Why Android is Still the Preferred Choice for Gamers

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When choosing a new mobile device there are two main options, Android, and iOS. You may have a loyalty to one for several reasons, but Android continues to be the preferred choice for millions of gamers around the world. What is it about the Android system that makes it great for gamers?

The overwhelming reason Android remains so popular for gamers is because of the wealth of gaming apps in the Google Play Store. Not only that, but it is possible to download and install apps directly from websites, with online casinos and sportsbooks being a good example. Mobile casino gaming is huge business and there are several real money casino apps available for Android users in the United States. Real money casino apps for Android on mobileuscasinos.com are legal and licensed for use in the US and safe to use. They boast a broad selection of casino games, and it is possible to play live casino games, with a real dealer using an Android device.

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The choice of games for Android is increasing daily and there are many indie mobile game developers producing stunning games for the small screen. The Android market has always been more open than other app stores and this has allowed creative individuals and companies to develop and publish mobile games for Android. You are also less likely to see any of your favorite games disappear on Android unless the developer decides to discontinue the game. Apple will sometimes pass a new rule, and this will see hundreds of gaming apps disappear and that can lead to disappointment for those who were enjoying a game that is no longer available.

If you are only interested in playing free games on your mobile phone, Android is the best bet. You will find a larger range of free games on this phone than anywhere else, and the variety of games is good. You also have the option of paying for a game when using Android and this can sometimes remove advertisements for example. However, if you do not mind seeing the occasional ad for 30 seconds to play a game for free, Android is the preferred choice.

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Staying with cost and you will find it cheaper to purchase an Android device than other leading brands. In addition, there is more choice when it comes to buying an Android phone for gaming and you do not have to break the bank to get a device that will run the best games. There are several phone manufacturers that specialize in cheaper phones that target specific audiences, such as gamers. The phones may be lacking is some areas, but they have the capability to run the latest Android games and as a gamer, that is the main concern.

If you compare the prices of Apple and Android phones you will not find much of a difference between the flagship devices. Both the Android and Apple flagship phones will set you back over $1,000 and some people are happy to pay that for the latest device. However, there is not a lot of room for manoeuvre when it comes to Apple phones, and they are mainly in the business of selling flagship phones. The same cannot be said for Android and you can pick up a good Android phone for under $500. For people who are mobile gaming on a budget, Android is great because you can purchase a mobile phone that will allow you to play games without having to break the bank. As highlighted above, you may have to sacrifice a couple of features along the way, such as wireless charging for example but if the specification of the phone matches the requirements of the games you want to play, you are good to go.

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If your battery is running low and you need a charge you do not want to wait for long before you can get back into your game. Charging is where many Android devices excel, and you will some Android phones that offer 65 watts and those lower down the pecking order still offer upward of 30 watts charging. If you are a serious mobile gamer and like to play online games or live casino games, you need to have a device that is going to charge quickly and does not let you down in the battery department. There are many devices that tick the box, and you will also find the battery life can be superior in many phones. The last thing you want when you are just getting into a mobile game is for the battery to run low on your device and there are many phones that have great stamina when it comes to battery life.

When playing a mobile game, especially online, you are likely to receive notifications. One of the many benefits of using Android for gaming is you can close all the notifications you receive with one tap of the screen. There is a clear all setting and by dragging down and tapping the icon, you can remove all the notifications without having to take a break from the game. This may seem like a small bonus of using Android, but you will be surprised how many notifications can come through during a gaming session and how frustrating it can be to remove them all manually.

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In contrast to other brands, Android allow you to adjust the volume of each aspect of your phone separately. There are different volume settings for media, calls, notifications, ringtones, and alarms. So, if you are playing a game with great sound or want to listen to what characters are saying, you can opt to mute the notification sounds and you will not be interrupted when playing a game on your phone.

So, there are several reasons why Android is still the preferred choice for gamers, including choice of games, variety of game developers, number of free games, battery power, and available devices.