Advantages of being Taller

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Being tall is one of the greatest boons to a person. Although, there are plenty of memes and jokes made on people with greater height, and there are several problems that they have to face in their life. Being tall is one of the best things a person is a blessed one. Usually, a lot of people talk about the long height of a person, but they are not aware of the advantages that they enjoy. There are a few inconveniences, but the advantages are able to overcome them.

Today we are pointing out the fact that being tall is awesome. There are some special shoes manufactured for people to increase their heights. But, you are blessed with enough height already and don’t have to worry about which special shoe to choose from Guido Magg​i. They​ are a shoe manufacturing company from Italy. People with a greater height obtain several advantages that are associated with their height.

If you are also blessed with a great height, you can embrace this trait to the fullest. However, if you are upset with the jokes and memes made on people with greater height, then this article will help you take inspiration. You will also be proud to have one of life’s greatest blessings. Without spending much time, let us dive into the advantages of having a tall height.

You become memorable, no matter which place you go – People with a greater height rarely have to face any​ issues in social situations. People with a taller height are more noticeable, and they are likely to get easily noticed in a room full of people. You are also likely to be remembered. Hence, by being tall you need to stay vigilant about your body language every time you are in public. People will also remember you by referring to a common phrase “that tall guy”. A good posture also helps to enhance your confidence level in the public.

You become naturally intimidating

When a person is blessed with a height greater as compared to others in the​ group of people around, then they naturally appear intimidating. This is especially the case when they are able to maintain nice postures. This can prove to be good as well as bad based on the situation a person is experiencing or trying to accomplish.

Higher height is a good factor in the sense people feel secure when they are with you, and also others will think twice before they start any conflict with you. It is bad in the sense that people may feel shy when you meet them in person. However, you can also neutralize the situation by smiling and displaying a nice gesture.

You get an advantage in several sports

This is an obvious advantage for people with a greater height. You​ are blessed with a great height that serves as an added advantage while playing several sports. Height is much favored while playing several games including netball, volleyball, basketball, tennis, etc. Additionally, with a tall height, you get great reach and helps you in swimming, fencing, rowing, rock climbing, etc.

By standing tall you get the advantage of rebounds while playing basketball and long legs will also serve as a great range of artillery. This makes it tough for the opponents to get a hit, and they are required to get in first. Being tall is extremely beneficial when a person is interested in sports.

You appear lean most of the time

If you have noticed people with greater height, you will observe that they​ mostly look lean. Taller people are mostly perceived as thinner than the ones who have a short height. There were five experiments carried out in a study to conclude the vertical and horizontal extents of the two identical bodies, and they were different. This concludes that people who have the same girth, have a difference in their body shapes. Taller look thinner, while the shorter ones appear fat.

There is a simple explanation, that when a person is tall, the weight gets distributed in their body, and hence all thin. Whereas, a person who is short, their body doesn’t have enough room for the weight to get distributed. As a result, a shorter person looks overweight.

No matter how dense the crowd is, you will always be able to see

When you are taller​ than most of the people in the crowd, you get the advantage of seeing through. Even if you stand at the extreme back, you will still be able to glimpse. You have this amazing advantage of having an unobstructed view in every direction. Also, you will keep getting fresh air even if it is very crowded down there. You will keep gasping air from the above, while everyone else is drenched in sweat because of the heat produced.

When men have a tall height, they appear more manly

Yes, you got that right. Stature adds​ to the personality of a man. It makes them appear more manly. People look down on shorter men, but anyone will think twice before conflicting with a taller man. Moreover, many people see a shorter man as being less than that of a man in front of taller men. Taller height is also responsible for exuding charm, no matter if the person wants it or not.

Taller man is believed to radiate authority

Yes, whether you believe it or not, but it’s true.​ Taller men are believed to achieve higher authorities as compared to their counterparts. You will always see people who are taller, they get to higher positions in an organization, as compared to the shorter ones. This is the most common tendency, that most of the CEO’s are of above-average height. Even most of them are seen skimming the treetop with their height of over 6 feet.

You should perceive an extremely great feeling by being a man with a tall height. Taller height has some substantial advantages and they are speculated to make things fall in line. You must have by now realized, that being tall is really a blessing and not a curse.