7 Tips For Decorating Your Living Room With Persian Rugs

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You may think that antique rugs would look typically outdated and too traditional in a modern living room. Although you find them overwhelming, but feel afraid of picking up a traditional rug for your contemporary living room? Then you are mistaken! Handmade Persian Rugs are synonymous with forever beauty and are a stunning work of art with the brightest visual appeal. Decorating an interior space with an antique rug can significantly enhance the look of the room and create warmth. It can not only help you express your individuality in this modern era but create a fresh and royal look that will leave your guests and onlookers bedazzled.

Another good news is that a large and exclusive collection will leave you spoilt for choice. Right from the famous Tabriz Rugs that have originated from Tabriz, capital city of Azerbaijan to Heriz Rugs with bright lively colors and bold designs to Kashan Rugs with intricate traditional and floral patterns, there are a wide range of rug designs and patterns to choose from. For a beautifully and uniquely crafted Persian rug for your home, visit persianandmodernrugs.com 

When it comes to decorating the living room with Persian tips, follow the tips below and you will be surprised to see your living room transform.

1. Use a rug of smaller size

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If you don’t have a larger living room like that of your neighbour or friends, don’t fret and lose hope! We have a perfect Persian secret for you that can make your living space highly desirable and worth all the love. All you need to do is simply measure your living room’s width and length. Based on the width and length of your living room, look for a rug that is 2 to 3 feet smaller than the dimensions of your living room. This will help you save some space in your living room. Ultimately it will make the living room appear larger and more balanced.

2. Achieve a balanced look

If you are planning to use heavily patterned fabric wallpaper on your blah bare walls, then opt for a subtle and minimalist rug otherwise it will create a too loud interior living room design which is definitely not in trend nowadays. So always try to achieve a more balanced and tidy look. Window blinds can be an affordable and effective way to make your living space feel balanced and tidy. They help create a clean, organized look without taking away from the existing style or design. At affordableblinds.com you can find blinds that provide privacy and helping to reduce energy costs. On the other hand, if you choose a busily patterned rug, go for minimalist furniture and decor to achieve the perfect harmony. Also, today’s dream houses are not just made of high ceilings and large french windows, they reflect a more balanced and subtle look.

3. Choose natural fiber rugs for higher durability

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Durability and sturdy build is of utmost importance when it comes to buying living room decor and design accessories. Thus the persian rugs must be pursued with sustainability and durability in mind. Natural fiber rugs are the most durable choice and have long been a favorite of modern home owners. While earthy texture lends a relaxed look and gives your house a natural makeover, a higher durability than synthetic fibers makes them a practical choice. So, if you are looking for a stylish yet durable rug for your living room, Natural-fiber rugs could be the best bet for your space.

4. Use furniture coasters

Having a plush carpet in your living room is definitely exciting but heavy furniture like a sofa, or dining room table when placed on top of a rug can leave marks behind. So always try to use furniture coasters to effectively distribute the weight of the furniture better and prevent the weight from creating havoc on the rug’s pile.

5. Mix and match

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An oriental rug typically comprises different enticing colors such as hues of red, purple, blue, orange, green, etc, and get more here. However, these shades can become visually overwhelming if not matched with the home decor properly. So, in order to make the most of the persian rugs, it is essential to match them to your furniture for a more calming and balanced feel.

Matching your rug to furniture in your living room isn’t too much of a challenge if you follow a few basic rules. Closely consider the style of furniture that you have in your room and note down the color themes before heading to a Persian rugs store. If you have darker colored furniture like chocolate brown, go for beige, yellow or red persian rug to add to a cool, inviting and balanced look.

If you have a light colored furniture like cream or beige or white, opt for persian rugs with darker shades like green, red or purple, to give your living room a wow factor. Remember that the wrong mix and match could give your room an awful look instead of a harmonious one. So pay attention!

6.Stylish but practical too

The living room is the place where you welcome and entertain your visitors and a place where all your crazy friends gather every weekend to rejoice, dance and party. Apart from this, it’s the busiest space in the home too and frequently used for entertainment and relaxation. When you choose your persian rug, don’t just focus on decorative touches and design, focus on practicality too. Opt for a persian rug which is made of excellent quality and durable fabrics for long lasting use.

Also, choose a rug which is stylish yet feels comfortable and soft whenever your guests put their feet on it. Since your living room is used by guests and everyone else at home too often, it is better to complete the maximum portions of the floor to keep the living room floors fresh and clean.

7. Cover up the extra spaces

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Extra and uncovered spaces in the living room can look dull and interfere with the aesthetic beauty of your room. If you have a large living room which has a lot of extra space that is uncovered or unutilized then fill it up with a large oriental rug that matches with the rest of the décor and put the space to use. Alternatively, you can also use multiple living room rugs to fill up the additional spaces and make the living room more personal.


Traditionally inspired persian rugs can not only enhance the beauty of your living room but render an artistically and opulent look while adding a hint of elegance. Don’t be afraid to experiment with various Persian rug forms and styles from bygone eras as they are an excellent piece of tradition for your living space.