Comparing your Height to that of Others

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Do you spend a lot of time comparing your height with others? Perhaps you have been bullied, found it difficult to attract a partner, or had experiences with people who don’t take you seriously because of your small stature. Lots of small people complain that they find it frustrating and embarrassing when others pat them on the head like a pet, or when they find it hard to get items in a grocery store that are too high for them to reach. Tall people have issues too you know.

Small people often look in envy when they spot a tall person, but life being tall isn’t that easy either. Ceiling fans can prove to be a major hazard to tall people. Trying to get comfortable on a bus or an airplane might be difficult. Some folk look at tall people as a freak, and sometimes they can also become a victim of bullying due to their height.

The society that most of us live in today can be a cruel place for those who are too small or too tall. Some people are obsessed with comparing their heights with other people. It’s probably not that healthy, as there is nothing we can do about our height, and it can have a serious effect on our self-esteem.

How can Children Predict Their Height?

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Unfortunately, children are often the ones who struggle with confidence because of their height. Bullies in school sometimes taunt children who are too short or too tall. Name-calling can be a constant reminder that your height is different from most of your other classmates. Although many children find this comical, it can have a serious negative effect on the person who is being bullied.

Mocking someone’s height can lead to anxiety and depression. It is not uncommon for children to feel sad and lonely, and they might even develop an eating disorder. It can have a terrible impact on the child’s schoolwork, and perhaps force them to drop out of school. These problems might persist into the future, and the mental health issues experienced while they were children might remain when the child becomes an adult.

A simple solution to try and predict a child’s height is by using a height comparison tool on this website. This calculator allows you to input details for a child under the age of 18 years old to help you predict what a child’s height will be when they reach adulthood. All that you need is:

  • The current age of the child (How many years old and months the child is).
  • What is the child’s gender?
  • How tall is the child?

This tool can help a child or children have an idea of what to expect when they get older. It can be a useful tool for families to compare their predicted height. Just because an older sibling might be taller than you now, doesn’t mean down the line that you will be smaller than them.

What are the advantages of being too short or too tall?

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It’s not all doom and gloom for those who struggle with their height. Here are some of the advantages for those who are a bit shorter than most others.

Extra legroom in cars, trains, busses, etc. You thus don’t have to go for those seats with extra space as you can comfortably fit on most of the spaces.

Shorter people sometimes can fit into children’s clothes when shopping. The prices of these clothes tend to be less expensive and are often the same quality as larger clothes.
If they are going on a date they rarely have to worry about being taller than the other person. You thus might not fear that you will appear like a freak when you meet the other person.

Shorter people sometimes have a lower sense of gravity which can help with sports and other situations that require you to have a good balance. A good example is Messi, a footballer, who makes it hard for opponents to take him down during matches.
Smaller people don’t have to worry about purchasing a big bed. Many tall people struggle to fit into standard size beds. They worry about staying in hotels or a friend’s home as they might not be able to get a good night’s sleep. Such people can also comfortably use beddings that come their way, unlike taller people who have to look for those that cover the entire body.

Being tall isn’t always that bad either, here are a few positives:

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In America, tall people get paid more. A scientific team in the USA did a survey that showed taller people make more money each year than smaller people.
Taller people can eat more food than smaller people without having to worry about gaining weight. This isn’t always the case, however, many tall people can eat what they want as taller bodies often require more calories. Even if they do gain weight, it is a lot harder to notice weight gain on someone taller than a smaller person.

Being tall has many advantages when it comes to sports. Most sportspeople who play games like basketball, goalkeepers in soccer and volleyball are often tall.

Just like anything in life, there are positives and negatives of being short or tall.


Spending a lot of time comparing your height with others can be discouraging. If you are a fully grown adult there is not a lot you can do about your height. We can’t change our genetics, but if you are still growing, sleep can help improve your height. While a person is sleeping, the body produces human growth hormone (HGH). This hormone allows the body to develop muscle and can even help you grow in height. Experts recommend school children to get around 10 hours of sleep at night. Instead of worrying about your height at night time, perhaps a few extra hours of sleep might do the trick! The best that you can do is focus on your strengths instead of focusing on things that you cannot change.