”
  • “Countless lion-hearts have sacrificed their lives to liberate their nation from the oppression of other nations. Now, we stand at yet another crossroads of oppression – it is the oppression of bigotry and discrimination on the human psyche. Time has come to my sentient soldier, that the self must fight with all its might to be free from the oppression of discrimination, prejudices, and bigotry. And this fight is far too grand to be fought with plain primitive violence and strength of the muscle. It is a battle within the mind which can only be fought and won by the strength and purity of the mind.”
  • “Stagnant water gets polluted over time, and so does stagnant mind, but if the mind is inflow, all pollutants within and without, get washed away with its ever-evolving and rejuvenating torrents, quite like water.”
  • “When the individual consciousness and social consciousness become one, the slightest trace of a human act can trigger a tsunami of change in the world. When the illusory separation between the self and the society is demolished by the ambition-less will of the self, all that there remains is peace, piety, and progress.”
  • “The way to peace is acceptance.”
  • “Non-violence doesn’t mean staying silent in the face of evil, rather it means acting out of the sense of responsibility, instead of reacting out of circumstantial impulse.”
  • “Give up your fear of death and no power will have authority over your life.”
  • “Nobody has it all figured out, not even me – anybody who thinks otherwise is an idiot.”
  • “Unmoderated content consumption is as dangerous as the consumption of sewage water.”
  • “Before the invention of the printing press, the problem was, lack of information, and now due to the rise of social media, it is too much information – the former leads to mental starvation and the latter to mental obesity.”
  • “The focus of social media’s business model must shift from content engagement to content quality.” 
  • “Computers are programmed, so are humans, but the computers can’t act outside their programming, whereas humans can.” 
  • “In order to ensure proper progressive, non-prejudicial and non-barbarian functioning of a government, on top of the government hierarchy, in each nation, all political activities will be monitored and guided by a group of scholars, comprising scientists and philosophers.” 
  • “All humans are equal, but not everyone has the mental capacity to decide what’s best for harmony and progress of a people.” 
  • “It is true that breasts can induce sexual tension in men, but truer than that is the fact, that breasts are the primary and healthiest source of nutrition for the infant, so, if men can’t use their higher mental faculty of self-restraint at the sight of breastfeeding at public places, then it’s not the women who need to change their breastfeeding place, it’s the men who need to work on their character.” 
  • “Except for our pompous means of comfort, human condition is not much different from animal condition – we are tormented each day with animal-like anxieties, insecurities, and fears, and each torment makes us believe that perhaps having more comfort will change our condition, but it never does, rather, it only shoves us deeper into the abyss of psychological darkness.” 
  • “If there is real non-violence in us, there can be no war in the world.” 
  • “Government is the servant, not the master.” 
  • “Individual progress must contribute to the collective progress of a people, otherwise, it’s of no consequence in the vast ocean of space and motion.” 
  • “Talking science all the time doesn’t make a person any more human than a janitor who knows no science. A creature becomes human by helping others, regardless of his or her scientific knowledge.” 
  • “Change is scary but it’s necessary.” 
  • “Humanity begins with the individual human.”
  • “The world is our family and our family is our responsibility.” 
  • “My religion is the best – my nation is the best – my language is the best – my skin color is the best – and so on. One may feel proud saying all these things, but that very pride ends up becoming the cause of all interhuman conflicts in human society.” 
  • “If you have faith in all the trinities and apostles in the world, and still have no faith in yourself, there is no salvation for you.”
  • “Humans are meant to be loved and objects to be used, but in confusion, we started to use the humans and love the objects – when this changes, everybody will be happy and content.” 
  • “No one is a foreigner to no one.” 
  • “Be her hero and love her even during those times when she despises herself.” 
  • “All women are my sisters and their problems are my problems.” 
  • “Being a Christian is not about being Christ-fearing, it’s about being Christ-like.” 
  • “In love, trust is a tonic and suspicion is a poison.” 
  • “The greatest gift you can give anyone is love.” 
  • “Being in peace doesn’t mean an absence of misery, it means the absence of conflict in the mind.” 
  • “The world needs psychological singularity, that is oneness among humans, not some pompous biotechnological singularity.” 
  • “Peace doesn’t come by fighting – it comes by not fighting – it comes by not hitting back in return.” 
  • “What you call law is essentially the need of an uncivilized and unfree society. A truly civilized and free society needs no law.” 
  • “Agony can bring greatness out of a person, but in the process, the person has to walk barefoot on red-hot coal while bleeding from all over the being.” 
  • “It pains me to say, that almost all of humanity has become obsessed with the pompous and fake glory of fame, that’s why the dumbest words of the famous appear wise and the wisest words of the commoner seem dumb. Such is the society you live in – such is the society we all are proud to be a part of – shame on us!” 
  • “Serve my would-be patriot – serve your people – your kind – serve your humans like your life depends on it – serve with all the might in your body and brain – serve with your whole being – make your existence a cynosure of service – and then only shall evolution pave the path toward a less wild and more humane world.” 
  • “Without truth, time is merely the kingdom of the animals. Time brings progress and humanitarian glory, only if truth walks the nerves of our mind, as we walk the alleys of space – in that walk, we relinquish the space between the self and the other.” 
  • “Heal your kind my friend with your wisdom and warmth transcendent,
  • If not you then who else will unify humanity and rise as sapiens triumphant.” 
  • “Past and future both require a functional mind to exist. Only the present prevails independently of mind-independent of life.” 
  • “I am not a hero, and definitely not a messiah or a political leader and no, I am not a prophet – you know what I am – I am an idiot who thinks that all humans should think of themselves as humans above their tribal labels – I am just a fool, passing through time and space, being an embodiment of help, harmony, and humanity.” 
