Best Smoking Grills In The Market

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Pit Boss and Traeger are two well-known smoking grills in the market. With their years of expertise and innovative technology, they have created a range of durable and efficient products. However, with such demand in the marketplace for both the companies, it is natural for them to always be in competition with each other.

You must have read old and new comparison tables between the two brand and their products. These tables talk about the features, pros, cons, and more. Nonetheless, this article will focus on the primary reasons why you should get a smoker for your BBQ party.

Perks Of Buying A Smoker

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Below are some unique perks that you can take full advantage of, only if you by a smoker.

Temperature variation

A user-friendly smoker will have a good temperature range, and it will also you to control the temperature conveniently. Generally, smokers have a low range of temperatures as compared to grillers. However, the taste of smoked meat is more appealing than grilled meat.

The slow smoking cooking process adds the exquisite flavor of the meat. Typically, ideal smokers will need a temperature range between a minimum of 180°F to a maximal of 500°F. You can set the temperature to 225°F to 275°F to cook the meat in the most delicious manner.


When it comes to smokers, the fundamental reason why you’re looking for one is to experience the rich BBQ taste of meat. This authentic taste and aroma fill your senses in a pleasant manner. Smokers use wood, charcoal, and other materials to smoke your meat. The slow-burning of the above-mentioned items produces thick smoke that gives the food a smoked BBQ flavor.


Smoking meat can take additional time, but in the end, mouth-watering meat is worth it. Although it takes comparatively more time than other equipment, for instance, a grilled, it, however, requires less attention. You only have to set the temperatures and other aspects of the smoker either manually or digitally according to your preferences.
Then for the next few hours, you can relax and socialize as the smoker works its charm. Besides the occasional adjusting and turning of meat to ensure it is cooked properly, the smokers give ample flexibility in time.

Seamless Cleaning

Smokers are designed for easy maintenance. The durability of the product supports its long term use, and its smart design gives you the flexibility to clean it properly.
The smokers are fitted with detachable shelves, racks, and removable drip pans. As a result, you have the extra space and mobility you need to thoroughly clean it after the BBQ party is done. Furthermore, cleaning after its use will ensure its proper functioning in the long run.

What Type Of Smoker is Suitable For You

Are you excited to own a smoker, but are confused about which one to buy? Well, the below information about smokers will give you a clear idea of which smoker type ideally suits your needs.

Offset Smokers

You may commonly know this product as an offset. The most noteworthy feature if this product is its efficient design. Offset smokers have an attached firebox at one of the sides, which also comes with an elastic vent.

To ensure that your meat is optimally cooked, the smoke produced in the firebox fans out uniformly in the cooking chamber. The smoke is transferred through a small hole in the cooking chamber. Furthermore, this design also makes sure that no smoke is being wasted.

Smoke Drummers

This is perhaps, the easiest to use smokers in the market. You don’t have to possess professional skills or spend time building the smoker. One of the inexpensive smokers in the industry, the design, as the name suggests, is that of a single drum.
Building the smoker from scratch is similar to a DIY project. Moreover, they weigh considerably less than a usual heavyweight smoker. As a result, this makes them portable.

Vertical Water

Another inexpensive smoker on the market, these smokers are not only popular for their cost-effectiveness, but also for their efficacy. The design of the vertical water smoker is minimalistic but delivers optimal performance.

Its structure represents that of a cylinder and thus, allowing them to be easily stored. Their limited size traps in the smoke in the cooking chamber. Therefore, accelerating the cooking process and also enriching the meat with a smoky flavor. If this is your first time buying a smoker, then a vertical water type smoker is an excellent place to start.

Box Smoker

This type of smoker goes by several names, for example, block smokers, cabinet smokers, and vault smokers. The shape is that of a rectangular box. The heat source is located on the bottom while the cooking chamber is on top.

Smoking meat is now easier than you’ve ever imagined. The spacious storage inside the box makes room for heavy cut meat pieces to be smoked at once. In brief, they are reliable, controllable, and simple to use.

Pellet Grills

This type of smoker uses wood pellets to produce smoke. Traditionally, both indoor and outdoor cooking techniques involved heating up wood chunks. Pellet grills have blended the old method with a modern technique and structure to enhance its benefits.

Due to the versatility of this product, you can use pellet grills as both grills and smokers. Moreover, they are equipped with a digital board through which you can control and change the settings of the appliance.

Bottom Line

With vast ranges of alternatives available in the market, it can be quite a daunting task to choose an appropriate one. Nevertheless, keeping crucial factors, for instance, design, temperature, time limit, and cost in mind, you will be able to make a wise purchasing decision.

Before you buy any smokers, do meticulous research about each type of smokers and their manufactures. Pit Boss and Traeger are some well-recommended manufacturing companies in this field.

Be it a Sunday BBQ party or a corporate event with the right type of smoker, you can make your BBQ party quite a successful one.