8 Ecommerce Fashion Industry Trends in 2024

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Many people enjoy their shopping and they want to go from store to store, spending money, trying clothes and buying new things. But, sadly, due to coronavirus pandemic which started in March 2024, many things had changed, including our shopping routines. We know that there is nothing better when choosing between a lot of products and finding the right one, but this situation forced us to be smart and to shop online.

Some experts predict that in two years the world will have up to one billion active online fashion buyers. That means that fashion eCommerce will need to adopt new things and accommodate that situation. The changes are expected, and the online sellers need to stay attractive and competitive to their colleagues in the same field. Hopefully, after the pandemic, people will continue to shop online and use all the benefits of buying new things from home. That means that e-shops need to follow the trends and always try to implement them in their online stores.

Here are a few 2024 trends that all fashion online shops need to consider adopting to their business:

1. Personalized search results

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Every website has an option to track the digital print of their users and “tailor” the offer to their needs. You can define a special offer, but those boring cookies will help you save the data that gives you a lot of information for your potential customer, so when they visit next time, they will see the products they are most interested in. Artificial intelligence and machine learning will help retailers create the best offer for their customers. Many online shops have advanced search engines, including the visual search feature, and some of them are also using chatbots to help the customers find what they need. So, if you have an online fashion store, you need to make a perfect combination of AI and human touch and suggest the best product for the buyer.

2. Honest reviews

A lot of e-store owners ask their friends and relatives to write good reviews, so the potential buyers believe they are the best on the market. But, this is so last season. Your customers are expecting the best service and it’s always better to show them some real users’ experience instead of lies and imaginary satisfied people. Your review section is the best picture that shoppers may get for your business.

3. Include a table with measures and sizes

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There is no unified size system in the world. What is XXL in Japan, in Europe is probably M or 42 in Europe and the USA is not the same size. The fashion industry has different standards in different countries. That is why you need to include a table with a clear description of the products’ sizes. Use the metric system and imperial system, so everyone can understand the size of the clothes and accessories you offer. Have a clear and understandable return policy for those who want to change the clothes they bought.

4. Hire a fashion assistant

Online shoppers need to find clothes that will fit without having to try them. So, why don’t you hire an assistant who will stay online a few hours per day, and the customers can send them their questions? They will recognize the fashion taste of the shoppers, and they are specialized in non-verbal communication. If you are interested in this position, you can check fiorerosalba.com and see the skills every good fashion consultant needs to have, so they can offer the best service to their customers.

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An assistant can be available to answer customers’ questions and provide personalized advice on sizing and style. They can also help customers coordinate outfits and suggest accessories to complete their look.

To be a good fashion consultant, one must have excellent communication skills and a keen eye for fashion. They must be able to understand their clients’ preferences and suggest clothes that fit their style and body type. Furthermore, they should be up-to-date with the latest fashion trends and have knowledge of different fabrics and materials.  If you want to on top of the latest trend, then see more exciting products at Temu’s Youtube channel.

5. Voice search

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Many people are often lazy to search, so if you can install a voice search option, you will ease their job. They will talk to the virtual store and find the modern combination they need. This is an expensive investment, but sure is one of the biggest trends in fashion eCommerce in 2024. Voice and visual searches will guarantee a higher percentage of sales. People love to use today’s technology features, so if you want to run a successful e-shop, you need to give them that, so they stay loyal to your brand.

6. Social media accounts

People today spend too much time on their social media feed. So, there is no better place to promote your business, using the marketing tools every social media platform offers to you. You can create discount coupons that the customers can claim using the Facebook post, or a special offer only for your Instagram followers. Today’s eCommerce is not an exact science. It’s a combination of knowledge, ideas, and creativity that will increase your sales, resulting in many satisfied customers.

7. Influencer marketing

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People who are influential in fashion are the best choice for promotional collaboration. You only need to know that you need to offer them some money or sales percentage. Huge brands always choose them over the traditional marketing channels, because they know how to create an attractive post and help you promote and sell your product. They only need to mention you in their posts and Instagram stories, and the number the visits on your e-store will increase. The more followers they have over the social platforms, the more expensive these influencers are.

8. Specialized blog posts

You can publish promotional content using the most popular media around you, or you can create a blog section together with your online shop, where you can publish fashion and style content, using the inbound links that will lead to products in your shop. If you can’t do that alone, you can always hire a content writer who will know how to incorporate all of the necessary details and you will have an exceptional product placement blog posts that will increase your sales.

It’s not enough to have a website with an “order” button. You need to have a detailed plan of how will you do that, including the free shipping option. You can be creative, but in this case, a good strategy is crucial so you can establish a recognizable fashion online store and offer a great user experience to the customers. Follow the trends we included in this article, and you can always improve them, using your knowledge and business talent.