Top 6 Romantic Weekend Getaways in Texas

a couple in one of the romantic weekend getaways in Texas

Texas may not be the first option when you think about romantic trips with your loved one. However, this amazing country offers so much more than amazing BBQ, live music, and football.

There are great locations for romantic getaways in Texas, and this guide will tell you all about them. Here’s the selection of the best romantic locations in the Lone Star State for you and your partner.

Reasons why you should go on a weekend getaway as a couple

a couple holding hands

Many couples forget that every relationship is like a project that you always need to work on. Initial romantic feelings might go away if we don’t work hard to maintain the spark, and romantic getaways can help you with that. Here are the main reasons why occasional romantic getaways are beneficial for couples:

  • By going on a romantic getaway, you strengthen the relationship – spending more time together exploring new cities and exciting places.
  • Better communication – weekend getaways are a way to reconnect with your partner and have a chance to talk without common everyday interruptions. Couples who practice regular short travels show better communication in their relationship.
  • Such trips reduce stress – being stressed out can affect the quality of your relationship and can turn couples away from each other. Weekend getaways are a great break from a stressful week at work, and a perfect opportunity to relax and bond together.
  • Improve intimacy – spending time with each other while traveling is a great chance to improve intimacy in the relationship. A romantic setting is great for bringing you closer and spicing things up in the bedroom.

Romantic getaways surely benefit couples who are dealing with the daily grind and stressful lifestyle. But apart from deciding to go on a weekend trip, it’s also necessary to pick the right location. Here’s the best selection of romantic locations in Texas that would be a perfect choice for spending time with your loved one.

Choose a weekend getaway to reconnect with your special someone.

Moving to Texas?

Couples often use weekend getaways to visit attractive locations for their next home. If you fell in love with a place and want to stay there for good, make sure you prepare everything on time and make this move as smooth as possible. Experts at claim that on-time preparation, detailed research on local moving teams, and smart packing techniques will ensure a smooth moving experience to one of the amazing Texas cities you picked on your weekend getaway.

Where to go with your partner – top 6 romantic getaways in Texas


Texas may not be your first option when it comes to romance, but there are some amazing spots you and your soulmate can enjoy together. Let’s go through the selection of the top 6 places you should consider.

Mokara Hotel & Spa in San Antonio

This amazing place is nothing like the common Texas scenery. Here you can enjoy an amazing river view from your room, breathtaking cityscape from the rooftop – everything in a serene and relaxing environment this hotel offers. Couples love taking massage packages designed for love birds, but also soaking in a private whirlpool tub. If you’re into some private time, calming moments, and total relaxation – head to San Antonio for a perfect weekend retreat.

The Orchard in Fort Worth

This place is actually known as a perfect wedding venue, located in Azle, right outside Fort Worth. However, there’s more to this place – couples can rent cabins as a perfect substitute for staying in a hotel. These small cabins offer complete privacy with a cute porch and two rocking chairs – ideal for relaxing with your partner and imagining your life in the future. The cabins are surrounded by beautiful nature, and it’s definitely a great place to run away from all the hustle and bustle of a big city.

Hotel Granduca, Austin

Austin streets by night

Austin is perfectly located among different weekend getaway locations, but there’s one you should visit right there in the city. Hotel Granduca is an Italian-style hotel that will provide you with everything you need for a romantic weekend away with your spouse or partner. Firstly, the hotel is located in a rather charming place – among the trees in West Lake Hills. This results in all the rooms having amazing views, where you can also visit some breathtaking sunsets. Tranquil surroundings correspond to the hotel’s facilities – spacious and comfortable rooms, fine dining, and a great swimming pool. Furthermore, it has easy access to the city of Austin, which is perfect if you want to get to know the place as a couple. Austin is a rather attractive destination and it’s not uncommon for casual visitors to fall in love with it and decide to make it a home.

Austin is not only a great weekend getaway location in Texas – it’s a common choice for new residents, too.

Mt Gainor Inn, Dripping Springs

If you want to experience the true Texas farmhouse lifestyle, then this cute little hotel is the right one for you. Mt Gainor Inn is a secluded, peaceful retreat, suitable for couples who want to enjoy some silence and relaxation. Beautiful natural surroundings, great food, outdoor hot tub – a perfect weekend getaway can begin!

While you’re in Dripping Springs, don’t forget that it’s the place where you can go on the Dripping Springs Wine trail. You can visit three wineries in one day and have an unforgettable experience together.

SkyBox Cabins, Glen Rose

Organize a unique weekend getaway for your special someone in these forest cabins. Located about 50 miles away from Fort Worth, these cabins are surrounded by enchanting nature. Spending a couple of days here will surely be a unique experience, as this is a perfect mix of traditional camping and modern amenities. Glen Rose is just a short drive away, so staying here is a perfect opportunity to explore this lovely city and its historic buildings.

Big Bend National Park

big bend national park

For couples who love to spend their weekend actively, Big Bend is a perfect place to go. This national park is a hikers’ paradise, with plenty of recreational opportunities. It’s often referred to as Texas’ gift to the nation, which is rich with history and astonishing nature. You can camp in the park, or choose one of the nearby locations for your stay – Lajitas, Terlingua, or Presidio.

The astonishing views in Big Bend are something many couples will enjoy.

Put the spark back and book a weekend trip

Traveling with your special someone can benefit your relationship a lot, even if it’s only for a couple of days. These romantic weekend getaways in Texas are great locations for putting the spark back and falling in love again with each other. Don’t waste any more time and book your stay as soon as possible.