12 Most Famous And Popular Adult Film Actresses In 2024

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The adult industry is popular since the introduction of TV and movie receivers. While it is considered taboo, it is a well-known fact that a lot of people are enjoying watching adult movies. This industry is huge, and one of the main features is that it keeps improving over time. They are using the most recent updates related to technologies to make high-quality movies, and introduce different models of streaming, toys, clothes, and much more.

Sex sells is not only a phrase; it is the reality. We can check that by simply looking at popular websites and see how many videos are available there, and how many people are watching the content. If you are interested in some of the best porn sites today, check out BestPornReviews.net. This industry is highly popular, and there are many popular actresses widely known today. Female actresses are the most popular in the world of porn. Here are the most popular porn actresses in 2024.

1. Lisa Ann

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We can easily say that she is already a legendary actor and one of the most popular stars in this industry. She has a very long career and hundreds of long and short movies. Moreover, she had professional movies and documentaries as well. The most popular is After Porn Ends. You can see another angle of the porn industry in this movie, their challenges, how these people in private, and more.

2. Mia Malkova

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She is another famous actress, and the most interesting thing about her is how she is expressing freedom with her acting. For example, she was performing in front of her mother. Also, there are all kinds of genres where she is performing with both men and women, group sex, and more.

Mia’s Only Fans profile is also voted to be one of the best OnlyFans accounts, according to ReadySetCam. She posts a lot of sexy, nude content regularly, so a subscription is definitely worth it!

3. Alanah Rae

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Before she became popular on adult websites, Alanah was performing as a strip dancer, exotic dancer, and work as a business escort. One of the main reasons for her high popularity and lots of fans is that she loves to experiment and provides people with a chance to watch different genres. Not to mention that she is one of the most attractive people in the industry.

4. Jennifer White

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It is simple to understand why Jennifer is so popular today. This brunette represents one of the most attractive actresses. There are hundreds of videos available on popular adult websites. Also, she is known for interesting roleplay videos and a variety of genres.

5. Mia Khalifa

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The famous Lebanese star is not active in this industry for a couple of years already. Still, her short career quickly made her one of the most popular porn actresses in the world. The main reason is that she is unusual and different when compared to most other actresses. Having an Arab actress acting in this type of videos was quite surprising. Unfortunately, she was forced to end her career only after filming around 10 movies. She received threats from extremists from the Middle East and decided to stop making videos.

6. Jesse Jane

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Movies with middle-aged women are very popular, and Jesse is one of the most popular women in this genre. Also, she is active for a long time. Therefore, a lot of her fans are following her work for almost 20 years. She is on the trending list even today, while she is not making new videos anymore.

7. Tessa Lane

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This actress is young, good-looking, and beautiful, and those are the main reasons for her popularity. Also, she has plenty of exciting movies that include role-playing where is acting as a babysitter, waitress, housekeeper. She has contracts with some of the best studios in the US, such as Naughty America, Brazzers, and Reality Kings.

8. Leah Gotti

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She is one of the youngest women on this list. Also, her attractive figure and beautiful face are the main reasons why so many people are typing her name on popular websites. Aside from her pretty face, she is familiar with serious action, hardcore movies, and all sorts of genres.

9. Molly Sims

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Molly Sims represents a typical example of a woman that most people would love to watch in action. She is young, beautiful, and with an amazing figure. Her attributes helped her to make a career without the need to sign a contract with some big studio since she is staring at the streaming platform OnlyFans.

10. Kendra Lust

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Even though she is 43 years old, Kendra is one of the most popular porn actresses today. She manages to keep an amazing appearance which makes her attractive to both the younger and older population. You can find a huge collection of her videos on almost every adult website.

11. Jenna Jameson

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She is one of the legendary actresses. Even though she is retired for a long time, her videos are still trending on popular platforms. Most popular movies where she is the main star were filmed during the 90s.

12. Dillion Harper

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The main reason why Dillion is so popular is related to her natural body and performances that are expressing the freedom of experimenting more in bed. Dillion has also featured in BadoinkVR porn scenes to give her fans a POV experience. She is especially popular among people who prefer smaller and skinny figures.

The Bottom Line

There are many other popular women in this industry as well. You will find ranking according to the color of the hair, skin, body figure, and many other attributes. Also, we have to mention that the industry is changing very fast. The best example is related to the introduction of streaming websites like Only Fans. Women interested in sharing adult videos can now easily start by simply creating an account and earn profit from people who are interested in watching the content.

Also, virtual reality is advancing very fast, and there are already videos specially made for watching with VR headsets. Some popular people are also planning to create sex toys and allow the producers to make them appear like them. Still, websites and standard movies will continue to be the most popular option.