7 Interesting Facts about Online Casino Games

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Online casino games come in a variety. But depending on your taste and preference, every casino game offers something unique to gamblers. If you are not playing to win, you are doing it for fun. However, a quick review of a game is always important before you can spin the reel. For someone who wants more, it takes experience to understand every casino game. To inexperienced gamblers, a lack of knowledge about a slot machine game or poker can be costly, especially when playing with real money. This post will broaden your knowledge of eGaming. It explores some interesting facts about online casino games, some of which you may not have known until now.

Roulette Is the Easiest Game to Play

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While not every gambler fancies playing roulette, it is arguably the easiest online casino game. Gambling novices often have a place on the roulette table. You can always win against the most experienced players because it takes only a few minutes to understand the flow.

Note that in most cases, a roulette wheel comprises 36 numbers, starting from zero. A casino dealer spins the wheel, and a gambler chooses a slot on which a roulette ball will land. It is even easier to play roulette online because the game’s interface is pretty simple. Check out this Europa casino review by CasinoHEX if you are looking for a South African internet casino that features the best roulette games.

Online Slots Are the Most Popular Games in Internet Casinos

Choosing a casino game to play can be a real challenge. With tens of game variety on offer, gamblers sometimes end up playing the least interesting or little-known games. However, several studies and surveys show that slots are the most popular games in internet casinos. While gamblers would express varying opinions on casino games’ popularity, slots lead in many online polls.

First off, there are thousands of slot machine games available at your fingertips. You may choose to filter slots based on the game developer, but the theme is another vital consideration. Moreover, slots feature various reels and pay lines, making them the most rewarding in online casinos. And as eGaming gains traction, especially in the COVID-19 era, game developers are relentless in releasing brand-new slot machine games. For more games, you can visit grandrush.com.

Roulette, Keno, and Blackjack Are the Oldest Casino Games

Old casino games are like gold. They hold a special place in gamblers’ hearts, especially those who have extensive experience in gambling. Old games also bring back good memories, dating back to the days when gaming brought gamblers together for a common cause. Take, for example, Keno. Keno traces its origin to ancient china. History books record that the earliest version of Keno funded the construction of the great wall in China. Through Chinese immigrants, the game would later arrive in the United States in the early 19th Century.

Roulette is also documented among the oldest casino games. It traces its origin to 18th Century France. The earliest version of roulette was known as French Roulette. Blackjack, which was popularly known as 21, traces its origin to 17th Century Spain. While a book written by Miguel de Cervantes, a Spanish author, introduced blackjack to the modern world, some experts argue that the game existed in the 15th Century.

There Is No Fixed House Edge for Video Poker and Blackjack

Because the winning ratio mathematically favors casino houses, punters should have a good gaming strategy. Your decisions will not count in most casino games because everything is about chance and entertainment. Fortunately, you can still rely on your decisions to beat the house when playing video poker and blackjack. However, your gaming strategy will hardly work in games like slots, craps, and roulette.

Online Casino Games Are Not Rigged

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New players are often skeptical about online casino games. They argue that the systems are rigged. Mathematically, the house edge takes care of everything in favor of a casino house. You could say that the odds are the same whether you play cards online or in a land-based casino. However, there are rigged systems, especially if you end up signing up with a scandalous online casino to play machine and table games.

You Can Play Online Casino Games in Most Countries

While gambling is often associated with many ills, professional gambling is acceptable. It is especially the case in countries that have sanitized the sector using gambling laws. The U.S gamblers may have suffered their worst fate during Poker Black Friday in April 2011, but things are changing fast. Today, you can play internet casino games in most U.S states. Moreover, gamblers worldwide can access most internet casinos, except in some of the Far East and Asian countries that have punitive gambling laws.

House Edge Is For Table Games, RTP Is for Gambling Machines

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The terms ‘house edge’ and ‘house edge’ are popular in online casinos. However, most gamblers think they can be used interchangeably. The truth is that house edge mostly refers to table games. House edge refers to the advantage that casino houses have over players. While every player intends to gamble and win, you should also understand how edge works. Mathematically, the house edge favors casino houses, except for blackjack and online video poker.

On the contrary, RTP, which is an abbreviation for Return to Play (sometimes referred to as payback percentage), most applies to slot machine games. A higher RTP on a slot machine equals more winnings. For example, if you place a $100 bet on a slot machine with 96% RTP, you should expect a $96 return on your investment. To calculate RTP, deduct a casino house edge from 100%. For example, if a game has given a casino house a 10% edge over players, 90% is the return to player (RTP).


The revolution that online casino games have had on the eGaming world is mind-boggling. To a punter, it signals good tidings in the face of economic challenges. Networth of the biggest gamers is a perfect illustration of how online gaming is fast gaining traction in the 21St Century.