8 Famous Fairs In Rajasthan To Visit This Year

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Rajasthan is a vibrant state of India. The colors, culture, and age-old traditions of the state pave the way to grand celebrations. Conspicuously, the richness of the state is in every region. To get a glimpse of the royalty of the state, you must partake in the fairs of Rajasthan. Rajasthan hosts quite a few fairs throughout the year. Dive into the deep ocean of royalty and culture. Enjoy every minute of your time spent at the fair. The cultural insights in such fairs are transpicuous and an extravaganza event.

The fairs in Rajasthan are as vibrant and colorful as the state. You will be amused and amazed at the vastness of the fairs. In every nook and corner, you will find unique things. Hand-made crafts, folk songs, folk dances, Rajasthani delicacies are all part of these fairs. Seasons play a big part, all these fairs take place accordingly. If you are planning your trip to the royal state, make sure to keep in mind the seasons and the fairs. The tour would be incomplete without such a ravishing fair. If all these talks intrigue you to witness such a fair, you have found the right article. Here is a list of fairs and their timings in Rajasthan to your rescue. Nowadays, multiple Thrillophilia’s Rajasthan tour packages include these fairs to give the tour a more rustic feel.

 1. Pushkar Fair in November

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If you are a travel fanatic, you must have come across the name of Pushkar Fair. The most famous fair of Rajasthan takes place in the town of Pushkar. The fair takes place in October – November. It attracts tourists, backpackers, photographers across the globe to witness India’s largest cattle and camel fair. It is the largest platform to buy and sell camels in the world. Rajasthan tour package exclusively includes Pushkar fair in the package as it is grabbing attention. The five-day event is filled with various activities. Camel dancing, traditional games amidst the locals, races, and various competitions. Tourists are captivated by the diversification of the fair.

 2. Nagaur Cattle Fair in February

While everyone is in awe of the Pushkar fair and tourism is buzzing around it, the Nagaur fair is a lesser-known one among the tourists. It is the second-largest cattle fair in the country. It takes place in February in the small historic town of Nagaur. The town is located between the famous Bikaner and Jodhpur. For eight days, the market sells and buys cattle. Another addition is the fiery red chilly market exclusively for tourists. The cultural aspect and local games of Rajasthan make the fair unique.

 3. Gangaur Festival in March

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The Gangaur festival is famous among the women of Rajasthan. They celebrate the festival very ardently. The strong religious belief that the people possess is quite evident. The festival is celebrated in March, the day after Holi. The married or unmarried women worship Lord Shiva and Goddess Gauri for their spouse or would-be. The celebration went on for eighteen days. Each day has a selected color. A fair is even held in Jaipur. It is worth every penny to be part of such a grand festival. Make sure to customize your Rajasthan tour package and incorporate this festival.

4. Desert Festival in February

Craving for a royal glimpse of Rajasthan? Desert festival is the one for you. An annual festival held in February is filled with the rich cultural heritage of Rajasthan. The festival takes place in the golden city, Jaisalmer. Witness the desert festival amidst the dunes of the Thar Desert. This further elevates the celebrations. The procession, the gair and fire dance, stunt shows, are the various attractions of the fair. Besides, you get to taste lip-smacking food and buy some souvenirs for your dear ones from the array of handicrafts available at the fair.

 5. Camel Festival in January

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Ideal for the tourists, the Camel festival is organized by the tourism department of Bikaner, Rajasthan. A festival to celebrate the ’ship of the desert. Be ready to be surprised now and then by the stunts performed by the camels. The jaw-dropping stunts will leave you speechless. The Camel festival of Bikaner is among the known festivals of Rajasthan. The event goes on for two days. If you are going to corporate this in your Rajasthan tour package, you will get to witness camel racing. Spend your day and euphoria will take over you.

 6. Marwar Festival in October

Itl is celebrated during the time of Sharad Poornima in Jodhpur. It is celebrated to pay tribute and remember the bravery of Rajput warriors and kings. Several acts enact the different stories through musicals. Even folk songs and dances are organized to narrate the battles of the past. The event goes on for two days. The sight of this festival will make you spellbound for sure. The Umaid Bhavan lit up during this festival. The breathtaking view of the palace will sweep you off your feet. The festival also includes polo matches and other attractions.

7. Elephant Festival in March

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Do you love elephants? Drumrolls! Plan your trip to Rajasthan during Holi and witness the Elephant festival. The pink city hosts the Elephant festival and it is as grand as it sounds. One of the most celebrated festivals in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Many Rajasthan tour packages include this festival in their list because of its popularity. The elephants are decorated in bright traditional scarves and jewelry. The festival starts with the procession. Elephant polo is played along with elephant dances that take place at the festival.

8. Mewar Festival in April

The second World living Heritage festival of India, the Mewar festival takes place in Udaipur, Rajasthan. The eclectic group of people gathers to witness the liveliness of the festival. The festival marks the celebration of spring season. Udaipur holds the flavor of the festival. The festival holds utmost significance in the culture of Rajasthan. The cultural richness can be seen in every bit of the festival.