The Best Orthodontic Treatment to Improve Your Smile


There are different orthodontic treatments or techniques that orthodontists use to align teeth and level them to improve their aesthetics and preserve oral health. Orthodontics is the science that treats anomalies of the teeth and bite that have an impact on our general health and wellbeing, and usually have an aesthetic benefit.

There are different techniques for correcting teeth: on the one hand, traditional fixed orthodontic systems can be used, with braces or invisible orthodontics, with Smile2Impress clear aligners.

In reality, there is no one orthodontic system that is better than another, as it depends on the needs of each patient and the aspects that are most important to them. Fixed orthodontics is different from invisible orthodontics, but neither is better than the other, they simply have different characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages.

In the following, both types of orthodontics will be explained and a conclusion will be made as to which orthodontics is better depending on the type of patient you are.

Fixed orthodontics and invisible orthodontics


Fixed orthodontics consists of brackets attached to the teeth and connected by a wire. They can be made of metal or other materials such as sapphire or porcelain. The brackets are cemented to the teeth throughout the treatment and cannot be removed by the patient. Although modern and advanced systems are now available, they are generally less expensive.

There are also lingual fixed braces, which are brackets that are placed on the inside of the teeth, leaving the outer surface of the teeth free. This type of braces is usually more expensive, mostly because of the more delicate application process and the length of the treatment, although they are more aesthetic than traditional braces, they can be uncomfortable for daily hygiene or speech.

One type of invisible orthodontics consists of clear aligners that adapt perfectly to the patient’s teeth and are removable splints, i.e. they can be removed for eating and brushing teeth. Each treatment in this technique is individualized and made to measure for each patient and in some cases can have a digitalized follow-up system.

Orthodontists analyze your case and ensure which orthodontic treatment is best and which technique is most suitable for you. As a patient, you may give more importance to certain aspects such as the aesthetics of the treatment, the duration of the treatment or the cost of the treatment. The important thing is to know and steer the treatment on the right path and towards the right goal, and the selection of one technique or another.


If you are an adult patient who places great importance on the aesthetics of your smile, don’t want other people to notice that you are following orthodontic treatment, and don’t want to suffer discomfort during treatment, then the ideal treatment for you may be clear aligners.

If, on the other hand, you are someone who doesn’t mind showing that you have braces, and you don’t think you are responsible enough to have braces that you can take off and put on because you might forget, then braces are the ideal treatment for you.

Nowadays, traditional techniques are also advancing by using new forms, light forces of elastic wires, brackets that can be used without friction, that perform a more natural dental movement… cementing and design of the system with advanced digital systems that allow greater efficiency and precision in the final result.

Orthodontic treatments with clear aligners allow excellent results to be achieved in a more comfortable, aesthetic, and simpler way.

Both treatments provide a solution to problems such as malposition of the teeth, crossbite, open bite, crowding… They are currently in great demand, although Impress clear aligners are gaining prominence in the market, especially in adults. Not only for the aesthetics of this treatment but also for the digitalized system, better dental hygiene, less discomfort (as it does not irritate your cheeks or cause sores as braces may do).

Despite all of the above, the most important thing is to get information before undergoing orthodontic treatment and consult an experienced orthodontist before starting any type of treatment. For more about the orthodontic treatment, you can contact Elite Orthodontics.

Advantages of Impress clear aligners

  1. The aesthetics of the treatment: at the beginning of the process you will be provided with transparent splints, and these must be changed every one or two weeks, so if you take good care of them and clean them properly they will not deteriorate. No one will notice that you are undergoing orthodontic treatment.
  2. It is removable: patients who opt for this method can decide when to put the aligner in and when to take it out. However, for it to be fully effective, it must be worn for at least 22 hours a day. It is also ideal for people who play sports or wind instruments.
  3. Less frequent visits to the clinic: it varies depending on the case but the average is 6 to 8 weeks. This is because it is a treatment that can be carried out at home, without complications and because of the 24-hour support provided by Impress.
  4. Good oral hygiene: this method helps your oral hygiene to be the same or even better than before starting the treatment. You won’t have to worry about common brushing problems caused by braces.
  5. Custom-made for each person: so they are comfortable, and discreet and won’t cause you any problems when eating. In addition to all of the above,
  6. It does not cause pain: it is not a painful treatment, it only causes some discomfort every time the aligners are changed due to the micro-movements that the teeth make to get into the correct position.
  7. Free first appointment at the clinic: the first visit with the orthodontist is free.
  8. Follow-up with your orthodontist: continuous monitoring by a specialist thanks to a mobile application.
  9. 24/7 support: the patient will be able to ask any questions at any time throughout the treatment.

After all of the above, we can conclude that nowadays there are a number of different types of orthodontic treatment. Each type of treatment is more adapted to certain needs, depending on the patient’s case. For this reason, there is no one treatment that is better than another, but it is true that Impress clear aligners are gaining great importance, especially among adults.