6 CBD Supplement Myths That Most People Believe In – 2024 Guide

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We can’t blame anyone that CBD products are surrounded by a lot of myths. It wasn’t long ago when it was considered as a drug in the whole world, and we were taught to avoid it, taking in mind only the psychotropic effects and potential risks of using it. But, as the medicine was developing, and phytopharmacy too, they investigated this plant and all its relatives from the same plant family. A lot of people before claimed they feel some benefits when using weed, so the pharmacy industry had to research the topic, and see if it’s true.

And as of today, we have plenty of CBD products and supplements that are approved for use without a prescription.

Probably you know at least one person who is using the oil to ease some symptoms. Also, there are capsules filled with it, taken as supplements, or pressed pills for different purposes. In some countries it’s even legal to buy a joint as a part of your treatment, depending on the condition and diagnosis. And it’s true, we are going further, discovering all the potential benefits of CBD products, but at the same time, there are many people who judge this, and believe it’s a conspiracy so the whole population can be drugged as a part of some agenda. But, we are not here to talk about them, so we will focus on the CBD products, the plant itself, and all the myths around them that lead to wrong conclusions when it comes to cannabis supplements.

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1. You can get addicted to these supplements

There is no addictive effect of CBD products in any way. According to many types of research, you won’t get high after you take a capsule or a few drops of oil. The addictive ingredients are removed during the extraction process. CBD doesn’t boost dopamine like THC is doing. Coffee and chocolates are more addictive than cannabidiol extracts, since they have a calming effect, and won’t do anything with the dopamine in your body. The weed is addictive, and that’s a fact, but the extract isn’t, even though it comes from the same plant. These products are intended to support your mood and make it easier for you to recover from bad experiences or emotional instability. For more education on the topic, you can visit mindsetwellness.com.

2. Every product is the same quality

We don’t even need to mention this, but here we are – not every product is the same. That’s why the prices are different. Those who sell more expensive products don’t want to “steal your money”. They are just putting a value on it, estimating the raw product they used, the industrial process of extraction and collecting, the quality of the package, and the way it’s distributed to the potential buyers. You can visit cibdol.com to see the difference, and also learn more about all the possible uses of CBD oil and other supplements.

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3. It’s illegal

The illegal part of the cannabis plant is the compound known as THC, which is the one that causes psychotropic reactions. But, as the governments are approving this product, they also demand removing the amounts of THC from the extract. For medical cannabis products, there is an allowed concentration of about 0.2% of THC in every size of the supplement. But, those products are recommended by a doctor and require controlled use.

In recreational cannabis, this percentage can be higher, but that product isn’t usually approved by the authorities. The properly processed CBD product is always following the country’s standards, and it’s completely legal.

4. THC is bad

As a matter of fact, there is a synthetic form of THC that isn’t bad, and it can be a part of some prescription medicines. For example, these THC medicines are used when the person is suffering some nausea due to medical treatment, like chemotherapy. In the movies we often see the person smoking weed on their way back from the hospital, but the truth is that in the real-life even the doctors can prescribe the capsules known as Nabilone to ease the symptoms. But if you’re still in doubt about the badness of THC, you can always try THC-free products from popular brands like BlackTieCBD.

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5. Immediate effects after the first drop

It needs time to be effective, even for the smallest symptoms. There are different ways to consume it, but you always have to listen to the doctor’s recommendations. For example, if you take a few drops under the tongue, it will enter your body quicker. But, you can’t consider it as the most effective cure for every condition, because it isn’t. It’s just a supplement that can help you cope better with some symptoms or even the medicine’s side effects during the treatment. A lot of people claim they cope better with the stress or the PMS symptoms, but it doesn’t make the CBD supplements the ultimate cure for everything.

6. There are no side effects

Today’s CBD supplements are controlled and follow strict standards of production. But the tolerance of the active ingredients depends on the person. So, if your friends handle it nicely, it doesn’t mean it will work the same for you. If you want to start taking CBD products, you can consult with your doctor, because not every condition is treated equally.

For example, some conditions can’t be controlled with cannabidiol products, and you won’t feel any benefit. At the same time, there are people who feel worse after they take anything that contains CBD. So, the side effects are there, and they aren’t equal for everyone. Mostly, they depend on the individual tolerance of the active ingredients and compounds.

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As you can see, cannabis products are still surrounded by a lot of wrong conclusions. Also, popular culture has a huge influence on it. Younger people are more likely to experiment with the alternatives, so they can improve their overall health condition. Adults still consider it as a dangerous drug, and we can’t blame them, because that’s what they’ve learned for long years. Another thing we shouldn’t forget is that even the cleanest product comes with some included risks, which are usually mentioned in the instruction guide.

Don’t take these products by yourself, without a recommendation, because you can easily make a mistake, and take smaller or bigger amounts than needed.