Fun College Majors for Serious Careers

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As it is the beginning of a new school year, most students are excited while others are thinking about which majors to choose. In the old days, only boring options were available. Now, the world has evolved, and there are exciting options to choose from. Do you know there are fun college majors that can get you on track with a serious career? Scroll down to see the fun majors you never thought of.

Theme park engineering

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Engineering majors do not have to be boring. If you love engineering and want to keep your inner child happy, you can venture into theme park engineering. You can also choose a theme park design that combines science, design, and engineering into one degree. Who wouldn’t want to work in a theme park or even build one?

Adventure education

Nowadays, people are looking for alternative teaching models as they realize the importance of using alternative teaching models. That is where adventure education comes in. If you love teaching and enjoy the great outdoors, this is the major for you. There is nothing better than leaving the classroom and going into nature. You can be a great personal development coach or even pursue a career in science and environmentalism.

What’s even better, some of these majors are considered to be some of the easiest online degrees available nowadays.

Craft beer studies and operations

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The fact is that craft beer is becoming popular by the day, and it has not reached its maximum. There are thousands of breweries and thousands more in the planning stages. That means that craft beer has a high demand that the current supply does not meet. If you are interested in making your own beer and own your brewery, you can consider taking this major. You can end up having one of the best craft beers, and it all starts with your major.

Racetrack management

If you like racetracks and would want to work in one, then this is the major for you. Currently, The University of Arizona is the only school offering the program. You will have the option of choosing the business side of the equine management side. If you have a passion for working on a racetrack, you can decide to make the most out of both these fields.


Traditionally, you had to learn comedy by working with a mentor and observing how things are done. You could also learn through trial and error. Not anymore. Now, you can take the intellectual approach and choose a major in comedy. This can help you see if comedy is right for you before you embarrass yourself. Who knows? You might be the next big thing.

Pop culture

It can be hard to explain how a degree in pop culture will help you. However, there are several career options available to you. If you love to think in-depth about any of the broad niche such as movies, cars, magazines, TV shows, etc., then you can definitely opt for this degree. You will be pursuing a career in a field that you love to deal with, and ultimately you will enjoy doing your job. You can have a successful career in advertising, public relations, music, blogging, and several other places. If you love pop culture, the sky is the limit for you if you apply the knowledge well.

Physical education

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Physical exercises, anyone? People are having an increased awareness of the importance of being physically active. If you love keeping fit and ant to make a career out of it, you can choose this major. You can be a fitness expert, trainer coach, and several other things. Physical education does not limit you to a gym. Combined with something like nutrition, you could be a wellness coach and help people get their bodies on the right track through exercise and good nutrition.


Getting a communications major opens you up to a lot of careers. You gain experience in several areas at once and will equip you with communication and organizational skills. Having a communications major opens doors for you in public affairs, journalism, marketing, human resource, and even business administration. You can use your natural ability to make a successful career out of communication.

Human-Computer Interaction

If you have an interest in the robotics field, then the ‘human-computer interaction’ can be an exciting major for you. This major is offered by the Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Computer Science. It helps the students in creating interactive computer programs that are capable of interacting with humans. But, you should also note that this major is available to only those who are double majoring. It means you will have to split your time between building your programs and some other pursuit. As the major of human-computer interaction is expanding widely, it will offer you many exciting and profitable job positions.

Speech, language, and hearing science

The University of Connecticut offers speech, language, and hearing, science majors. This major will introduce you to the fields of audiology and speech pathology. There is a scientific approach followed while mastering this major. The students are first taught about normal speech and hearing development, and then they proceed towards a number of disorders that intercept the normal developmental process. This major will open up broad and high-level job positions if you are passionate about the auditory world. The speech, language, and hearing science major will offer you several roles, such as pathologists, audiologists, or therapists.

Bakery Science

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If you love to try out new delicious sweet dishes, then the bakery science will be a perfect major for you. This major will allow you to experiment with commercial equipment to bake sweet treats, right from cookies to delicious and sweet doughs. After your graduation in bakery science, you can start with various roles in the baking industry, such as the researcher or food sales manager. You can even start your own bakery and build a great business out of it.

Choosing a major does not always have to be a tedious task. With the world constantly evolving, you have fun options available for you. You do not want to be stuck in a career that you do not enjoy. If you find you have a passion for the above majors, go for it and make a success of yourself.

Content Writing

Becoming a content writer is a fun way to express your creativity and reach some career ambitions. People can write about literally everything. For instance, they can write blog posts, copywriting content, recipes, e-books, etc. The most essential part is that young people can write about things they are passionate about.

However, despite formal education, young adults also need to work on improvement of their habits. With some simple habits like starting a journal or writing down your ideas, the quality of writing skills can grow. You can check out and check out the remaining habits students should have.