10 Zoom Date Ideas That Aren’t Totally Cheesy

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Online dating is a whole different world these days. And, after the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s become even more different and unique. Namely, it’s never been easier to connect with people digitally and virtually, thanks to the Internet and tools like Zoom.

Zoom is a meeting platform that was launched several years ago. It was growing in popularity already, but when the world literally closed down, the Zoom client became one of the most coveted online resources. Schools, workplaces, families, and friends were using this platform to connect via video for a host of different reasons. That often included dates and spending time with loved ones.

So if you’re going to have a Zoom date, how can you do it without being a total cheeseball? Here are 10 ideas to keep in mind.

1. Dinner Date

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This one can be done in several ways, but sharing a meal is a great way to connect. Consider ordering food from the same restaurant, or ordering the other person’s favorite food, and then comparing notes. It could be a fun experience and more than a meal.

2. Try a Game

In addition to being on Zoom, you might suggest playing a game together. This could be an online game that you both enjoy, or that you’ve wanted to share. This one is especially good for gamers and those who don’t want to just “hang out.”

3. Hang Out

There’s nothing wrong with just hanging out and talking. Maybe kick back on the couch or your bed and be a little more relaxed than if you were in a meeting, but treat it like they’re there spending time with you.

4. Take it Outside

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Believe it or not, you can really take things up a notch when you take your Zoom dates outdoors. Go for a walk or check out your favorite local places—and take your date along virtually.

5. Movie Night

This is a great way to “spend time together” when you can’t physically be together. You can turn on Zoom and then start the movie, sharing the experience every step of the way.

6. Try Virtual Tours

In today’s Internet world, there are plenty of virtual tours and online galleries that you can explore. Especially after the pandemic, online exhibits have almost become somewhat of a commodity and there is always something to see.

7. Have Coffee Together

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Coffee dates are great, but they’re not just for people who can get together in person. You can start your day with a date when you log on to Zoom as you’re enjoying your morning coffee. Just remember to ask the other person what time is acceptable to call, or have them call you, so you’re not disturbing them too early.

8. Take Them Out

This one is for the brave, and for those who are willing to get the occasional stare from time to time. You can always go to your favorite restaurant or hangout spot, call your date on Zoom, and then spend time together. It’s a fun way to share your favorite spaces when they can’t be there. Just be prepared for people to wonder who you’re talking to.

9. Plan a Worst First Date

One way to ensure that you don’t end up having a lousy time is to pretend like you’re going to have a lousy time from the start. Lost? Let’s backtrack a bit. If you and your date decide to play up the “Zoom dating” hype and the fiascos of finding love online https://thedatingring.com/conversation-going-on-a-first-date.html, you can have a lot of fun. Then, no matter what awkward things you do or say, nothing is as bad as that “worst first date” you experienced.

10. Watch the Stars

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If the weather allows and you’re able to take your computer (or phone) outside, get comfortable and laze with your date, watching the stars as the night goes on. This is a great way to connect, especially when you’re dating someone long-distance or haven’t seen them in a while.

These are just a handful of ideas that can make Zoom dating enjoyable and take away the mixed feelings about “online dating.” Whatever you’re doing, make sure that you’re choosing dates that everyone will enjoy if you want to get another.

Try something new

Take the opportunity of your first holiday together to experience things – such as an activity or types of food or drinks – you haven’t tried together before.

When you’re on vacation, you get the chance to do things you can’t or wouldn’t do at home Take advantage of this opportunity to do something completely different and make wonderful memories.

Even if things don’t go entirely how you expected, you’ll have a good story to tell and reminisce about together when you get home.

Trying something new is even more important if one of you has been to your holiday destination before.

It avoids recreating the same vacation and talking endlessly about your previous holiday experience when you should be making brand-new memories with your partner.

Be prepared to compromise

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You may find that your idea of a vacation is different from that of your partner. You may want to sightsee all the time when your partner prefers relaxing by the pool, for example.

This is where compromise comes in when travel dating.

Be open-minded about the things they want to do that you wouldn’t otherwise have considered yourself. If you show your partner you’re willing to compromise for their benefit, they’ll likely return the favor.

This can be particularly important if you date a younger woman or man.

Don’t forget the romance!

It’s important to prioritize time for your relationship during your first trip with your partner. It can be easy to slip into buddy-buddy mode and forget you’re there as a couple.

So try things such as long walks after dinner or setting aside a specific day on your trip as a date night.