11 Best Corporate Christmas Gifts To Get This Year

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Christmas is the most joyful, beautiful time of year. We get to spend a few days with our families, have fun, talk, relax and just enjoy these few, hopefully, snowy days. But, aside from your closest friends and family, you might just have another family you never knew you were going to get, and that is your work family.

A company is nothing without its employees, and to show gratitude for their hard work, some employers make sure their employees get gifts on their birthday and on Christmas. So, with this year’s holiday season closing in, we thought we’d give you a few ideas on what kind of corporate Christmas presents you could give to your employees. Let’s begin!

1. An Engraved Pen

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A pen might not sound like a lot, but every business person knows that you always need a pen on hand, so that is what makes it a great corporate Christmas present. However, instead of just gifting a ballpoint BIC pen to your employees or co-workers, you could go the extra mile and gift them an engraved pen. You could engrave their name, company logo, or a nice, meaningful inscription and present them with it on a Christmas day. We’re sure they’ll be able to appreciate it.

2. A Notebook

Once again, keep in mind that this is a business place, and you’re not buying a gift for your kids that would probably burst into tears if you were to give them a notebook. However, a cooperate man or a woman knows the value of a high-quality, leather-bound notebook. Once again, you can personalize it by engraving a company logo or their name on the front cover for an added, personal touch. An inscription on the front page couldn’t hurt, as well.

3. A Donation In Their Name

A lot of companies these days decide to take a different route around Christmas, and they often gift their employees with a charitable donation in their name, so you might want to consider that, as well. Sometimes, a nice, meaningful gesture could mean a lot more than a material gift, especially nowadays when we have so many causes that we have to fight for.

4. A Gift Card

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A gift card isn’t the most personal, heart-warming gift you could give to someone. However, if you have a lot of employees, it could be hard to get everyone a meaningful present. By gifting them a gift card, you will make sure that everyone will choose something that they want or need at that moment. This will prevent you from gifting bad presents and make sure everyone’s jolly.

5. A Gift Basket

A gift basket is a great universal gift, and it is quite appropriate for a corporate setting. Naturally, it doesn’t really work with big companies since it can get quite expensive, but if you’re a small, tight-knit company – a gift basket is a really nice way to show appreciation on a Christmas day. If you don’t know just what to put inside it, you can see this page and steal a few ideas. We’re sure you’ll be able to find a few.

6. A Briefcase

In the business world, nothing says a corporate person more than a nice, high-quality briefcase. Sure, the trend of carrying around a briefcase is pretty much dead nowadays, but some people still enjoy carrying one. Some folks are just old-fashioned like that. If you know someone like that, well, maybe you should get them a new briefcase for Christmas. You have a lot of options here as far as style and materials are concerned, but if you want to take our advice – you can never go wrong with a black leather briefcase.

7. A Wallet

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Everybody needs a great wallet, or at least they did until you could pay for everything with your phone. Either way, a wallet is a timeless piece, so it is always a welcome gift, at least in our book. And in a corporate setting, it is an excellent gift. It is useful, practical, gender-neutral, work-appropriate, and so many other things. Once again, you can’t go wrong with a high-quality leather wallet, in black or brown. However, if you’re a part of a tech company, something like a Ridge wallet could also work very well.

8. A Quality Bottle Of Alcohol

In a corporate setting, a bottle of alcohol goes a long way. Whether you’re a wine or whiskey lover, nothing says a deal well done than having a glass of your favorite alcoholic beverage. So, a bottle of premium booze is always a good choice for a holiday present. Not only will it look good in the office, but it could also help you get through the holidays if you have some annoying family members coming to visit. An affordable yet quality option would be a bottle of 12-year old Redbreast, a part of the Jameson family.

9. A Box Of Chocolate

A box of chocolate is nothing if not a holiday-appropriate gift everyone will enjoy. It is more than suitable for a workplace environment, and it is more than safe to say that everyone loves chocolate. Even if they don’t, they know someone that does.

10. A Coffee Mug

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Everyone has their favorite mug that they keep at their house, but most people don’t have a coffee mug at the office. Most of the time, it’s just whichever one’s clean in the kitchen when it comes to work and coffee. Well, you could change that. Gift your employees with a nice, personalized coffee mug that they can use in the office.

11. A Check

One thing that’s universally loved, especially around the holidays, is money. Around the holidays, you need the money more than ever. So, instead of wasting your money on a potentially not-so-great gift, why wouldn’t you treat your employees to another salary or a holiday bonus? We’re sure they would more than appreciate it.


Naturally, you could go for the classics like a pair of winter socks or some kind of a small token of appreciation, but in a corporate setting, we’re sure the ones we’ve mentioned would really work. Happy holidays!

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