Legal Status Of CBD and CBG Around The World


The legal status of CBD has been changing with the discovery of enormous health benefits associated with it. Although cannabis is still illegal in several countries, its possession and distribution vary with the legal structures.

Some countries allow the cultivation and possession of hemp with certain conditions. While some other allows the use of only CBD extracts and not THC.

CBG Legal Status

Living in the 21st century is awesome because we are getting new inventions daily. In the last couple of years, many scientists realized that Mother Nature gave many medicines to the worldwide population. You will find many studies that analyzed CBD and THC and confirmed the benefits and disadvantages people can get. However, CBG is a specific substance that deserves to get more attention from scientists. 

Something that all people would want to know is the legal status of CBG. Before everything, there is one important thing we should highlight here. All potential consumers should know that CBG is not scheduled under the UN Convention of Psychotropic Substances. The same thing we can’t say for the THC. TryTheCBD is providing products to Colorado and Denver that you can get. Or you can go for the cannabis business after knowing the legal status of hemp extracts.

When we talk about the United States, CBG is legal under certain conditions. More precisely, it is legal only if it is derived from hemp as opposed to marijuana. Yet, that doesn’t mean people will easily find CBG-rich strains and products. As we said, the lack of scientific researches is the main reason why people haven’t started selling the products more. Despite that, a low percentage in the cannabis plant is another reason why you will struggle to find CBG products. Still, some insights tell us that things may change in the future. If CBD and THC managed to become popular in the entire world, things won’t be different for CBG. 

Countries where CBD is legal


1. United Kingdom

With one of the strictest laws, CBD has a legal status in the United Kingdom. The products should have 0% THC content. Not even 0.1 percent is allowed. Even the slight presence will make it illegal. You won’t need any prescription and can use it easily without any issue.

2. South America

South America also allows the use of CBD products. Moreover, the cannabis market has been observed to have the fastest growing demand there. Although specific laws regarding the legality of hemp that need improvements, the ideas’ change is required.

3. Austria

If you get a prescription from the doctor, Austrian law allows you to use CBD products. In January of 2016, cannabis possession was decriminalized. But the everyday use of cannabinoid extracts has been initiated not long ago. If a manufacturer wants to use cannabis extracts in the products, he has to get permission for that.

4. Belgium


The legal status of CBD in Belgium is a bit twisted. A person with 18 years or more of age can have possession of cannabis but only up to 3 grams. Drugs derived from cannabis are legally allowed to be used for medical use. The most common example of a medically approved cannabis drug is “Sativex.”

5. Bulgaria

The first European country that allowed the free and legal sale of cannabinoid products was Bulgaria. In addition to making it legal, CBD products are regarded as food in Bulgaria. Not just an oil or medical treatment thing. The only condition with CBD edibles is that the THC content must be less than 0.2 percent.

6. Cyprus


Likewise, Bulgaria, Cyprus, also allows free sale with lesser than 0.2 percent of THC content. Therefore, whether you want to import cannabinoids or wish to use it in products is permitted. Moreover, if you’re going to grow it in Cyprus farms, you can, but THC content is still illegal. So if you want to have the possession of cannabis or want to use it for industrial purposes, you can.

7. Croatia

To legally use CBD extracts in Croatia, you will need a prescription. And you will have to pay a fine if you get caught with cannabis possession even if it is in small quantity. But that fine is limited to personal use only. You can legally have it in the amounts required for industrial purposes. Moreover, the THC content should be managed at lesser rates, at least less than 0.2 percent.

8. Brazil


Although it is legal to use cannabis extracts in Brazil, it still requires a prescription. Therefore, you will need to use it for only medical purposes. If you want to use it for recreational purposes, you are not allowed. It is illegal. In 2015, the Brazilian government also legalized the CBD use but in controlled levels.

9. Argentina

If you get a prescription from the doctor and need to use cannabinoids for medical purposes, you can. It is legal in Argentina with a prescription. The medical legality of cannabis was approved on 21st September in 2017. Besides that, recreational use is not allowed.

10. Switzerland


Swiss laws are relatively lean regarding the CBD. A person can keep around 10 grams of cannabis, but not more than that, is it is for personal use. Besides, the products become illegal if the THC content increases above 1.0 percent. And these regulations are for every hemp-derived product.

11. Sweden

Unlike the Swiss laws, Swedish laws are relatively strict regarding CBD. THC content must be at 0 percent in the hemp-derived products and that includes cannabis. Besides, if consumable products have to be made by any manufacturer, he is supposed to have the license. Moreover, the license has to be issued by the Medical Products Agency.

12. Spain


Spain has allowed the cultivation of hemp, but only the extraction of cannabis is legal. Moreover, their use as consumable products is entirely not allowed. The use of CBD products is only allowed to be used in cosmetic products. Besides, the limitation of the THC level is also restricted. It should not exceed the 0.2 percent level, or it will become illegal.

Countries where CBD is illegal

1. Albania

The Albanian government has not allowed the use of cannabis in the country, nor did they have legalized it. Despite that, the law is not enforced correctly. Therefore, it is quite common to observe hemp plants in the region.

2. Belarus


Among the European countries, Belarus has strict rules for hemp production and use. Whether it is for medical purposes or recreational purposes, the CBD use is entirely illegal. Besides, if the cultivation or possession of hemp is confirmed, a person is eligible to get five years imprisonment.

3. Iceland

Although hemp is considered illegal in Iceland, the use of cannabis and cannabinoid is not listed. Therefore, these extractions automatically become unlawful. The law does not bind CBD’s sale and production; therefore, a small level trade of cannabinoids happens in Iceland.

4. Russia


The production and use of cannabinoids and their use in the products are illegal in Russia. Other than that, the cultivation is allowed by the government and, therefore, is legal.

5. Slovakia

Slovakia is also the European country with a strict rule against the use and production of hemp and cannabinoids. If a person is caught with even a small amount of cannabis, he will be bound to get 8 years of imprisonment.

6. Serbia


There is not a little bit of ease in the laws of Serbia regarding hemp and its extracts. Whether it is cannabinoid products or THC, they are completely illegal. You are not allowed to use it for recreation or medical and whatsoever purposes.