Chip and Joanna Gaines Marriage Situation

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Sometimes in life, we think that we’ve found the right partner, just to realize that after many years of being together, they’re still somehow not the person we thought they are. Marriages are an extremely common thing, but so divorce, in the past couple of years.

Divorcing shouldn’t be considered a bad thing, especially not when it’s done after you gave your marriage multiple tries and chances of succeeding. Sometimes you don’t know the other person well enough before you spend a few years living together, even if that’s what you’ve thought before, so it’s completely understandable to ask for a separation after a few years of the “real experience”.

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Marriages happen out of many various reasons. Sometimes they happen because of a tragedy, other times it’s the families of the two conflicting with each other, and in many cases, they’re simply because the couple realized that there’s no more chemistry between them, and it is pointless to waste each other’s time. No matter why it happens, a divorce is a completely normal thing, according to Osullivan Mediation and people of all sorts, celebrities or those not in the eye of the public get divorced.

It is always worthy to remember though that problems can be fixed, and no matter how bad the situation seems to be, you can always work things up again from the ground. Not giving up is also the key to saving many marriages.

In this article, we are going to talk about Chip and Joana Gaines, a story that might confuse some of you. If you are up for something like this, feel free to stay with us until the end. Here’s what you need to know.

The stars of Fixer Upper

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HGTV’s massive show Fixer Upper is quite famous, and chances are that you already know it. If you do, then you know Joana and Chip as well. For those of you that are not very familiar, this show appeared back in 2013, and it managed to achieve a lot of success. However, we’re not here to talk about the show, so let’s focus on the wonderful love story instead.

Back when Chip and Joanna were young, somewhere at the age of eight, they moved into Texas with their parents. This was a complete coincidence, but it seems like fate had something planned for them.

After they both finished college in the same area, they first met back in 2001, in Waco. This is where things start to get pretty interesting. Joanna’s father had a shop, and above the counter a picture of Joanna, and when Chip first walked into the store, he immediately fell in love with her, just from the sight of that photo. It’s pretty amazing to hear that Chip was so sure to say that she is the one just after seeing one photograph, he even said that this is the girl he’s going to marry.

So, Chip finally met Joanna in person, and they had a small chat of about thirty minutes, and it was probably then when he got her phone number. The next day, Chip called her, and he asked Joanna out on a date. The date was at a restaurant, and they had a wonderful time.

The rumors of their divorce

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Whether it is because people always like to overdramatize things, or there were some issues with their marriage, we are not quite sure, but after they got married on May 31 in 2003, people immediately started spreading rumors that they don’t have a good time together.

Everything that this young couple was doing proved otherwise, but for some weird reason, the rumors kept spreading about a possible divorce.

Up until 2015, this young couple was making a huge success in almost every area. They had a couple of kids already, and they were purchasing new businesses, and having even more success with Fixer Upper.

In 2017, Joanna realized that there are way too many rumors about her leaving Fixer Upper because she wanted to work in the beauty industry, but she openly said that these things are not true. Despite the couple saying a few times that they do not appreciate fake rumors, a few months later, people were talking everywhere about their divorce.

This is probably when Chip got frustrated and he openly said that this thing will never happen because Joanna is the love of his life.

Marriage Issues

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Nobody knows if Chip and Joanna had any marriage issues, and even if they did, which is quite normal, that isn’t a reason to spread these rumors about a possible divorce. We’re pretty sure that it is not easy to have five kids and multiple businesses while constantly being in the spotlights because you’re in a very popular show, but anything more serious than a few arguments here and there is never confirmed, meaning that their marriage is flawless.

Chip and Joanna these days

Upon receiving their fifth kid, a boy, they opened a new restaurant in Waco, the place where everything started. This young couple is a huge inspiration for many people, and they prove that you can be successful and have a happy family life as long as you are giving your best.

As for their children, Joanna stated that they want to keep them off the spotlight for some time until they grow up, simply because she wants them to have a normal childhood, without anything happening to them such as the previously mentioned fake rumors that people tend to spread on the internet sometimes.

Fixer Upper ended back on the 3rd of April, 2018, and everyone had a pretty tough time burying this into their memories, it was truly a wonderful show. Even after the season finale ended, both Joanna and Chip tweeted very emotional stuff, with Chip saying “I’m not crying, you are crying”.

No matter what Chip and Joanna will keep doing in the upcoming months and years, people will always remember them as the cute stars of Fixer Upper. We are just so happy that they managed to go through all the things they faced in life, and their story is truly a real-life love movie.