6 Tips on How to Find The Right Executive Assistant for Your Organization – 2024 Guide

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Before you open and post the job position of executive assistant, you should exactly know what this type of professional is doing, and which skills they need to have, to cover their responsibilities. That means you have to know that this job position covers answering phones, regulating the office documents, archiving them, making travel appointments, preparing reports on different topics, keep track of the meeting schedule, and also perform some basic financial tasks.

Of course, they are not there to make coffee for the employees or the guests in the company, even though they can order it from the buffet or some outdoor place. Also, they don’t have a responsibility to buy basic needs like toilet paper and water, but they need to keep track of the records and order them on time. Many employers think that they have a complete right to make demands that aren’t included in the job description. Some of them even think executive assistant is a cheap job, and they don’t need to offer a competitive salary for that.

Also, you need to attract professionals to apply to your open job, or you can look at C Suite Assistants to see who is open to hiring. The good thing is that you can look for the people near you, and find the right candidate to hire.

In this article we will give you a few brief suggestions on how to spot the right person and invite them to an interview in your company:

1. Give a great explanation in the job posting

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Tailor the posting by including all the requirements and responsibilities of the person you want to hire. List all the important details, but also the skills you require from the person. Will they be in touch with sensitive information? With how many people they will work? If you want to attract the right candidates, you need to be on the same level. Mention all the things that they need to know, so they can know if they are eligible to apply, so both of you won’t lose time on calls and interviews.

2. Share your ad on more platforms

Promote it on social media, list it on your website, or even use the commercial job listing websites, so you can be sure more people will see it, and get interested to work for you. Post it also on multiple job websites, and boost your social media presence too.

3. Ask an HR specialist to help you with this process

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HR specialists are trained to recognize the right people for a particular job position, and they know which methods to use on the calls or interviews, to see if the person is right for them. Sometimes you are not enough to recognize if someone can be a part of your company. Staffing agencies can also help you, or outsource HR experts. If you decide to do this, make sure that you work with a person or service of trust. It’s always better to have someone by your side who will handle the situation professionally, and help you to find the best person for that job position.

4. Ask them to answer a few questions for you

You can mention some important questions in the job posting, so it can ease the process. You don’t need to wait for the in-face interview. Ask them to describe their experience, the environment they want to work in, how well do they know the office tools and many other things you want to know. Also, make sure you don’t overdo this one, because they will simply close the tab, getting tired of answering your infinite number of questions. Just keep the things simple, and leave the important things for the interview.

5. Create an exact offer for them

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Be open from the first moment. Tell them your budget, so you won’t lose time with interviews and calls. If they think the salary is enough, they will show interest in the job. Some recruiters have even 3 meetings with the candidate until they tell them the budget, and it all ends up at that moment if the person finds it’s not enough for them. Be open and transparent, and you will find the right candidate.

6. Check their references and previous experience

If they have a LinkedIn profile, it’s much easier to check their references. Usually, people don’t lie in their CVs, but sometimes they may bold some specific things, just to give more relevance to the information they share with you. But, you will get to know all those things when you first meet with the person, or at the first video call – if you still practice social distancing.

Misconceptions employers usually have

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They mix up all the things in one. Executive assistants have a specific bunch of skills so they can make the office job easier for everyone. They are there to help to schedule the appointments, run a dossier for every employee, keep track of their activities at work, filing the documents, making calls on behalf of the boss, organize the meetings and events, send and receive the physical mail… But, they are not there to order food and wait for it to be delivered. Also, they aren’t there to clean the toilet or spills on the floor. They have plenty of important responsibilities, and surely they don’t have to make you a coffee. Don’t behave to them like they are maids or butlers.


Finding the right staff for your company or organization can be a real challenge. But, you can ease the whole process if you are transparent when you post the position, and clearly mention all your demands, to attract the right people to apply.

Consult with an HR expert in order to run the whole thing smoothly, without any issues. Make sure you are clear enough, so you can hire the person you need. Create a whole strategy for this process. That’s the only way to be sure you will hire a professional who will do their tasks good.