5 Tips For Choosing The Right Video Conferencing Camera

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In the past two years, almost half the working population has had to work from home at some point. This had made many business owners realize the benefits of remote working, but it also made them face some new problems. More precisely, it made them face connectivity and communication problems.

The biggest problem was ensuring that the business continued operating as usual while the workers were out of the building. As you know, most businesses heavily rely on meetings, and even though Zoom and other conferencing software have made it possible to conduct online conference meetings – those meetings weren’t perfect.

The biggest challenge was being time-efficient, as most meetings took way too long getting set up, but another challenge was effectively communicating all the necessary information. Fortunately, the solution to this problem is as simple as investing in the right conferencing equipment like video conferencing cameras.

But, this raises another question – how to buy the right one? How do you know which camera’s good enough? How do you know if you’re overspending or not? Well, the answer to that question is right here. Here’s how to choose the right video conferencing camera.

1. Consider The Resolution

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Nowadays, you can even get your hands on 8K cameras that produce videos that will put even the best eyesight to shame. However, a camera like that is absolutely unnecessary for an endeavor like this one. In fact, 4K and 1440p cameras are an absolute overkill, too.

You need an amazing internet to livestream a high-quality video like that, and quite frankly, there’s no need for such a crisp image in a business setting.

What you’ll need to look for is 1080p or even 720p cameras. Any of the two will provide you with an image that’s sharp enough and will also allow for easier transmission of data over the internet. Don’t settle for less, though. Even though there are 360p and 480p cameras available, those just won’t cut it – especially if you need to hold a presentation and show off something behind you.

2. Consider 360-degree Functionality Or Wide Lens Camera

In quite a few cases, you will be forced to conduct a hybrid meeting. What a hybrid meeting is, you’ll have a room full of people sitting at a desk in a conference room, communicating with team members working remotely. As you can imagine, it would be absolutely absurd to make everyone in the room use a separate device to connect to a conference meeting, and it would be even more absurd to have them squished in order to fit in front of a single camera.

Instead, consider investing in a camera with 360° functionality. There are several cameras and camera stands available that allow for 360° functionality. For instance, you could invest in a gadget or a camera stand that can rotate in a full circle so that everyone participating in the meeting can be in the frame when they’re speaking.

Another thing you could do is invest in a camera with a wide-angle lens. This one will be much better suited for a situation when there are only two to three people in the huddle room. A wide-angle lens camera will be able to easily capture each participant even when they’re sitting comfortably apart.

3. Consider Getting Tracking/AI Camera Gear

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Experts from Hudd made a good point about having a video camera or a camera feature that allows for tracking the active participants in the conference meetings. Now, what this means is having video conferencing equipment that will shift focus to the person that’s “leading” the meeting at the moment – something like a light-up feature on Zoom when someone talks, only a lot more sophisticated and business-appropriate.

This could be achieved through software or hardware. For instance, you could get a gadget that would be voice activated and would either switch feeds or turn the camera to the person speaking at the moment. Or, you could use something like an AI-powered stand that will track you if you have to move around while doing whatever you have to do in a meeting. It would sort of be like having your personal camera operator, only a lot cheaper.

4. Consider Getting An All-In-One Product

All-in-one or three-in-one products aren’t usually the best products you can get your hands on. Or, if they are, they tend to be quite a bit expensive. However, a product like this one could be very beneficial for video conferencing, especially if the meetings are mostly about conversations.

A video conferencing camera, or better yet, an entire video conferencing system that includes both video and audio input and output (both speakers and a microphone), could be all you need for your huddle room. A gadget like this one would virtually replace your laptop, and you would get to enjoy a separate gadget solely used for video conferencing.

There are video conferencing cameras or systems that even come with a display, motion-tracking, and all that other good stuff. If you manage to get your hands on that, you will never again need a laptop or a phone to set up a conference call.

5. Consider The Price

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Finally, there’s the big elephant in the room that’s yet to be considered, and that’s the price. Video conferencing cameras, equipment, and all-in-one systems can be bought at virtually any price point. You can find this equipment anywhere from several hundreds of dollars to several thousands of dollars.

Naturally, the more expensive equipment will be a lot better, but then again, you have to ask yourself – how much do I really need? You could equip your conference room with the latest and greatest cameras, microphones, displays if you wanted to, but if you’re still conversing over Zoom and your business partners or employees are using laptop webcams – what’s the point?

So, try and find the right balance. Get something that you need for your particular situation, and try not to overspend. After all, that tech you overpay for today will be ancient news in five years either way.

Final Thoughts

Setting up a productive huddle room with the best video conferencing equipment will require you to do some research, so hopefully, our tips have made that a little bit easier. We did our best to point you in the right direction, and if you follow our mini-guide, we’re sure you’ll be able to find exactly what you’re looking for.