Top Performing Online Traffic School in the US

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So, you’ve decided to do something about that driving concern your mind is constantly nagging you about. It might be your car insurance premium, a tainted record, or a ticket. An online traffic school can force you to deal with these concerns at your own pace, virtually, and immediately, with a course typically lasting anywhere from two to eight hours. But there’s another decision to be made—which school should you pick?

With the many institutions out there, it can be dizzying to sort which ones are accredited by the DMV, which are fun, and which are affordable. We’ll help you with that today by presenting the top-performing online traffic schools based in the United States.


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When you think of online traffic schools, iDriveSafely is among the first names to come up, and for a good reason. It is one the oldest, most trusted names in the field, it has served over 5 million students in its programs, and it is recognized by most states, arguably becoming the most popular option there is.

The length of time that the company has been around is a plus, which means that they already have a good handle of teaching knowledge-seekers online. Convenience is also the name of the game — iDriveSafely is available in text or video, as well as through most devices including your phone or your PC. Its all-day, all-night phone support is also very much appreciated. In short: it’s hard to go wrong with iDriveSafely.


Aceable may be among the new online traffic schools to emerge, but it sure was able to stand out from the crowd by making an online traffic schooling into a more interactive activity. Many people dread having to take defensive driving lessons and other related courses because they are notorious for being boring. Aceable combats that by acknowledging that students have different learning styles and by allowing livelier atmospheres in the medium which can result in more effective teaching. There are videos, games, and more!

The Texas-based company is also one for convenience. Unlike other options, the courses are easily accessible through a mobile app. As long as you have your phone with you and an internet connection, you’re good to go. One of its few weaknesses though is that it is approved by fewer states than others in the list. So far, only the states of California, Texas, Indiana and Florida have approved Aceable.

Improv Traffic School

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Don’t worry, you’re still reading a list of our highly recommended traffic schools. This pick just takes a different approach than most when it comes to traffic schooling. Instead of interactive games, you learn through improvisation or improv. It is founded by the Improv Comedy Club of California, with some members and instructors working in Hollywood.

Improv might make more sense for many people when done in the flesh, but many attest to the value of using this technique even when the lessons come in the form of online jokes and entertaining videos. A lighthearted approach might help students retain more driving knowledge for students, especially when lessons can be interactive. Besides being everything but boring, enrolling also is not painful to your wallet. Customer service is available every day of the week is also superb.

Go to Traffic School

You don’t always have to take too much out of your pocket if you want to enroll in a good traffic school. The affordable courses are the most appealing part of Go to Traffic School, so much more than their straightforward, no-nonsense name. They are known for knowledgeable staff and interactive lessons. Drivers-slash-students can air their recommendations with very little problem.

Go to Traffic School is a tried and tested company, being in the business since the late 1990s. They did it the physical way first through booklets and soon adapted and put their resources online. When they did, they became one of the first online traffic schools in the US. Today, they have kept the records of more than 4 million American customers squeaky clean.


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DriversEd is just as reputable as the other online traffic schools in this list. And they have been around since the latter part of the nineties. What separates the company from the rest though is its target market. DriversEd is mostly recommended to teenages and young adults seeking an Internet-based traffic school.

Since it was founded, DriversEd has based most of its materials from driving education for traffic schools, which are aimed towards new drivers. The truth remains today, but now it has also taken advantage of the Internet. Accessible through a mobile app, lessons can be in the form of videos, interactive games, and so on. It is also among the cheapest online traffic schools that come highly recommended.

Are online traffic schools the real deal?

Listen to the experts here, online traffic schools are the real deal! It’s not as if the technology is new. Online traffic schools have been around even before internet access became as widespread as it is today.

The challenge comes in picking the right school

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Price, inclusive of all miscellaneous fees, is just one matter. State approval also has to be considered. Not all these recommendations would be certified by your state, so make sure you check up on the info before signing up, or else your hard work in learning and passing exams (yes, there are exams, just like with a physical school!) will go to waste.

Usually, the age of the school often speaks for its competence. However, you’ll have to also ensure that the school you’re signing up for would not be imparting outdated information. Otherwise, you might spend your hard-earned money on what we’ll categorize as low-quality schools. Unfortunately, state approval is not enough to weed out these institutions.

With these things out of the way, you are offered a convenient method of refreshing your knowledge on defensive driving, keeping your driving record clean, and even saving more on insurance premiums. So, what are you waiting for? Check out these online schools and make the most out of your time, and in your own terms!