Choose the Right Jeans to Show Better Shape

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What are the things you look for when deciding what to wear? What’s trending or what you are comfortable with, or what makes you look good? When choosing what jeans to wear, you need to look for something that goes with your body shape.

What shape are you? There are different body shapes: strawberry, pear, apple, and hourglass shape. Each shape has a type of jeans that goes best with the shape.

In this article, you’ll learn the best shapes that go with each type of shape. Remember, not all fashion trends will be friendly to your body shape so go with what works for you.

Pear shape

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For pear shape, your shoulders are small, and your breasts are medium-sized. The widest body part is the hips, and they carry most of your weight. The waist is the slimmest part. If you can describe your body as described above, then you are pear-shaped.

When you have this kind of shape, you should wear something that highlights your waist as it is small. When you draw attention to the waist, you downplay the lower part, which is the hips.

For this type of body, low jeans are the best for you. Find a padded bra to help in creating a balance between your lower body and upper body. Jeans with tapered legs and boot cut will help in lengthening your legs.

Also, go for relaxed jeans like boyfriend jeans, which have some extra space around the bum area. But don’t go for extra baggy jeans since they make you look bigger. Your jeans should be dark on the lower part of your legs as they will help to slim and make the legs look longer, and they are best worn with heels.

Avoid jeans with small pockets as they will make your bum look bigger. Apart from that, your jeans should not have fuss in them; go for straight jeans. Also, the top you wear should cut around the waist and not on the hips as when they cut around the waist, they draw attention there, making your hips seem bigger.

Hourglass shape

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The hourglass shape is when your shoulders are equal to the hips when they are proportional. It can also be described as the coke bottle shape. The shape is considered to be a quintessential female silhouette.

If you are in this shape, then you should look for stretch jeans. With this shape, your waist is well defined. What you wear should fit well without leaving a space to show the natural shape. Skinny jeans will help in showing off your figure.

Go for jeans with wider legs; all you need to ensure is the width doesn’t exceed your shoulders’ width. Also, low rise jeans in boot cut shape worn with a V neck top will work best for you. It helps in balancing your hips and brings flattering effects.

Also, high waist jeans will help in bringing out your shape. You add dark color denim as you can easily dress it up as considered to dressing it up. Also, butt lifting jeans like at will work perfectly for you.

Avoid jeans with too many stretches as they will make your hips seem bigger. Apart from that, avoid extremely baggy jeans and tops as they will do no good for your shape. They will hide your shape and make you seem bigger.

The apple shape

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When you are apple-shaped, your breasts are medium-sized. The upper body is also proportional to the lower, but the waist is short and is the area you carry the most weight. Your legs are slim, and your bum is flat.

When choosing what to wear, you should go for something that will elongate your figure. You do this by drawing attention from the body’s part with more weight and diverting attention elsewhere.

As with this shape, you don’t have a defined waist, go for a straight pair of jeans and combine it with a peplum top. It will help create a curvy illusion. Look for the tapered ankle jeans that will help in highlighting your thin legs.

The strawberry shape

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You are defined as strawberry shape if your widest part is the shoulder and the shape of the shoulders is straight and at the same time square. Also, your shape keeps getting smaller as you move downwards. Your breasts are large to medium size, and the hips are small, and the thighs and the bum carry very little weight.

With this type of body, all you need is to get a good top to go with your jeans to flatten the upper body. A V neck top will help in flattening the upper body. A strapless top will also work perfectly with the strawberry shape.

Lucky for you, you can choose any jeans as your lower part is toned. All you need is to get the right top to go with the type of jeans you choose to wear.


With the above information, it is easy for you to get something that will fit your shape perfectly. When you wear something that matches your shape, you look and feel good.