  • “I don’t seek the truth, for I am the truth.”
  • “If the mind is free from concepts and images, truth reveals itself without any effort.” 
  • “By calling yourself American, European, Russian, Asian or anything else, you destroy the very fabric of humanity.” 
  • “La Belleza es una ilusión.” 
  • “Discuss, don’t debate.” 
  • “The signs of a sage are simplicity and acceptance, not luxury and argumentation.” 
  • “You can’t outsource courage from an imaginary church, messiah or God – you must muster it within yourself.” 
  • “Loyalty destroys life in existence.” 
  • “Once the humans implode with pride-less awareness, humanity will explode with egalitarian and progressive greatness.” 
  • “Peacemaking is not like lovemaking, that you feel turned on to carry out for a few minutes, or alas seconds, and then feel chirpy, in case of a woman, or sleepy, in case of a man – peacemaking is the endeavor of a lifetime.” 
  • “Bliss is in action without expectation.” 
  • “It is in the solitude that legends are born.” 
  • “Education means breaking free.” 
  • “I am responsible for the world, as I am the world, the world is me.” 
  • “La educación les permite a los humanos alcanzar su potencial mental y físico tanto en la vida persona como en la vida social.” 
  • “Don’t underestimate the power of a useless fellow, for the world is taken forward in the path of progress by the rare few who are hailed by the society as useless.” 
  • “In the society of humans, what is normal and what is not, is defined by not the reality or the truth whatsoever. It is defined by society’s innate knacks and beliefs.” 
  • “Real education opens up the mind to the vast world of possibilities and potential.” 
  • “Love is holiness.” 
  • “The only way forward is inward.” 
  • “The only way we can grow is to recognize the shortcomings of today, take actions to mend them tomorrow and make them history the day after tomorrow.” 
  • “Every generation must think several steps ahead of their previous generations. That’s the way to progress and that’s the way to become more and more civilized human beings.” 
  • “Experience does not give you wisdom. Wisdom comes through the liberation of the mind. And since most humans live a conditioned life, they never get liberated in the first place, hence they never even have the taste of wisdom.”
  • “Sorrow comes from fear, fear comes from insecurity, insecurity comes from psychological obscurity, which is the lack of wisdom.” 
  • “Be a part of the solution O Braveheart, not contributing to the problems.” 
  • “Your life has only one authority and that’s you.” 
  • “To be an original human, you must die to all labels. This death brings the real vitality in life. Now one may ask, how can one achieve it? And there is the problem of the so-called modern humans. They all want somebody to tell them, how to achieve something. Here is a fact, calculus can be taught, quantum physics can be taught, molecular biology can be taught, but not freedom of mind. And why do you need a path in the first place? If there is a bottle labeled poison, on the shelf, you don’t just bring it down and drink the poison to know whether it will kill you. Likewise, once you really see the poisonous implications of the socio-culturally passed on labels, you simply tear them apart – throw them away as far as possible. Does one need to deceive oneself, to understand self-deception! If not, then why do you deceive yourself, by conforming to the social labels, be it a religious label, a non-religious label, a nationalist label, an intellectual label, or a gender label. You are a human – that’s it.” 
  • “In the emptiness of the mind, lies wholeness. This wholeness is beyond duality – it is beyond conflicts – it is beyond facts and figures – it is beyond all intellectualism.” 
  • “Sex: they say we only use 10% of our brains… I’m pretty sure this is what the other 90% is for.”
  • “Salvation not shared, is salvation wasted.” 
  • “I never attempt to take away people’s God from them, because God is associated with a lot of human sentiments in the human psyche that acts as fuel in daily survival. If you try to take away some hungry man’s stale bread, he would fight back, but if you give him something healthier and more substantial than the bread, then he would throw away the bread himself and accept your better food. The same is for God.” 
  • “Worse than any severe mental illness is the illness of bigotry.”
  • “My mission is to make the external God of human society obsolete in front of humanity’s internal Godliness.” 
  • “God is nature’s antidote to misery.” 
  • “Salvation of human life requires disclosure of truth through reason, surpassing bigotry.” 
  • “It’s necessary to admit that there’s no universal truth about right and wrong when the subjects of your writings come rightly from your heart.”
  • “Homosexuals are not made, they are born.” 
  • “Can you imagine, somebody, telling you, your love for your dearly beloved is a sin! Can you imagine, somebody telling you, women are inferior to men, and are meant only serve the men! Can you imagine, somebody telling you, a man can have multiple wives, and yet be deemed civilized! Here that somebody is a fundamentalist ape – a theoretical pest from the stone-age, that somehow managed to survive even amidst all the rise of reasoning and intellect.” 
  • “Accepting evil is worse than committing evil. You must – I repeat – you must, as a human being, stand up on the side of humanism, against barbarian inhumanism, for it is your action, that shall determine whether your children shall live in a world of peace and harmony or a world of chaos and discriminations.” 
  • “What is the point of having a civilization, if we do not practice being civilized!” 
  • “If you want to be drunk, become drunk with an idea. If you want please, have pleasure from the pursuit of your passion. If you want to be indoctrinated, then be so by the natural law of humanism.” 
  • “Shallow intellect is worse than ignorance. Ignorance can be treated with knowledge, but shallow intellect, that is an illusion of knowledge, is untreatable and quite dangerous to the progress and wellbeing of humanity.” 
  • “Either you are racist or you are a human – you cannot be both.” 
  • “Discriminations are never a sign of a civilized society. What makes us civilized is our act of liberated kindness with other people beyond the man-made primitive citadels of gender, race, religion and sexual orientation.”