Which Hardwood Is the Best for Your Bedroom Furniture

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When people are decorating their homes, they would do whatever it takes to make it comfortable for living. Logically, they will try to match the design with their personal style and ensure a relaxing atmosphere in that way. However, the indoors should not look only nice; all the items you purchase should be durable and quality. One of the things people struggle with the most is the furniture. That’s something we would want to talk about.

Furniture is something that we buy once in 10 or 15 years. Because of that, you need to prepare yourself before making this long-term investment. In this article, we would like to help you do that properly.

If your main priority is to buy furniture for your bedroom, then there are two things you should know. First of all, you need to be find a good supplier that will ensure the quality and durability of the items he sells. It is not a secret that the online world is full of shops where you can find a wide range of options. To make things easier for you, we recommend you check out kalustofurniture.co.uk after reading this article and check out which options are available to you.

On the other hand, all the buyers should know that the type of hardwood manufacturers use to design the furniture say a lot about the quality of this item. If you choose the right hardwood, then you can be sure this long-term investment will pay off in the end. Let’s find out which hardwood types are the best ones and deserve your attention the most.

1. Oak

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If you want to ensure that your bedroom furniture lasts for many years, then oak should be one of the hardwood types you should focus on. Indeed, this wood is very hard and heavy, and you will probably need a bit more time to transport it from the store to your home (this type of obligation does not exist with online stores; they usually do the delivery).

Anyway, the parts of the world where oak is used as bedroom furniture the most are in Europe and North America. In other words, this is some sort of trend that more and more people decide to follow.

The variants of oak are white and red. However, there is one thing that we need to make clear. Red oak is known as black oak in most parts of the world. Because of that, don’t surprise if you see something like that. It is a bit more popular compared to the white oak.

The good thing about oak is the fact that they come with prominent annual rings and large pores. That makes it flexible and you can match it with different styles and designs.

2. Birch

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Another extremely durable and strong hardwood that deserves to be on this list is Birch. The only problem is that people can find this type of wood only in certain parts of North America. However, many manufacturers simply love this type because it has a unique blond color that makes Birch perfect for designing modern furniture. If you are the type of person that likes the elegant style, then this hardwood should definitely be your number one choice.

However, is the blond color the only option you have when we talk about this species? No, because you can find it in different shades, from cream to light reddish-brown. You can be sure the furniture will last for at least 15 years or even more if you maintain it properly.

3. Walnut

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Walnut is definitely a type of hardwood that can be an excellent choice for bedroom furniture. You can be sure it will remain in a good shape for at least 10 years without any need to maintain it or fix it. If you are looking for furniture that simply requires a high level of craftsmanship, then that would be another reason why you should put Walnut into consideration.

Anyway, it is good to mention that Walnut mostly grows in the area between Great Plains and Vermont and Texas and Louisiana. However, you can also find it in some other parts.

Another amazing fact is that you can find it in different colors. For instance, in some cases, it can be dark brown while in the other ones it can be completely white. This only confirms that there are different types of Walnut in the world. For instance, despite North American walnut, you can also find Brazilian walnut, Caribbean walnut, etc.

Before we end this part, there is one additional thing you should know about this wood. Believe it or not, manufacturers were using it to make airplane propellers during World War I. That only confirms how reliable and quality it is. If people could use it for airplanes, then you can surely use it for your bedroom as well and ensure yourself a good night’s sleep and comfort.

4. Cherry

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Cherry is popular for many reasons. However, this type of hardwood is extremely popular because it is extremely straight and uniform grain. If you are familiar with the history, then you probably know that cherry was used for antique furniture as well.

In the previous part of the article, we mentioned a couple of hardwood types that will last for a decade or two. However, when we speak about cherry, then you should know it can last for even centuries. Logically, if you invest a bit more effort and ensure proper care.

Different variants of colors is another reason why many people consider cherry fantastic. You can find it in dark or pinkish-brown color to deep red. The last one often comes with some rippling and straight grain which makes it even more interesting to many manufacturers and buyers.

Before we end this part, it is good to mention that cherry becomes even more beautiful over time. However, we can say this for all types of hardwood as well.

Final Thought

These four hardwood types are excellent for bedroom furniture. However, keep in mind they are not the only ones. You can, for instance, check out bamboo, maple, and mahogany as well. Also, do not forget to find a reliable seller that can guarantee quality. Look for those that have a big number of satisfied clients. Social proof always serves as an excellent additional confirmation that you making a good choice.