How to Choose Between VPN and Proxy


What do you use VPN or Proxy for? These are the helpful tools that offer an increased level of safety for users on the web. When you browse online, there must be an additional layer of protection. And this is what either VPN or Proxy is used for. But what’s the difference between Proxy and VPN?

Do you know what are VPNs and Proxies? This article will help you clear the issue and make the final choice. Do you need to protect your data online? Let’s first define the tools and then learn how they differ.

VPN vs Proxy: Difference Defined


Both tools are used to ensure extra privacy for users online. However, there’s a visible difference between these two tools. Let’s get into the Proxy first. This is a gateway that can help you overcome different superficial restrictions. For example, Proxy ensures anonymous web browsing. You can also manage different content-related limitations on the web if they hamper you from entering the server.

VPN is a secure way to use the Internet. It has a wider range of features. With the help of the VeePN users can hide their IP addresses. VPN creates a secure tunnel. The top-notch VPN one click will redirect the frauds trying to chase you online. The use of VPN for Linux is a perfect protection tool when you use a public WiFi server or try to hide your activity on the web.

You can use a Proxy on your mobile phone. The VPN connection can be used on a mobile phone, computer, or router. If you’re interested in the pros and cons of the tools, you should read on to learn the features in more detail.

Proxy Pros and Cons


Proxy is easy to use. when downloaded to your device, it can ensure a certain level of anonymity when browsing the web. It’s a nice tool if you need to reach the websites but the location doesn’t let you open the website. The Proxy server can ensure anonymity on the web, however, it doesn’t mean you will be fully protected with your private data.

Let’s move to the drawbacks a Proxy server can show. First of all, proxies are vulnerable to attacks. They won’t protect your device or connection if the frauds decide to infiltrate and steal the data. There are also various performance issues. For example, you may be unable to download the item from the website you intend to use. Furthermore, the webpage can load slowly due to the different server challenges.

Moreover, some proxies can penetrate your private data. They can remember the passwords or preferences on the web. If you mind your privacy a lot, downloading a Proxy might not be the best idea.

VPN Pros and Cons


VPN is a high-quality tool for masking your activity on the web. It has a wide range of features users get it for. The first and foremost feature is the encryption option. It can encrypt the traffic you produce. It ensures a better level of privacy. It’s more secure than the Proxy helper. What’s great is that the VPN servers don’t collect habits users might show during the browsing activity.

However, certain issues make the use of the VPN worse. First of all, the app can slow down traffic. When you turn on the application on your phone, the performance may go down. It happens because of the different proximity to the VPN servers. Another issue to consider is the pricing policy. For some users, the VPN tariffs may cause inconvenience.

Proxy vs VPN: the main difference


What’s the difference between these two common tools? If you’re a newbie and decide to get the tool for better privacy protection, it might cause issues for you. Let’s check what is the main difference between these two helpful servers.

  • VPN can protect the whole traffic your produce. On the contrary, Proxy will only take care of your browser and maybe some other apps. The VPN tool has a bigger level of responsibility for your data.
  • The above-mentioned tool can ensure encryption, while the Proxy server won’t do it for you. This is a critical difference for users who look for a data protection tool.
  • Both tools are good for anonymous browsing and geo-blocked content. However, a Proxy can’t prevent tracking or protect you from hacking attacks.
  • There’s no difference in the IP hiding feature. Both tools can hide your IP address while you’re browsing the web.

Now you can better understand the specificity of the tools. If you need a more developed security control, you should go for the VPN app. If you need moderate control when browsing online, Proxy will ensure a relevant level of anonymity.

Is a VPN app better than a Proxy server?


This question bothers users a lot. Should I buy VPN or may I stick to the Proxy server? It depends on the level of protection you seek on the web. If you want to ensure a better level of security, you should download the VPN tool. IT may cost more due to the wider list of features it offers. However, it works better for its encryption and security options.

Final Words

Would you like to protect your connection online? You may try any of the tools described in the article. If you need a superficial protection layer, a Proxy will fit your needs. However, for more advanced protection and anonymity, you should install the VPN app.