Where to Look For Movie & TV Show Collectibles Online

Without a doubt, it is highly recommended to look for online shops dedicated to collectibles and merchandise since their quality is significantly better than some products from Amazon, eBay, and Etsy. Although they are still great finds from these three large marketplaces, sometimes shipping and delivery issues cut off the deal. If you are starting to engage in your interest in collecting Movie and TV Show merchandise but aren’t sure where to purchase collectibles, we have provided a list of online sites below that will surely help you decide what to look for.

1. Toynk Toys

Image source: unsplash.com

Toynk Toys is a one-stop-shop for all your movies and tv show collectibles and merchandise. They range from small pins to wearable costumes. They have a long list of all movies, tv shows, gaming, and comic merchandise products where you can freely browse within their website. They also have the option to filter your search by sizes, baby sizes to adult sizes. You can also find unique collectible sets such as dining wares, home decor, and random things that deserve a spot in your display collection. Click here to check out the latest merchandise for Star Wars, Golden Girls, Anime, and more.

They offer free shipping to all orders above $50 throughout the US except for Hawaii and Alaska. They also have international shipping, and the rates will reflect upon checkout.

2.The Movie and TV Store

You can choose various merchandise products of your favorite DC and Marvel comic books. They also have available unique sets and collections of the Harry Potter and Star Wars series. There’s plenty of posters, magnets, keychains, accessories, and printed shirts of your favorite old and new tv shows and movies.

They offer free shipping all over the US for orders over $35. They also offer international shipping to most countries. You can check out a list of serviceable countries on their website.

3. EMP Online

Image source: unsplash.com

EMP Online is one great place to shop for alternative fashion products. They have 100% licensed merchandise for Star Wars, Harry Potter, WonderWoman, Rick & Morty, Looney Tunes, Riverdale, Lilo & Stitch, and The Aristocrats. You can also find gaming, bands, and unique fan merch here. Most importantly, their products support sustainability. They run donation campaigns for oceans and social projects. You are not only buying a collectible piece but also helping support organizations with a better cause.

They have international shipping, and they pretty much deliver to all parts of the world. You can look up a price list on their shipping fees and serviceable areas on their site.


HollywoodMemorabilia is one great source of autographed and signed merchandise and products of your favorite bands, artists, and celebrities. Their signed and autographed products come with an authenticity certification. They have categorized their products into people, movies, music, tv shows, comics, history, and theater. They also have autographed sports merchandise from athlete stars. This is a perfect place for those who are collecting classic and iconic memorabilia.

Currently, they have a 20% sitewide discount for orders over $100. They also offer a 25% discount on the standard UPS shipping fee for orders under $50 with no extra handling fee.


Image source: unsplash.com

GrindStore has a large collection of tv shows and movie collectibles. They have categories under witchcraft, superheroes, anime, and gaming as well. They also offer customized print merch at an affordable rate for both large brands and small groups. They have a 10% discount for students as well.

They offer free standard shipping across the UK for orders over £50 and free express delivery across the UK for orders above £75. They also offer international shipping to the rest of the world.


PropStore is a leading store for props, costumes, and collectible finds for your favorite movies. This is a great place to join live auctions for selling movie props and costumes. Aside from that, they have a collection of movie wardrobe, artwork, and autographs on sale at their auction. You can look for rare film production collectibles like scripts, storyboards, and director’s chairs as well.

Unfortunately, they don’t offer free shipping, but their store is located in London and Los Angeles. They also charge their products in GBP currency. The USD rate is just a guide for buyers in their purchase.

7.TV Store Online

Image source: pexels.com

TV Store Online is another alternative if the items you’re looking for are sold out in other places. They have more collectible pieces from 80’s tv shows and movies than the current ones, so if you’re into the retro 80’s vibe, this is a great site to visit. There is available apparel, costume, and accessories merch of your favorite tv show, comics, movie, games, and music.

They offer free shipping for all orders above $50 across the US, and international shipping is available also. However, some items cannot be delivered in certain areas. You can find out more on their site.

8.Sanity Entertainment

Sanity is an online marketplace based in Australia that sells pop vinyl, DVD, CD, books, and other merchandise of your favorite TV show, movies, games, and music artists. They have a 10% discount for every student, which will be availed through registering to their Student Beans program.

Sanity ships domestically within Australia and to other parts of the world as well. The shipping rate varies by location. However, they offer free shipping on New Releases and Pre-Order items but only within Australia.