The Fastest-Growing Casino Type and 3 Other Types That You May Have Never Heard About


Every once in a while, a new casino appears in the world. If it is not an online site, it is a new land-based location or entertainment pub. The easy availability of casinos means gamers can always play their favorite slots and table titles. However, it also means a big competition and makes the choice for gamers quite difficult. All casinos do not use the same technology, and while players often think these foundational facts do not matter, they do.

The technology a casino runs on is highly significant to how secure, reliable, and responsive it is. Also, the best platform to play in will be the one that explicitly satisfies modern needs and priorities. Hence, there is often a high possibility of the fastest-growing technology being the best and vice versa.

This article will discuss the fastest-growing casino type currently and highlight other types you have probably never heard about.

The Fastest-Growing Type Today ─ Crypto Casino

The idea of a Crypto casino is interesting and captivating, making these websites the fastest-growing platforms globally, with online users enjoying the benefits they are offered. The first crypto-accepting casino was established in 2012, and since then, many reputable land-based platforms have adopted Bitcoin and other popular altcoins as payment options. Even online operators are also in on the spread of blockchain technology, with over 2000+ digital decentralized casinos available to play in currently.

Most new casinos now adopt Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether as payment options. A few even provide third-party crypto-selling platforms so players who do not have traditional wallets can purchase crypto coins and fund their casino balance.

The continuous growth of blockchain and crypto is due to the high-level awareness of investing in virtual coins. Its anonymity, security, and speed make it even more impressive. Recently, there has been a surge of platforms that only operate with blockchain and crypto. Any credit and debit card deposit on these sites is typically converted to the virtual coin the player chooses at the time of deposit.

Just as crypto is shaping finance worldwide, it is also doing the same with casinos. Its fluidity, independence, and security make it a favorite among players.

1. Cruise-Ship Casinos


If you have never explored a cruise ship entertainment section, you may be unaware that most have onboard casinos. Cruise-based casinos are under adult entertainment and offer interested players the same games as land-based sites. These casinos often house multiple slot machines, three-card poker, blackjack, and roulette. The games available in a particular ship strictly depend on its variety.

Cruise ship casinos are becoming increasingly popular, and there is barely any major line without fully equipped games. Major mainstream providers like Royal Caribbean, Carnival Cruise Line, MSC Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line, Virgin Voyages, Holland America, and special Celebrity Cruises have casinos. These casinos are well-designed so that players will quickly forget they are even on board playing their favorite slots and board games.

Cruise Ship casinos pay real money to players. They operate similarly to land-based locations and host the same games with similar RNG technology, RTP, and house edge models. Hence there is the possibility to claim 4 to 5 figures in US dollars as wins. Their games are fair, and the croupier services are as good as land-based alternatives.

However, casino-hosting cruise ships do not typically open their casinos in states where gambling is restricted. It is why most have to be on international waters before players can engage.

2. Racetrack Casinos


Racetrack Casinos blew up significantly in the early 2000s and are very popular in the United States and some countries. Establishments that offer Racetrack casinos are called Racino, offering independent bets on racing and casinos. Most racetracks feature slot machines and table games. However, this move is relatively new, as the first set of establishments only offered slots alongside the races.

The motivation for adding casino games to racetracks was due to the patronage decline of the latter. Several studies have confirmed that racetrack customers’ loyalty has declined steadily for over 35 years, with pure establishments nearing bankruptcy.

However, the addition of casino games has saved most establishments and even helped them turn a profit. To date, racino operators still experience declining racing bets while patronage of their slot machines and table games keeps rising.

3. Pop-Up Casinos


Pop-Up Casinos are temporary locations set up so that a soon-to-expire land-based gambling license remains active. All land-based sites, primarily in the US, need gaming licenses to operate. After 24 months of gambling inactivity, a gaming license will be withdrawn. However, most US states like Las Vegas make provisional laws for casinos yet to complete their main site to host a temporary one. This move helps them keep their license, preventing forfeiture.

These temporary or Pop-Up locations are only allowed if the license is unrestricted. Also, the Pop-Up must have at least 16 slot machines. Pop-up Casinos are considered the smallest land-based locations. Nonetheless, any wins earned playing them are paid to players like any major online or land-based site.


The growth of the gambling industry is obvious, with most players being keen to explore new technologies that improve their gaming experience. Blockchain is set to be one of the most popular payment options in Casinos behind MasterCard and Visa and may even overtake them with time. Other less popular casinos have also been discussed so you know where you can play if the usual option is unavailable.