Which Country has the Cheapest Food In The World?

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The global pandemic of COVID-19 has opened a lot of questions that still need to be answered properly. We can see that the people who have worked remotely are slowly returning to their offices. However, some companies have decided to make the remote work their main modus operandi.

However, probably the most important question that was raised during this time was the grocery basket. As you know, many people have lost their jobs as a result of the pandemic and many of them still cannot find another one to cover the costs of their grocery baskets, especially in developed countries.

We know, this may sound strange to many, but the reason for this claim is the average cost of the grocery baskets in these countries. Places like Holidu’s World Foodie Cities Index can help you understand these costs. For many people, travel can be a real eye-opener regarding these prices.

Today, we want to disclose a list of countries where you can find the cheapest food in the world.

1. Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka is a country that goes through a really hard time nowadays. So, many wouldn’t be surprised to see that the cheapest food can be found in it. However, we’re sure that many people don’t understand that the grocery basket, and restaurant prices, were the lowest, even before today’s problems this country has.

For those who don’t know where this country is located, you can find it in the Indian Ocean, near India. It is widely known for its beautiful rainforests, beaches, and rich wildlife. Therefore, if you are interested in consuming the cheapest food you can, this is the place to travel to.

2. Moldova

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Moldova is quite an interesting country. We don’t see it usually in the news, and many people don’t know anything about it. However, we would say that it has a lot to offer to those who chose to visit it. It is one of the cheapest countries to live in, according to practically all the studies and reports on the subject.

It means that the outsiders can get high-quality food for the lowest possible price. Chances are that the price tags will be even 90% lower than in your country, which is nothing short of exceptional. Traveling to Moldova for that purpose sounds definitely like a good plan.

3. Bulgaria

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We know that many people would be surprised to see that Bulgaria is on this list. We are talking about the European Union country after all. The truth is, some of the cheapest food in Europe can be found in the country that lies between Serbia, Romania, Greece, Turkey, and the Black Sea.

The grocery basket price is significantly lower than most countries on the old continent. Besides food, you can see that many other services and commodities are cheaper as well. So, booking travel to Bulgaria, and spending a couple of months there, can help you save a lot of money.

4. Egypt

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Eating high-quality food for a low price can be the case in numerous African countries. But, we believe that Egypt is the one where you can find the best balance between these two elements. Street food is quite a big thing in Egypt, as is the case with many other regions in the world. Travel to Egypt and you’ll see it for yourself.

For example, you can get a mombar mahshy for less than $0.50. We are talking about the sausage stuffed with rice and numerous other ingredients. The grocery basket in Egypt is cheaper than in numerous other countries, which makes it an ideal location to travel to if you seek a cheaper life.

5. India

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India’s cuisine has taken the world by surprise. Just think about it, Indian restaurants weren’t as popular two decades ago as it is today. We are talking about the cuisine that focuses on numerous sauces and spices. Many find it hard to accustom to it due to many dishes being simply too hot for many people.

But when you finally get accustomed to the tastes and spices, we don’t have any doubt you will simply love it. Naturally, visiting an Indian restaurant in the United States doesn’t mean that you can get a low price of food. For you to experience it, you need to visit the country and eat a good lunch for less than $10.

6. Serbia

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Serbia was already mentioned in this article of ours in a different light. For those who don’t know, Serbia, along with other countries in the Balkans, has a pretty good street food culture. Therefore, you can expect to find some of the best dishes you have ever tasted in kiosks on the street.

When it comes down to the grocery basket, many studies point out that Serbia has the lowest price alongside Bosnia and Herzegovina and Albania. Still, we would give Serbia the advantage over others since the street food can be purchased for low prices and receive the highest possible quality.

7. Vietnam

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Finally, we want to talk about Vietnam. Those who are well-aware of restaurants that focus on this cuisine know that the traditional aspect has the main spot. There are not many recipes that could be described as, let’s say, modern. Furthermore, visiting this country might surprise you in terms of prices.

As is the case in numerous countries in this region, you will find that the average grocery basket is significantly cheaper than in the Western hemisphere. According to some studies, the average price is lower by up to 60% than in the United States or the United Kingdom, which is quite interesting to see.

The Verdict

As we’ve stated in the beginning, food has become quite a hot topic during the pandemic. In some counties, this question is simply not as urgent as it is in some others. Here, you can take a look at a list of the countries where you can come across the cheapest food out there. When it comes to the one where the grocery basket is the cheapest, Sri Lanka takes the price spot due to the low grocery basket costs.