How to Add Music to a Video


Videos are the best way to present, show or explain something. That is why a large number of companies, as well as a large number of individuals, choose videos as the best way to show what they want to present to their audience. But these videos would not be complete and would not be attractive enough if the music was not used in their creation, which would improve the whole final product.

Many studies say that the appeal and appearance of the video are given by the music that can be added at the very end. Of course, all that is required is to choose the appropriate piece of music that should not be subject to copyright and will be appropriate to the theme of the video. How to add music to your video? We bring you more on this topic below.

How to easily and simply add music to your video?

Presenting information, offers, and results, but above all showing what a person or company wants to send as a message to their audience, is best done through a video. The video represents a more interactive way of presenting and showing things, so a large number of individuals decide on this concept. But the video wouldn’t be complete without music. How to add music easily and simply? We bring you a few steps on how to do it.

1. Compose the video and see its category


The first thing you need to do is put your video together. You can record it in its entirety and then edit it, or you can assemble it with clippings, photos, and graphics. Prepare the full final material for placement and after finishing it, determine in which category it falls, but also see if it is a dynamic video or a slower video. It will help you in choosing the music.

2. Choose the best music according to the dynamics

Once you have the video product, you need to choose the music. Video music must be in accordance with the category in which the video is included. You can choose a popular song that may be subject to copyright, but also a melody that is copyright-free and made for general use. The choice is yours!

3. Find a program through which you will add the music

Many programs or web applications can help you primarily to compose a video but can also help you add music to the final solution. Of course, you need to choose the software or application that will give you a quick solution and simple use. And according to our experience, Arkthiner Video Converter Ultimate is a powerful but easy-to-use video application that can help you add music to video. This video processing tool can convert video and audio to 1,000 formats with ease, edit video effects, enhance video quality, compress video size, make GIF/MV, and more. Besides, if you need to make a video collage with your photos and video clips, it can also do you a good favor, read more here.

4. Pay attention to the copyright when choosing!


Most of the pieces of music also carry copyright. If the illegal use of these songs or tunes is detected, you may be prevented from using that music or the music may be removed after you publish the video on any of the platforms. So check this moment before saving the final video.

5. Modify the volume of the melody throughout the video

It is also given to you as an option when you add music. You can cut, boost, fade in or fade out. It can make the effect of the final product itself much stronger. Customers and target audiences like it when what they see is complete, so invest enough time and creativity to make something great.

Additional tips that can make your music video that much better

To have a creative video product that you can be proud of, we bring you a few more tips that you might find useful.

1. Don’t use too many effects


Excessive use of effects can make the final product unattractive and difficult to watch. However, you aim to convey a message or information, to present the work or what you offer, but not to alienate members of the target audience from you.

2. Choose quiet melodies

Soft melodies can have a positive effect on viewers. It can help your video to be viewed, to be better received, and also to result in the way you want. In case you have a dynamic video, choose appropriate music that will not be too loud and difficult to listen to.

3. Easily find copyright-free music on YouTube and download it

On YouTube, you can very easily find tunes that could be useful for your video. All you have to do is search for copyright-free ringtones, listen to them, decide if they are suitable for what you have created, and finally download them in the appropriate format via a video converter.

4. Try to choose a melody that is not represented in other visual products


A large number of companies, as well as individuals, are guided by the fact that the melodies that are represented in popular visual products should also be represented in them, but this is not the case. Sometimes it’s necessary to be unique, to do something that others don’t have because members of the target audience want it. So focus on having a unique visual product with a great melody that others don’t have.

5. Create a concise product that will not be too long but will convey the entire message

The visual product needs to fully convey the message, but also to be short and not take too much time for the members of the target audience. That way you will convey to them what you want to convey, but you will also show them that you value their time by showing them something short and clear.


A melody can make a big difference when it comes to videos. Therefore, when you prepare a visual presentation of your message, try to add the melody that would best capture the purpose of your message. Of course, you can do it easily and simply, and we have offered you our help in that, which will lead you to an excellent final visual product for your viewers.