How to Switch Accounts on Twitter

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Social platforms became an integral part of our lives, in a very short period. At this point, all the communication moved online, and there’s hardly a single person on earth who doesn’t own a profile on at least one of them.

The debate of which one is the best or most useful is an ongoing thing but differs from one country to another. What can be concluded though, is that Facebook is somehow the most commonly used.

It’s only because many users aren’t aware of all the advantages of Twitter. It’s possibilities somehow remain unused. There’s a lot of potentials it carries, and it’s just a matter of time when people will fully discover them.

As this article will deal mainly with this particular platform and some useful tips on how to manage profiles on it, it is only fair to give a decent introduction.

What is it?

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Obviously, it is a social network also called a microblog. This indicates it’s meant for communicating by writing short messages, as opposed to normal blogs, where people write stories. In this matter, it might seem similar to Facebook, only the difference is in the limited number of characters a message can assemble of (140).

However, this is by no means a limiting factor because, according to some research, most Internet users need 12 seconds to go through the entire web page and decide whether it is worth staying on it or “click” further. Therefore, every short message shared on this platform is long enough to set our priorities in a split second.

The messages shared are symbolically called “tweets”, connecting them to the logo of a bird. And the content can be whatever users feel passionate about. Shoes, food, travel, politics, etc. Based on the quality and subject of tweets, people managed to climb quite far along the fame ladder. So far, everyone knows the former president of the USA, Donald Trump, is by far one of the most famous faces there.

How does it function?

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Just like any other social media, you are required to create a profile. Following the page location and clicking on Sign up, a page with a form in which we enter the required information about ourselves is open. The full name requested may or may not be the user’s real name. The same goes for the username, which is always preceded by the @ sign and which is also the user’s Twitter address.

Based on the content of the messages people can choose to follow you or not. A lot of businesses are present, as is the case with other platforms, and use different tips and tricks to attract followers. Which brings us closer to the subject we are writing about.
To run a successful profile, or multiple profiles requires time. Therefore individuals or business owners choose to turn to professionals for helping them, for example, for increasing their followers base.

Single and multiple accounts – switching from one to another

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Once you open the account, for yourself or a business you represent, you can connect it with other accounts you may have on the same media. This cuts the time you would waste by logging in and out, every time you need to switch. There’s a difference if you’re using a computer or a mobile device.

Computers give a usual procedure of entering the page and logging in. To add another account for easier switching from one to another, just enter the settings option and choose “add account”. You’ll instantly be directed to the login page, and after you fill in the details, your second account will be available to switch to from the same page/tab.
The same method can be used for adding more accounts. What needs to be understood, however, is that this is not a way to follow notifications on all of them. You’ll only receive those from the current profile you are using. Therefore, every time you want to find out about what’s new on your business profile, you have to click and switch. It literally takes three seconds.

Mobile devices may offer a bit simpler approach to switching, because of the apps and the fact they are optimized in a way to offer simple use. Plus, using them is much more practical, since their suitable for carrying around. As we said, certain apps are designed only for account management, offering you access to all your accounts to easily manage posts, notifications, and other things.

There’s a couple of these apps available, so you’re able to choose the one that suits you most. One of them has been developed by Twitter (Tweet Deck), and users found it practical because it doesn’t bug even if you use six or more accounts. It’s also available on PC.

Following so many accounts might even have a better view when using on PC. Because the overview of all accounts will be in better resolution. Notifications from each account will be shortened in a way all important posts from the users you follow are visible on one screen, or tab.

This is not the only application developed by the platform. Many more add-ons are made to make the managing of the profile easier for any user.

Switching and managing multiple accounts can be time-consuming, especially for those who depend on the outcome. Companies and businesses. Therefore, marketing companies saw this as a good opportunity to expand their services. If you truly find it complicated, the best way to ensure you publish enough material, with enough quality is to hire professionals to do it for you. Their job is to run all your social media accounts, the best way possible.

In this case navigating from account to account, from one platform to another will seize to be your problem. Consider it, if you feel pressured.

Social media platforms are a free tool for promotion or communication, however giving the time and effort we invest in them, they sure don’t end up free.