DeWalt Combi Drill ─ a Versatile Tool for Many Tasks


There are frequently many different tools in the owner’s toolbox. However, there are instances when you need to locate a versatile tool that can carry out a number of tasks. This hybrid tool can be used to drill holes and drive fasteners.

The drilling mode is indicated on the body of the drill driver. This makes transferring between functions simple. The DeWalt combi drill on is the only one of these.

Benefits of DeWalt Combi Drill


In addition to versatility, the DeWalt 18v combi drill has other advantages:

  • the compact dimensions of the tool allow you to use it in hard-to-reach places;
  • the drill is equipped with an all-metal gearbox, which is reliable, it dissipates heat well;
  • the model supports 2 adjustable operating speeds, reverse is available for working with different surfaces and types of fasteners;
  • the presence of a 15-position torque regulator for precise and accurate work;
  • the presence of an “intelligent” switch that provides the operator with full control over the tool;
  • the LED lighting in this drill-screwdriver is located at the bottom of the tool, it simplifies work in poorly lit places;
  • the ergonomic handle has a ribbed rubber coating for comfort in work to minimize the possibility of the tool slipping in the hand;
  • additional convenience for the user is provided by the presence of a metal clip for attaching the tool to the belt and the presence of a magnetic holder for bits and drills;
  • the absence of a network wire, which limits the radius of work of the tool and gets underfoot;
  • mobility, which allows you to use power tools in hard-to-reach places;
  • quick battery replacement;
  • possibility of use at different temperatures;
  • maximum ergonomic design for comfortable and easy operation;
  • quick-release chuck for changing bits and accessories;
  • reversible run and soft start, rotation speed control;
  • brushless motor with dust extraction system;
  • suitcase for storage and safe transportation;
  • high capacity lithium-ion batteries.

Undoubtedly, power tools like that would be useful in the home. But bear in mind that there are many models in the assortment. Find out the right specifications for the DeWalt cordless hammerless drill before you purchase it.

Selection Criteria ─ What to Focus on

When buying the best DeWalt combi drill, we advise you to build on its specific characteristics:

  1. Engine’s type. In brush models, brushes are used to switch the current in the armature. If the motor is brushless, its operation is managed electronically. The second kind of drill driver is gaining popularity due to its straightforward speed control, high power in reverse mode, and long lifespan.
  2. Torque. The setting has an impact on how well the tool works. The drill/driver can handle difficult materials more effectively the higher the torque. Typically, 10-15 Nm is sufficient for home use. It is preferable to glance at a larger indicator if you intend to use the device professionally.
  3. Rotational speed. Calculates the range of operations that can be carried out in various modes and displays the spindle rotations per minute. The needed rotational speed increases with material hardness. Remember that the fasteners can be screwed in at 450 revolutions per minute. If holes need to be made, 1,000 rpm is the suggested rate.
  4. Dimensions of a cartridge. Keyless chucks come with every DeWalt cordless hammerless drill. They are different sizes, though. In residential models, it is 1.5-10 mm, whereas it is 1.5-13 mm in professional models.

Pay close attention to any extra features that increase the device’s functionality. This incorporates features including overheat protection, spindle lock, and working area illumination. In general, there shouldn’t be any problems with the decision, but if there are, we are always willing to assist.

Functions of DeWalt combi drill set


Since the Lithium-Ion Brushless Compact Impact Drill is small and light, you can use it for extended amounts of time in confined spaces. Two-speed options are offered by high-speed transmission, allowing customers to choose the level of performance required for various applications. Comfort handle improves control and balance. The main functions include:

  • Dewalt brushless motor delivers up to 57% more runtime than the brushed electrode;
  • XR Lithium Ion batteries with charge level indicator provide 33% more capacity than standard batteries;
  • Compact (7.5″ front to back), lightweight (3.6 lb) design fits in tight spaces;
  • High-speed transmission with two-speed settings (0550/0-2000 rpm) provides up to 30% faster-processing speed Ergonomic comfortable handle provides perfect balance and control over the tool;
  • 1/2″ metal ratchet chuck for superior bit grip strength;
  • the tri-mode LED provides illumination in dark or confined spaces up to 20 times brighter than the previous model;
  • the LED spotlight mode has a 20-minute shutdown function, which allows you to extend the work time in the dark or in confined spaces;

What else you should know about the DeWalt combi drill


The combo drill is perfect for use in small locations because of its incredibly small size its overall length is only 175mm. High performance, longer runtime, and longer tool life are all provided by its effective brushless motor, and its 15-position torque adjustment enables a uniform screwdriver in a range of materials.

You can drill deep holes in stone, metal, or wood with the ingenious electric screwdriver, and you can quickly loosen and tighten a variety of fasteners. An XR battery that offers long battery life and long life powers this tool. High-precision processing is achievable even in dimly lit areas because of the integrated LED.

Furthermore, the Dewalt combi drill has a brushless motor with a long working life. The tool is equipped with a reliable gearbox, in a low-profile case. Pay attention to the possibility of replacing the brushes – the modular design of the drill body provides easy access for service to all key components of the tool. The reducer on metal helical gears has high wear resistance.

It is simple to operate thanks to its small size and ergonomic design. A longer duration is provided by the high-efficiency brushless motor without the need to recharge the battery. Since there are no wearable components, the tool has a longer lifespan overall and can operate longer on a single battery charge.

The equipment may be utilized in small locations because of its ergonomic, compact body design, regulation of electronic speed, LED lighting for the workspace, it is employed in tasks including building structures, putting together furniture, installing heating and ventilation systems, and performing carpentry and electrical work.