Beyond the Bedroom ─ The Fascinating Story of the Adult Entertainment Industry


Now, we can notice that diversity and freedom of speech are very valued in terms of taboo topics. Logically, there are still some topics, mainly adult sexual ones, that are not so welcomed by everyone. It gets even worse when the word entertainment is attached to them. There is actually no evident reason for this type of attitude. It is true that sex has been a taboo topic for some periods. However, we are noticing that things are now changing. If we take a look at some facts, we can see that.

For instance, it can not be neglected that the adult entertainment industry is one with the highest growth and the most popular one currently. There are many reasons for this, and the technology development, as well as the Internet, are the main reasons. There are now so many different online sites that contain a diversity of content, so literally everyone can find something they enjoy, such as

If we take a closer look from the past until now, we can see that the adult industry truly has changed in all aspects. For instance, if you hear the word pornstar, you will think about the best actors in that industry that are very popular and highly paid. Best of all is the fact that people can not only find different porn content, but they can also chat with actors, watch live streams, call them on video chat, etc.

Therefore, it is not strange that live sex cams are so popular nowadays. It is still quite important to find a reliable and credible site where you are going to enjoy watching adult movies. However, let’s take aside for a moment what is currently happening and take a step back to the past and see how it all started in the adult entertainment industry.

How It All Started – the Roots of the Adult Entertainment Industry


This industry actually has a rich history, and much time had to pass, so this industry can become what it is currently today. People have always been curious about sex, and it is in our nature to try and find out more about everything, so this topic is not an exception.

This is one of the reasons why the adult entertainment industry has become so popular over the years.

Believe it or not, some studies show that this industry has roots in prehistoric times because there were many sex and erotic symbols found. As an example, scientists have found many interesting drawings on the walls of the caves that literally represent pornography.

Additionally, all of us know about Venus figurines.

Even though it just looks like a pregnant woman with big breasts, it is primarily a representation of a sex symbol. This is not only a symbol of fertility, and it goes beyond that. We can go further and see amazing and breathtaking sculptures and frescos from Ancient Greece and Rome times.

There are different sexual poses represented by them. Indian people are also known for sexuality due to the Kama Sutra book, which is actually originally created as a handbook. It is still popular nowadays worldwide. As you can see, the adult entertainment industry lasts for much longer than you think.

Novels and Movies in the Adult Entertainment Industry


When specific novels with pornography content appeared, this industry experienced a completely new rise. France was one of the first countries that printed erotic novels in the middle 1600s. In England, the first novel of this kind come after a century. After that, all countries started to accept them, and these novels became very popular all around the world.

It is true that this was a taboo topic and that many people felt ashamed to talk about sex. However, they were still very curious to find out more and read about it.

Sexual novels changed things a lot in the pornography world. They contained different topics related to erotica, even the things that are now censored on modern tv. In other words, there were stories about group sex, machoism, voyeurism, and many other different forms of sex.

Along with the novels, there was the occurrence of different sexual photography as well. All photographs saw an opportunity and took advantage of this new world so they could create something new and engaging for people.

They even started creating short videos that were very popular with the audience in the 1800s. When it comes to the beginning of the 1900s, these videos became even more interesting and widely popular because they were seen as a form of adult entertainment. Man, watch them at their parties.

The Late 1900s Changed Everything

You can guess on your own that the real form of the adult entertainment industry started from the moment the films were invented, and in the late 70s, it really started to grow fast. What happened exactly in the 70s? Well, at that time, the digital camera and the Internet were invented and brought completely new aspects to this industry. This was the beginning of the online websites that people were watching.

The Internet allows people privacy, which means that they can watch whatever they want and whatever interests them without feeling ashamed of it. No one could judge them. Before the internet existed, people could only rent some videotapes with this type of content, and many people were watching them while they were picking the tape they wanted to look at. Logically, as time has passed, online porn become even better, with greater quality and diversity.

The Porn Industry Has So Much More to Offer


One more thing that the adult entertainment industry is offering is sex toys. They are improved over time, just like in the case of videos. There are definitely new trends in the adult industry, and we can expect even greater ones in the future.

We can not neglect the fact that virtual reality will change this industry a lot as well since it brings a completely new way of watching porn. People can literally feel like they are in the movie that they are watching and interact with actresses. Also, live sex and webcam performances are truly reshaping the industry. Everyone can now enjoy remote live sex.