9 Best Coinbase Alternatives For Buying And Selling Cryptocurrencies

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Currently, the global crypto market is inundated with numerous cryptocurrencies and exchange platforms, each with its own set of pros and cons. Considering the overwhelming amount of options available, the decision-making process becomes difficult even for an experienced trader or investor.

Coinbase is one of the dominant crypto exchange platforms with 30 million users and transactions equaling $150 billion. There is a reason that this platform has amassed such an enormous wealth of users, but still, there are certainly other factors that leave the users perplexed as they search for coinbase alternatives.

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If you are confused as well, we have handpicked a few famous coinbase alternatives:

1. Zengo

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Zengo is considered the second-best crypto wallet after coinbase. It is easy to use and one of the high-security wallets to store and trade your crypto.

Zengo is both easy to create and use. You can literally create an account in just 19 seconds. Also, Zengo supports more than 70 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ehtereum, and Dogecoin.

With 24/7 support and lower APY interest, you can be sure of your crypto profits on this platform. You can either cancel or pace up your transaction processes with just a tap. Zengo offers three network fee modes, including economy, regular, and fast to suit your diverse needs.

2. Bitcoin IRA

If you are not a great fan of taxes on crypto profits, then Bitcoin IRA is probably your best choice. Bitcoin IRA can be used to both buy and sell crypto and provides the best SSL security. 24/7 trading is allowed with real-time crypto performance and your portfolio performance as well.

Although Bitcoin IRA doesn’t have an extended cryptocurrency list, you can still invest, trade, and store gold, ethereum, Bitcoin, and many more.

3. Robinhood crypto

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If you invest in numerous cryptos, Robinhood crypto is the best option for customizing your account and tracking your investments in diverse currencies.

It also provides you with real-time data to assess the market trends. The application supports android, windows, iOS, and mac. Hence, you can access your account anywhere and from any device. It also allows you to trade with a secure account while protecting your personal information. Unlike other exchange platforms, Robinhood crypto supports derivatives, equity, and other types of market investments too.

4. Gemini

Gemini helps you in engaging regulated trading experience. Although it allows only a few cryptos like Bitcoin, ethereum, and litecoin, it helps you in legitimizing your cryptos.

If you are living in a region where crypto trading is banned and illegitimate, Gemini is the best way forward to legitimize your trading activities.

Not only does it offer you a regulated environment, but Gemini is also a secured platform for all types of traders and investors. It is easy to use with a simple, user-friendly interface yet elegant.

Since Gemini regulates trading and investment activities on its platform, the user can be sure of the reliability and credibility of the platform that can be trusted easily for all your crypto activities.

5. Kraken

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Kraken is similar to coinbase, and if you are a fan of coinbase, Kraken will not let you miss it. However, Kraken is the strongest competitor of coinbase.

But, Kraken is many times better than Coinbase in some features. It is highly reliable due to its legal compliance norms and security standards. You no longer have to worry about your earnings and your account. All will be taken care of by Kraken while you maximize your profits.

Trading is easy in Kraken, and it allows a single selling and buying of assets. It also enables financial stability by ensuring full reserves at any point in time.

They also provide 24/7 customer support through live chat features. Hence, you can reach out to them at any time for any of your queries and grievances.

6. Coin mama

Are you looking for an exchange platform that allows multiple payment options? Coinmama is the solution to all your prayers. Coinmama is a simple exchange platform that allows instant transfer of your coins and accepts multiple payment systems.

The verification process of your account is very swift. But, there is a limit on the coins you buy on their platform. So, that’s surely a drawback for active traders and investors. With 24/7 customer support, you can trade and invest in numerous cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, etc.

7. FTX

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FTX is mostly famous for derivatives exchange. This platform accommodates traders from various walks of life, including beginners, corporations, intermediate traders, and individual experienced traders. You can invest in digital currencies too.

No KYC is needed to get started with FTX, and you can store, sell, buy, and invest in almost all types of cryptocurrencies. FTX is compatible with different devices. Hence, you can access it with any device and from anywhere.

8. Changelly

Changelly supports debit and credit cards over 150 digital currencies. It doesn’t ask you to go through numerous verification processes for a single exchange transaction.

For real-time data on the best prices available in the market, Changelly is an ideal choice. With high security and full reserves to ensure financial stability, Changelly is a perfect choice for beginners.

9. Paxful

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Paxful is yet another exchange platform that accepts over 300+ payment options. It is a peer-to-peer trading place. Thus, you can find competitive prices and a number of peers who are as excited and interested as you in crypto trading.

Funds can be withdrawn to either your bank account or PayPal, one of the unique features most platforms don’t offer. You can also trade hundreds of digital currencies with bank transfers.


Sure, coinbase is the best option available. But it has drawbacks too. That’s why people part ways with this exchange platform often and search for better alternatives. If you are one of them, this list is curated specially for you. However, these are just a few. There are many other options available too. Depending on your requirements and interests, choose the one that fits your needs best.