How to Get Over a Breakup and Start Dating Again


Breakups are like dentist appointments; we hate them, but we can’t avoid them. Avoiding common mistakes makes things easier. We’ll share 8 tips to help you heal, but do that because of yourself, not because of your ex. Stop trying to win a breakup; that’s our first tip. It’s not a competition; focus on yourself. Find 8 more ways to help yourself below. The first reveals the right mindset for dating. Keep it until you find a soulmate.

1. Breakups are Part of the Journey

Finding a perfect partner is a journey. Only lucky people find soulmates from the first try. The rest of us get broken a couple of times before meeting someone who completes us. The sooner you accept that the sooner you’ll recover. Stop thinking about the imagined future with your ex. Move on. Recovering from a breakup isn’t that simple. Turning a switch off won’t make the pain go away. But processing that breakups are part of the game is the first step. See if you’re over your breakup and ready to love again at Cupid’s Light.

2. Take Time to Heal


There are different theories about the time you should take to heal. Most people believe that it’s wise to wait for at least 6 months before starting a new relationship after a serious breakup. However, everyone is unique. You may be ready to date after a month. Maybe you won’t think about a new serious relationship for years. The length of the grieving period depends only on you. If you meet a perfect match, you won’t tell them to go away because you still have 3 months of grieving. But if you feel like nobody in the world suits you, that’s still fine. Take your time. Don’t let your friends or family pressure you to start dating before because you’re alone. That’s one of the worst reasons to start a relationship.

3. Look For People With Similar Desires Online

Meeting people who want to start a relationship for the same reasons as you do will help you get over a breakup more than anything else. You don’t have to seek anything serious. Casual dating after a breakup helps a lot. You can join thousands of singles on upforit and upload videos to your profile to grab attention. That feature lets you show your personality way better than just a photo. People get wrong first impressions from photos, but a video shows your true colors. That saves time you’d spend looking for matches because they’re more likely to notice your profile if it has a video. However, nobody stops you from using filters to search for compatible people. That’s another tool to find like-minded people that works great in combination with the next tip. Discover it below.

4. Visualize Your Next Partner


Visualizing your next partner will be additional help. Decide if you’re ready for something serious or you want to have fun. Start imagining your next partner. Be as detailed as you can. Imagine their hair, their hobbies, the smell of their skin in the morning, everything. By doing so, you’ll do 2 good things for yourself:

  1. You’ll forget your ex because you’ll focus on finding a person you visualized.
  2. You’ll have a template for your next partner so you won’t drift away and start dating someone not good for you.

Visualizing your next partner will help you a lot, but be aware that a person you have in mind doesn’t exist. You can’t expect to meet someone perfect, but you can meet someone who passes most of your criteria. Also, avoid comparing your ex with your potential partners. It won’t bring you any good.

5. Stop Checking Your Ex’s Social Media

Imagining your next partner will help you to stop making the biggest mistake people do after a breakup. Checking what your ex is doing 79 times a day will destroy you, especially if your ex is doing good. We understand resisting the urge to check ex’s social media profiles is a difficult task. Still, you need to keep in mind that you can’t recover from a breakup if you don’t let your ex go. Waiting for their every post and checking who likes it won’t help you with that. If you can’t resist, block your ex even if you had a friendly breakup. A real friend would understand your need to distance.

6. Engage in Casual Dating While Traveling


Not everyone can afford to travel around the world, but traveling and meeting singles on the way is a great strategy to deal with a breakup. Casual dating is more than hookups. People go on casual dinners while traveling or hang out with local singles. A date doesn’t have to end in a hotel room.

You don’t have to travel far. It’s enough to go somewhere where no one knows you. That will let you be free and do things you wouldn’t do at home. This strategy isn’t for everyone, but those who try it create thrilling memories.

7. Talk to a Professional if You Feel it Help

Seeking professional help is also an option. Don’t be afraid of what people around you say. It’s all about you; you have to fix yourself. Therapists are of great help there. When your car makes funny noises, you take it to the mechanic. When you need a haircut, you go to a hairdressing salon. So why wouldn’t you see a therapist if you feel pain?

8. Focus on Your Career


Sometimes the best strategy to deal with a breakup is to move away from dating for a while. Focus on your career instead. Learn a new skill, work hard to get a promotion, or start a company. Just be careful because work can become an addiction. Remember to nurture other aspects of life too.

Dating after a breakup is difficult if you had a meaningful relationship. It’s always painful when a chapter of your life ends. But that means it’s time for a new beginning; those are always exciting.