How to Arrange Living Room Furniture?

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It is the central part of the house where you enjoy spending time and relaxing. After work, to read a book or invite friends over for dinner, it should be cozy, welcoming and practical. From the location of the sofa to the selection of furniture and the type of lighting, each element must be carefully selected in order to feel good.

Furniture is certainly the first and most important item, but it is not the only one. Many people think that it is the only one, and for that reason, they miss out on arranging the space in the most beautiful way. Accessories are essential for everything to be perfect.

Sofa first

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The sofa is a key element, so it should be put first. Where to put your sofa?

This is basically the sofa that is most important, and its location will determine the location of the coffee table, but also the shelves for the TV, the library … If you bought a sofa from a luxury brand such as Stanley, Bassett, Boca de Lobo or the Chesterfield Sofa Company, you should position it as the highlight of your living room. If you summarize the position of the sofa, ensure the harmony of the whole space. Facing the window to enjoy the view, opposite the piece of furniture to create two spaces, at an angle to save space, discover different options for positioning the sofa.

Opposite the wall or in the corner: These are the most natural positions for optimizing space if space is small. In the middle: If you have a large volume, you can afford to place your couch in the middle of it without. Facing the fireplace: Create a warm atmosphere by the fire, but be careful not to place it too close or it will quickly damage.

Still, having a sofa by the wall is obviously the most common practice. Although classic, this position remains very practical, especially in small salons. Set up in this way, the sofa follows the lines of the wall and allows those sitting there to look out for the entire room, which is also convenient for dining rooms. The side size of the sofa, small and large, fits this arrangement, but be careful and properly weigh the size of the sofa according to the size of the wall so as not to disturb the proportions.

Then the shelves

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If we choose by importance, this is the second most important piece of furniture when decorating the living room. While seating is a central piece of furniture, shelves are the main supporting furniture.

In addition to TV, they used to be used for storing clothes, bedding, nice dishes in glass showcases, decorations… and today they are mostly used for media systems, books, and decorations. Modern shelves are reduced in form, and in order to avoid massiveness, they are made in several separate elements that are placed on the floor, wall hangers, combined open and closed shelves, lightweight materials that act unburdening.

If you have a larger salon, the shelving options are almost limitless. You can combine the media system with the library, elements of different geometric shapes, and choose the materials you want. But, if it is a small or medium-sized, it is best to hang all the elements (and the lower ones on which the TV usually stands) on the wall to be as light as possible in light colors. In very small living rooms, it is best to omit and use shelves only.

If the elements are closed, the wall cabinet door will look unobtrusive, and if the shelves are open then refrain from too much decoration.

Adapt it to the volume

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Choose your furniture according to the volume of the room. We avoid covering it with a huge solid wood panel if it measures, for example, only 15 m². For your living room to be practical, these pieces of furniture are essential:

Coffee Table – To place a plate, glasses, or appetizer with your friends over an aperitif, it must adjust to the size of your couch.

Extra Chairs – If you only have one sofa, consider the extra chairs that will accommodate your guests.

TV Cabinet – The best and most modern option is to hang your TV on the wall. As Mike HarrisAerialandSatellite advises, it’s best to leave TV mounting to the professionals. But the TV cabinet still will be useful for the game console, Blu-ray player, soundbar, etc.

Storage – Add a bookcase, extra piece of furniture, or a cupboard under the stairs, depending on the space you have.

Among other things, arrange the furniture in accordance with your daily life.
It is the center of the house. Think of each of its inhabitants. When thinking about it layout, consider your lifestyle in this room. How many people live there? What activities are prevalent? What time of day? The room diagram must be in line with your daily life. Provide free play space on the ground for young children. If you have lunch or dinner there, place the table as close to the kitchen as possible.

As we said at the beginning of the text, other things are also needed for the perfect look. Now we will introduce to you other accessories:

Install comfortable lighting

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The living room is also a multi-purpose room of superior excellence: one reads, works, lunch, plays, discusses … Consequently, for a comfortable one, it is advisable to multiply the sources of direct and indirect light. As the main light, a pendant lamp, a large lamp or spotlight is a good solution.

Each activity can be accompanied by appropriate light thanks to complementary lighting. Reading lamp next to the sofa, floor lamp near a playground, small fireplace lamp … Dimmer is also an alternative, suitable for high modularity.

From morning to evening, it is a room where there should be plenty of light. Before you build a house, consider placing it south and if possible with large openings. The appearance of it, sofa bed near the window to get natural light. Prefer light colors to enhance the sense of space and to better reflect light.

Use paint to enhance a wall

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Forget the one at the bottom and put everything on one side of the room. The trick is to pick just one that will break the symmetry. In addition, we even advise that you paint only one part of this wall to give the impression that you have two spaces, not one room in length. Try wallpaper as well.

Paintings on the wall

Indispensable interior details. Pictures are very important for the impression you get of the interior. To make this impression as strong as possible, the pictures on the walls should be grouped neatly. If you are grouping multiple images, opt for simple frames. Black and white thin frames of different dimensions are an indispensable solution. Notice that the motifs or technique on the grouped images are relatively similar.

Protect Your Home

Now that it is all set and done, you need to make sure to protect your home from potential intruders. In order to fully enjoy it and relax without any fear that someone might break in, make sure to install a burglar alarm. This is a small addition to your expenses, but it is a game-changer. If you don’t know how to install, you can always turn to professionals here.


No matter how spontaneous you are and know what you want, by no means skip a very important initial part: planning. Experts do this for a reason, with careful planning you can see the advantages and disadvantages of selected pieces of furniture, colors, fabrics and have the opportunity to change your mind before it’s too late. If you buy a fabulous two-seater, without considering the other elements, it is very possible that you will change your living room furnishings multiple times to accommodate whatever you choose unplanned.