Next-Gen Social Media App Ideas


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There are over 4 million social networking apps available for both Android and iOS users, and there is a social networking app for every personal and business requirement. However, technology is changing and evolving, and the requirements for a successful social media app nowadays are different from what they were a few years ago.

Data volumes increase, and the push toward real-time processing and cloud infrastructure are just some of the aspects. On top of that, the emergence of virtual machines in the IT sector has given birth to some new app ideas. Let’s take a closer look at what developments we can expect in the social networks industry and which ideas for social media apps are likely to dominate soon.

Anonymous Communication Apps


People are social animals, and they use different kinds of social media apps to communicate daily. At the same time, there have been some privacy scandals on certain social media platforms, so an effective mobile app solution would be creating a sort of anonymous communication app. Such an app idea is likely to be a big hit among people.

A couple of interesting ideas that any mobile app development company should consider when thinking about creating anonymous communication social media apps are apps based on:

  • Interests and hobbies
  • Age (as an example – older people that might share similar values)

Event Planner Apps

People always find the time and the occasion to celebrate certain things, and a party can be the brightest moment in a busy week for most people. Parties can be weddings, anniversaries, or even something smaller but more spontaneous.

So, an app idea for these celebrations would probably see a promising breakthrough in the market. Some parties take weeks to prepare, while others can be planned in a few minutes. What is common between them is that a social media platform could help with the whole planning process.

These so-called “planner apps for parties” can help users with some creative and simple ideas, like info about where to purchase decorations, lists of affordable stores for clothes, and more. These mobile apps can specifically target audiences looking for anything connected to parties.

Social Media Apps for Renting Sports Equipment and Finding Game Companions


This type of social media app is likely to dominate as a business idea in the coming period. It will allow people to connect with strangers in the area who have the equipment and are willing to rent it.

Another aspect of such a social network would be that people would be able to look for someone to tag along for a game. Healthy lifestyles are trending right now, so such app ideas will likely catch the market by storm.

Anyone creating such an app will surely have an audience. With a good and effective mobile app strategy, people will find other persons with similar interests and make friends with them online.

Smart Parking Mobile App

Finding a space to park in any area in major cities is becoming more complicated with each passing day. The number of vehicles on the road rises constantly, and people hate to look for a space to park for a long time, so a smart parking mobile app is one of the more brilliant app ideas at the moment.

The concept of this type of app will help drivers see which parking spot is vacant, and they will head straight to it without losing time looking for space. This way, the whole process, and traffic will be made much more straightforward, so investing in a smart parking mobile app seems like a no-brainer.

Virtual Health App


A virtual health app is one of the app ideas that has gained traction in the last couple of years. The way medical care is treated has changed in recent years, and people would save a lot of time and resources if they could ask other experts online regarding any medical issue they might have.

A virtual health app will collect medical experts in one place, so anyone who needs consultation or a second opinion about an issue can get in touch. People would not necessarily have to go from one medical facility to another, as this app will help them find professional second opinions online.

Dog Walking App

Not everyone has the time to walk their dogs sometimes, and the idea of developing a dog walking app seems like a brilliant one. Everyone has had a hectic day sometimes, and we cannot find the time to walk our dogs.

As we all know, dogs must have their daily walk, so an app of this kind would connect people in a two-sided marketplace. First, the dog owners will apply for a dog walker, and the other side is the dog walkers themselves who answer the demand.

After the two parties agree on the terms, the reservation is validated. This can become one of the most popular social media apps, as nowadays, there are too many people who just don’t have the time to take the dog out for regular walks.

Car Repair App


We have all been in trouble with our cars at some point in our lives. It seems that the vehicle will always have some mechanic issue at the worst possible time, and you cannot always get to the car repair shop instantly.

A car repair app would collect all the experts in the sector in one place, so if you have any issue regarding your car, you can head straight to the app and ask the experts what the issue is and how to resolve it. People owning car repair shops could be members here as well, and they could tell you precisely what the problem is and whether they can fix it, as well as the price and the delivery time.