Is Getting A Divorce In Las Vegas As Easy As Getting Married?


When you hear the name of the famous city Las Vegas, most people first think of things like partying, alcohol and gambling. However, not everything in Vegas has to revolve around that. Vegas is a city of good conduct, which does not have to mean only vices. This place is recognizable in many ways, but who still doesn’t know that in Vegas you can get married for only 10 minutes.

Every year, thousands of couples get married in this place with various ceremonies. At almost every corner you can find beautiful chapels where you can get married right away unless the line is too long and you don’t have the patience to wait. If you want, your registrar can be dressed in the most diverse costumes, and you take a guess which one is most wanted? You’re right; costume number one is Elvis Presley.

However, the statistics speak of the huge number of merged marriages in this area, but it also speaks of their very short duration. Still, we were sure if you could get a divorce in 10 minutes, so we did a little research on the topic of getting a divorce in Las Vegas as easy as getting married. Let’s go in order and first find out how you can get married.

How easy it is to get married in Las Vegas?


If you are wondering why weddings are so popular in this city, the answer is simple: because of the speed of organizing the whole ceremony. It couldn’t be simpler. If you have any documents with you then just stop by the Marriage License Bureau. It is open every day and even on holidays from 8 am to 12 pm. If you are lucky, the queue will not be too big and in ten minutes you will have your permission to get married. Unlike in other states, where you do not need to take out various papers, certificates, give a blood sample or something like that.

Once you get permission, you can get married in any chapel in just a few minutes. You can choose whether the only guest at the wedding will be a photographer or you will still have a small gathering. It’s all up to you. This wedding does not require too much budget unless you want to. As for the accompanying equipment, you can find everything in one place. This process is so elaborate in Vegas that you have nothing to worry about. Even without a license, they will allow you to get married, but this wedding will not be considered legal.

So let’s summarize it: for a wedding in Vegas, you need an identity document and the will to embark on this adventure. Ten minutes to get a confirmation and as much more to get to your favorite chapel. So, in half an hour you can change your life and become a Mrs. and Mr.

How easy it is to get divorced in Vegas?


For a marriage to take place, there must be the consent of both parties and then everything goes quickly and smoothly. But what about ending this relationship? Many interesting questions related to this topic were answered by divorce lawyer Las Vegas, you can search more at

We have learned that a marriage can be finished in two ways. The first way is a classic divorce, while the second way involves the annulment of marriage. In the first case, the marriage stops, it ends. In this case, it seems like the marriage never happened before. In the case of annulment of a marriage, there is no divorce lawyer, division of property or issues related to child custody.

Most couples who get married in a hurry in Vegas sooner require annulment than divorce. There are several reasons: you don’t want your file to say you’re divorced; you don’t want to be bullied in court and with divorce lawyers; you don’t want to share your property (especially if you met your other half the night before); religious beliefs; this process is slightly faster than divorce.

However, certain conditions must be met for a marriage to be annulled. Under Nevada law, NRS Chapter 125 – Dissolution of Marriage requires certain circumstances to annul a marriage. One of the most common reasons is that nightclubs and wedding chapels are very close. Therefore, most weddings take place on weekends, and most divorces on Monday mornings.


So, one of the reasons for the annulment of marriage is that one party, or both, was not in a state of pure consciousness due to intoxication, stress, taking medication, and stuff like that. Las Vegas is famous for this and that is why it was named the capital of weddings on weekends.

In addition to this most common reason, there are also: if you are a minor at the time of marriage; if marriage is prohibited because of a blood relationship; if a contract is breached where one person has promised the other that he will do something in exchange for the marriage; and one more thing, not so rare: deception (most often the reason is for obtaining US citizenship).

However, in both cases, divorce and annulment, keep in mind the time. As much as it can be your friend, time can be your enemy as well. Therefore, if you see that you have made a mistake, do not procrastinate, but immediately file for divorce or annulment. The longer you are in an unwanted marriage, the longer the process will take.


And finally, let’s see how easily and quickly you can get divorced in Las Vegas. If both spouses agree and immediately sign the papers, whether, for divorce or annulment of the marriage, 1 to 2 weeks must pass before the final decision of the court in the best case. If the court is overstaffed, then you will wait up to 3 weeks until ‘freedom’. The problem arises when one party does not want to sign the papers. In that case, calculate that it will take 8 to 10 weeks to complete the process, and sometimes even longer.

Also, if both parties agree to a divorce, the lawyers will ask you for $ 500. In all other cases, the price is much higher and even double in some cases.

From what we have learned we could conclude one thing. As much as divorce is faster and easier in Vegas than anywhere else, getting married is much simpler and faster. So take care of your emotions but also the amount of alcohol when you are in Vegas. The atmosphere knows to force you to do some crazy things, but the problem starts when a hangover and a ring on your hand meet each other.