How to Choose the best Shape for your Swimming Pool

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At first glance, one might think that the shape of the pool isn’t really such a big deal and that the best form would probably be the square or rectangular – pure essentials. Everyone tends to take into account the size, the type of pool, the material needed, but a lot of people overlook the fact that this factor is also present. In fact, you might be surprised at how basic and related to other aspects of the installation it might actually be.

However, ignorance of the huge base of available options that exist in the market can limit potential buyers or owners and make them think that there are only a few solutions. But that’s a mistake. We often aren’t even aware of how much architecture and design are advancing day by day, and if we don’t seem to be informed of all these new schemes, it can easily happen that we think that there’s nothing that suits our yard better and we simply decide on the first thing we see.

We heartily recommend a little research before you decide on a specific shape of the pool – and here is our contribution: we help you choose the right one for you based on your needs.

So, which shape would match my needs best?

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Although you might expect that, before all the work, the experts in charge of construction will first ask you about some other things, they’ll ask you exactly whether you have decided which configuration of the unit suits you. If you’d like to avoid getting confused, knowing more about the different forms that these objects can take plays a big role, since the type of activities that can be performed in the water, accessories that you’ll need, aesthetics and many other basic things often depend on them.

Let’s take a look at several types of pools particularly suitable for certain conditions.

Rectangular – for the ones with the square yard and for swimmers

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True, it couldn’t be said that this form is the pinnacle of creativity when it comes to design. However, for those for whom this isn’t the primary point and who are looking for a certain level of functionality (and that’s the vast majority of people for now), it can be quite a satisfactory solution. It’s mostly dedicated to families or individuals who are considering installing a swimming pool in a square yard, due to the harmony in the space and better match.

Due to the suitable length, it’s one of the most favorable ones in case your water activities include swimming and exercising – ‘cause you won’t have to worry about free space. Also, you have the freedom to customize the design of the edges and get the adorable infinity version, which pretty much contributes to elegance and luxurious look. In general, we could say that this model, despite its classicism and wide representation, is quite practical and corresponds to the sensibility of most people.

However, depending on the size, some variants of a rectangular unit could be more costly than other types due to wide perimeter footage, but also because of maintenance, if it’s too large or difficult to reach certain parts to clean, which means the call for the help of an expert.

Kidney and circular units – for the ones who enjoy natural looks and elegance

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As its name suggests, these pools are oval or irregularly oval with one or two indentations on the side, and indeed look like… well, a kidney. The best background for such a happy place would probably be a garden or yard with a round or oval form. However, it can also be implemented in square areas – it won’t diminish its beauty.

This lovely design is usually the choice of those who want to create a small oasis in their own house, garden or yard, since it resembles a pond or some natural, round water surface. It looks even better if it’s surrounded by plants, creeper plants, flowers or if it’s part of a spa area or sauna, if you’re considering an indoor unit. You may not be able to swim that much considering that it mostly fits in smaller spaces, but for daily socializing with friends over a drink or relaxing with family after a busy day, it sounds perfect.

The indentation in the kidney-like version can also be a perfect place to place an auxiliary object such as stairs or a mini table for supplies. At the same time, you won’t be deprived of elegance, since this is probably one of the most aesthetically pleasing solutions.

L-shaped and figure 8 forms – for the ones with kids

Since swimming pools are often built as part of family houses and properties, the question arises – which version is the safest for children and their activities? If that’s the case, you don’t need to think much – L-shaped design is probably exactly what you need. It’s actually a real proof of the true significance of design and configuration for other factors, since it’s precisely this extra leg that’s responsible for the safety that your children need.

This stem has a smaller surface than the main part and it’s slightly separated from it. It’s also a shallower space where it’s safe to let children play undisturbed without fear and incidents, and the design at the same time allows observation points for the parents. So, a true hit for families with kiddos. Even within this group it’s possible to spot a couple of versions, like riviera or spas and waders that match this look, as shown by Compass Pools.

This model is also a combination of cool and useful features, since the form allows you to swim, but also to relax in the shallow part when you get tired of water recreation and activities. The geometric shape gives it a compelling note, which is why it visually looks posh and modern.

We could tell the same for the figure 8 version which, with its shape, irresistibly resembles the mentioned number, having a clearly marked limit to which shallow water goes and where the depth begins. However, as far as the purpose is concerned, it’s quite similar to the kidney-shaped unit, as it’s more suitable for relaxation rather than for swimming.

Free form units – for the creative ones

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You have looked at all these suggestions, but none of them satisfy your need for unusualness or originality? Then why not design the shape of your own pool? That’s right, and it’s possible. People who, due to the specific shape of the land on which the pool is built, don’t consider standard shapes to be an acceptable solution frequently choose this option, as well as those who want to add a touch of art to their property and enrich it with something special.

The sky’s the limit here, since it can be absolutely any form. The best part is that you can adapt everything related to it to your ideas and needs and come up with additional details that will accompany it. You can be sure that you have something unique, which is a product of your ideas only and which gives your home a specific note. The perfect option for all creatives, artists, lovers of beautiful and unusual architecture – and you’ll definitely not regret it!