Why Is Forex Bonus so Important at The Start?

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When you are new to forex trading, then there are so many things that need to be learned that the forex bonus information is not the first thing on your priority list. Trust us, we’ve been in your shoes once and didn’t understand the importance of forex bonuses.

A forex bonus is a new traders’ welcome package. A bonus can be a deposit or just free money that you get added to your trading account. New traders are typically given a “free” bonus from their forex platform providers. This article explains how beneficial a bonus can be for new traders and how it helps them enjoy their journey as much as possible. The top 5 reasons why forex bonuses are important at the start include:

1. You have more capital to invest

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The forex bonus is a great way to start your trading career with a greater amount of money available in your account to trade with. It is also a good way for experienced traders to get more money to trade with without investing extra funds themselves.

Forex bonuses are offered by many different brokers, both the newly established ones and the old firms alike. They can be used for both new and existing traders, depending on the particular promotion offered by the broker. They can be given away as a reward or part of a promotional campaign. There can be no deposit bonuses or deposit bonuses. Find more useful information on mtrading.com.

The most common type of forex bonus is a deposit bonus, which will give you an extra percentage of your initial deposit as a credit. It is usually between 20% and 100%, but rarely more than that. Other types of bonuses include no deposit bonuses, which give you credit for free but require you to make a real money deposit before you can withdraw it (and the profits generated from it). There are also loyalty programs that give you credit based on how much you have traded over time.

2. You can invest less of your personal funds

One of the most common benefits of a forex bonus is that it allows traders to invest less into a trade when they use a bonus with a low minimum deposit. If you have a small amount to invest, you can take advantage of such opportunities and continue trading without any significant risks. It will be possible to trade more by using a forex bonus since your deposit will be smaller than usual to receive a forex bonus.

Using a forex bonus, you could start trading with a lower initial investment, reducing your risk level. Even when you use bonuses with a high percentage, you can still earn higher profits with the same amount of funds if there was no forex bonus. This is because your initial investments are now reduced and thus, so are your risks.

3. You have the opportunity to test a trading platform

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Another essential benefit of a forex bonus is that it allows you to test a trading platform without spending your own money. You can trade with these bonus funds long enough to ensure that the platform is comfortable to use. You can also determine whether a trading platform is easy to use, stable, and compatible with your computer. Furthermore, it will be possible for you to check out the features and tools offered by the broker through its trading platform. Read more on 55brokers.com.

In general, a forex bonus can help you learn more about the trading platforms offered by different brokers. A bonus will allow you to test each platform at no cost, which will enable you to make an informed choice about which platform is best for you.

4. You can investigate a broker’s quality of service

Forex bonuses allow new traders to test out the quality of service offered by forex brokers without any cost or risk involved. In fact, some types of bonuses even let you make withdrawals without depositing anything in your account. The same benefits are also enjoyed by existing customers of brokers who get a chance to verify how a broker takes care of its traders when they make use of a forex bonus.

Therefore, if you want to enjoy free trading opportunities and have an opportunity to withdraw your profits, you should seriously consider opening a real account with one of the top forex brokers that offer such types of incentives.

5. Increased leverage

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Forex bonus does not only help in increasing the capital for a trader but also assists in increasing the leverage. Leverage is a benefit of a forex bonus, which helps multiply the profit of a trader. In addition to that, if a person has increased capital, he will automatically have better leverage as well.

When using your own money, you cannot take many risks and use higher leverage, as there is always the fear of losing money. But when you use forex bonuses, there is no harm in taking risks and using higher leverage. If a person has more capital, he can even trade for higher lots and make huge profits.


Readers who are considering opening up a forex account might want to look into the issue of forex bonuses. They can provide a significant monetary boost to an account, so understanding how forex bonuses work, how they are calculated, and which types of accounts they might apply to is important. In addition, it’s important to be aware that there are specific provisions attached to forex bonuses, so readers must understand all of these conditions before applying for a particular account.